David Bowie LOVING THE ALIEN (1983-1988)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Bowie Fett, Jul 18, 2018.

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    Yeah, I did. :laugh:
    Got it.
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    It's available on Qobuz.
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    The Robert Ludwig(RL) mastered Let's Dance should have been left as is.....
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    OK this will probably upset everyone cause it is completely off topic

    Why has there never been a release of anything from the soul tour?

    this to me is that white whale/missing link.

    I can't believe that with all the archiving that mr Bowie did,
    nothing remains of this period?

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    Good work with a weak era. Bummed we’re not getting a complete Serious Moonlight show, though.
  8. Derek Slazenger

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    The only exclusive on the "Standard Digital" box is NLMD 2018. Hm.

    [Edit: Oh. And "Dance" & "Re:Call4". So "Standard Digital" refers to the 16/44.1 download, which is consistent with previous press releases.]
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    Looks like my predictions were *very* close, other than:

    1 - I assumed that since every box set has so far been named after a deep cut, that this one would be too
    2 - I assumed that since every box so far has been 13LP, that this one would be too
    3 - I assumed they'd include the unreleased 'Dance' album in this box, but instead its just a double LP of most of the previously released on 12" vinyl Remixes/Dance mixes
    4 - I assumed that to stick to 13LPs (in addition to 'Dance' being a single album) that ReCall would stick to 2LPs rather than 3LPs - and I'm definitely glad I was wrong on that prediction, since the extra LP allows for the soundtrack stuff which I was afraid would be dumped so they could keep the LP count at 13. Sometimes its awesome to be wrong!

    Outside of that, my predictions were right on the money:

    2018's David Bowie box set 4: Dancing With The Big Boys? - (Speculation Thread)*
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    True enough, but the web page allowed me to add it to my library nonetheless.

    Greyed out. Release date? "A few seconds..."

    Producer credits: David Bowie, David Richards, Mario McNulty
  12. Derek Slazenger

    Derek Slazenger Specs, rugs & rock n roll

    "The tour’s innovative set and marriage of music and theatre has been cited as a big inspiration to acts in the 2000’s. Speaking in 1991 about Glass Spider Bowie said, “It was the first time I'd had the opportunity to spend that kind of money and do shows like that! The first time since Diamond Dogs, anyway...I thought, right! Let’s really spend some money! I had all these thwarted dreams of what I'd tried to do with rock 'n roll in the early '70s”." - I saw this tour in Sunderland and I can say wholeheartedly that it was absolutely terrible :)
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  13. Marc 74

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    Credits for Zeroes 2018 (taken from Qobuz) :


    • Sterling Campbell, Drums
    • Reeves Gabrels, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar
    • Carlos Alomar, Backing Vocals
    • Ray Staff, Masterer
    • Peter Frampton, Sitar
    • David Bowie, Composer, Producer, Additional Guitar, Vocals, Backing Vocals, MainArtist
    • Erdal Kizilcay, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
    • David Richards, Producer
    • Gordon Grodie, Backing Vocals
    • Tim Lefebvre, Bass Guitar
    • The Coquettes, Backing Vocals

    • Mario J. McNulty, Producer, Mixer, Percussion, Additional Production, Additional Recording
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    Congratulations....I am sure your family and friends are very proud of you! :righton:
  15. CBackley

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    Can I ask a practical question at this point? Where is “Chilly Down”?’
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    Another point of interest is that they have omitted the 7" versions of all the soundtrack singles (like they did with Cat People). I know they say that it's the "single version" of When The Wind Blows, however, the single and album versions are the same. If I'm honest I think the 7" versions would have been better as they are not as common (especially the real Magic Dance 7" version which, I believe, is unavailable digitally David Bowie - Magic Dance ).
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  17. scobb

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    You can ask a practical question and then thank god it's missing!
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  18. liv3evil

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    Probably omitted due to no db lead vocal, but IMO one of the most Bowie-sounding tunes on the Labyrinth soundtrack, and it should have been included. There is a Labyrinth making of documentary that shows the puppeteers rehearsing w/the track and db’s (guide?) vocals are much more prominent in the mix.
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    It's apparently with Too Dizzy...floating in a tin can...far above the moon.
  20. will_b_free

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    He only sang on the demo version of Chilly Down; evidently cowriting it was not enough. Hope for an expanded Labyrinth release some day with all the demos!
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    The EP is available for download, lossless on Tidal, with following track listing, none clocking in at 4:09 like the promo you pointed to:


    Magic Dance (Single Version) (2002 Remastered Version)

    Magic Dance (12" Version)

    Magic Dance (Dub)

    Magic Dance (7" Version)
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    All I can say is YES YES YES!

    And I've been pushing for a full remix of NLMD so I'm beyond thrilled.
  23. liv3evil

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    db entirely wrote Chilly Down, no? Not a co-write.
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    He's quite good in The Cure now. (Looks like he's aged decades tho.)
  25. wildstar

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    Well given that the predictions thread ran for 33 pages and 804 messages, I have to admit that being probably (without rereading the entire thread to be 100% sure) the closest to correct is somewhat vindicating. Plus its hardly rocket science anyway. We've had three previous boxes from which to observe patterns in these releases. I must admit many of the predictions on that thread struck me as truly baffling/totally unprecedented - and what amounted to "wishful thinking"/"what people personally wanted the box to include", rather than realistic predictions of what it most likely/most logically would include.
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