David Bowie: Images 1966-1967 (Japanese Hi-Res CD)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by footstomper, Sep 29, 2020.

  1. footstomper

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    London UK
    Very interesting Bowie release here!
    The Bowie Discography site describes the audio as a flat transfer and it's claimed that no equalization or compression was performed.

    Available as cardboard sleeve packaging for the first time. Features Hi-Res CD format (UHQCD format x MQA technology). The 2020 DSD master is available in 352.8kHz/24bit high resolution (perfect for MQA-enabled audio players / Not digitally distributed up to this time), using the original master tapes made in the US. Cardboard sleeve faithfully replicates its US first pressing LP design (gatefold), including an inner sleeve. Includes an obi, which faithfully replicates its Japanese first press LP design. Comes with lyrics and a description. Green color label coating. *The disc can also be played on regular CD players in UHQCD 44.1kHz/16bit resolution. However, MQA-enabled hardware/software is necessary to harness the full potential of this Hi-Res CD.


    Illustrated db Discography Forum • View topic - Images 1966-1967 Japanese mini LP
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  2. Son of Ziggy

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    I had this on vinyl, think it had a shot of him on the sleeve from the Young Americans era.
  3. cmcintyre

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    So you're missing (or "were missing") the inner notes from Henry Edwards. Make for a great read, especially when you know they were written on the cusp of superstardom. Insightful and with character.

    Henry went on to much later co-write with MainMan employee Tony Zanetta "Stardust The David Bowie Story".

    So possibly the best reproduction of the stereo tracks so far.
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  4. karmaman

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    You've quoted the blurb from CDJapan I would think. The actual release states the source is the UK master. It was DSD flat transferred by Richard Whittaker at FX Mastering (same engineer as the revered Rolling Stones SACDs). As this is the original compilation it's worth pointing out that the six mono tracks are "electronically processed for stereo" which is accurate for the release if less that ideal as a listening experience.
  5. karmaman

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    That "first press" obi was in fact used for import copies (the red box below "STEREO" reads "Direct Import Disc"), Images wasn't issued until 1982 in Japan and then with the UK cover (as mentioned above, a mid-'70s cover shot).
    What we have here then is a bit of a hybrid... US cover, UK audio, Japanese obi.
  6. nick jones

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    part of an upcoming Deram boxset??
  7. karmaman

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  8. Joint Attention

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    Gig Harbor, WA
    I ordered this from CDJapan back in May. The release has been pushed back at least 3 times, but it's finally scheduled to arrive on Thursday.

    I have the 1990 Rock Reflections CD, but I'm expecting a big sonic improvement with this release.
  9. karmaman

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    it's essentially the "same" with the faux stereo tracks intact, but it's from a better source. the Rock Reflections CD (top, new master below) has a hard cut-off at 14kHz. considering it was also issued on cassette, they may have used the same master.

  10. Mother

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    I had it on cassette, a pic of Bowie (Soul Tour) with gigantic acoustic. Quite liked the content.
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  11. footprintsinthesand

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    I'm no specialist on early Bowie, with mono/stereo versions complicating further, but doesn't the '67 S/T DeLuxe cover all the tracks on Images, plus more ?
  12. karmaman

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    Yes, but the same can be said of virtually all compilations... most are superseded down the line. And then labels go for the retro angle and reissue "redundant" compilations (e.g. ChangesOneBowie, ChangesTwoBowie, Bowie Now etc.) to cash in on demand for product. At least in this case there has been a concerted effort to locate and use the original master tape, to transfer it flat and not subject it to a "modern" remaster. Regardless, this is definitely a product aimed squarely at collectors. Oh, and fake stereo on half a dozen tracks too!
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  13. Joint Attention

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    Gig Harbor, WA
    I compared the new release with the Rock Reflections CD today. Honestly, they sound about the same.

    The new mix is a little louder, but once I level matched them it was hard to tell much difference. I think the vocals on the old CD have a little bit of harshness that is gone in the new mix, but it's a pretty subtle difference. Admittedly, the source material is pretty limited so I wan't expecting miracles.
  14. karmaman

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    by "mix" you presumably mean "master". the EQ and channel balance are different and it's from a superior source. the deram material is well recorded, only the lazy stereo separation lets it down. it may not be audiophile but it's about as close as Bowie gets.

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