David Byrne New Album “American Utopia” Coming March 9, 2018*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dark Horse 77, May 13, 2017.

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    I dunno, for me a lot of his stuff hasn't grabbed me since the self titled cd. Did not like the collab with St V, and man I really wanted to like that cd.
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    Surprised there isn't more action on this. New album reportedly is called American Utopia and drops in March. Looking forward to seeing one of these album release shows -- David will be playing new and old material with a 12-piece band, and says the production is the most ambitious he's attempted since Stop Making Sense!
  5. pghmusiclover

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    I'm looking forward to new music from David!
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  6. MOON

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    Looking forward to it as well.
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  7. George Co-Stanza

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    Nice. I liked Everything That Happens Will Happen Today a lot, and if this new album is close to as good as that, I will be pleased as punch.
  8. TSWisla

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    Tickets for the show are $$$$$
  9. pghmusiclover

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    David Byrne announces new solo LP American Utopia


    1. American Utopia
    2. I Dance Like This
    3. Gasoline And Dirty Sheets
    4. Every Day Is A Miracle
    5. Dog’s Mind
    6. This Is That
    7. It’s Not Dark Up Here
    8. Bullet
    9. Doing The Right Thing
    10. Everybody’s Coming To My House
    11. Here
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    Changed thread title from David Byrne New Album Coming Early 2018 to David Byrne New Album “American Utopia” Coming March 9, 2018

    Please continue...
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  12. Rocat

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    This song, I like it :)
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  13. Sandinista

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    Whew boy, I dig that tune.
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  14. Eric Weinraub

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    Impressive song. Love it.
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  15. Chemguy

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    Great song!
  16. Heard today for the first time. Sounds like the David Byrne of old, not a million miles away from the stuff on Speaking In Tongues. Superior pop/funk to these ears.
  17. footprintsinthesand

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    Bouncing off the walls, Mr Byrne is back !
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  18. More shows announced -Asheville on it - life is darn good!
  19. oxegen

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    Dublin, Ireland
    Bought a ticket for London this morning.
  20. jcarr73729

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    Wow! £86 to £118 for Manchester Apollo.
    No thanks David.
  21. TSWisla

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    Going to Red Rocks, but I am from Chicago. Anyone else going?!
  22. steviej

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    Calgary, AB
    Wow. I was going to get tickets for the show here in Calgary, but they start at $95. Guess I'll just have to rewatch Stop Making Sense for the 9348th time instead :(
  23. Tickets are definitely steep but it does sound like a big blowout production.... craziness on Ticketmaster just now but managed to get my pair. Excited now!
  24. These artists hardly sell records anymore so touring is their main income. Plus in this case there is a 12 piece band on the road with hi, so these prices don't seem out of whack for a headliner. I may consider this one as its for of a high side sweet spot.

    Lately I prefer going to see newer band in small clubs for $15-40. But I get why these shows are pricier.
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  25. Steve Martin

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    Got tickets this morning to see at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas. Sounds like it will be a very unique production.

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