David Gilmour's First Year with Pink Floyd 1968

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Svetonio, Aug 19, 2017.

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    The video is released yesterday. A very interesting compilation of footages.
    Pink Floyd got much better sound with David Gilmour, as with him they actually were started to be "progessive psychedelia" what made the band readdy for the upcoming 70s.
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  2. andrewskyDE

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    That's material which is included in the Early Years DVDs.
  3. FloydMaui

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    July 8 : it was 50 years ago today .... David Gilmour plays his very first American gig , at Chicago's Kinetic Playground.
    It is Pink Floyd's second visit to the U.S. and Chicago is their first "interior"gig, as the prior 1967 visit was limited to just New York City and California ....
    This is the first real Pink Floyd U.S. tour ... they do some 19 dates over the next seven weeks.
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  4. ThirdBowl

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    Unbelievable that was 50 years ago! Happy anniversary!
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  5. rjp

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    gilmour replacing barrett was, without a doubt, the greatest thing that ever happened to pink floyd, and quite possibly to rock and roll in general.
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  6. hallucalation

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    Thanks for the laughs! To go from Piper to Ummagumma in barely 2 years is surely a stroke of genius
  7. rjp

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    i'm sorry, but comparing barrett to gilmour is laughable.

    gilmour just might be the best rock guitarist ever.
  8. street legal

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    Had the Barrett/Gilmour switch never happened, Pink Floyd would barely be remembered today. Don't get me wrong, I love Syd Barrett, "Piper" and the associated singles, but unfortunately, Barrett was out of gas, mentally. Had Pink Floyd called it quits with Barrett's unfortunate demise, there is no way in hell they would be remembered as one of the greatest bands ever. Not even the slightest of a chance.
  9. hallucalation

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    I'd prefer songwriting over technique. It is Waters songwriting progress (not Gilmour) that was enabled band to record stuff for which they got famous in 70s
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  10. FloydMaui

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    .... Apples and Oranges ?
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  11. rjp

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    nope, can't agree, both guitar players (the only guitar player) in a band.

    i get the fans, and the myth, of pink floyd and their admiration of barrett, but really, deep down, how con you possibly compare those first 1 1/4 albums to the work gilmour does in what followed?
  12. rjp

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    yes, but gilmour was the only guitar player on all those records. and shared writing credits on quite a few of the songs.

    does anyone anywhere believe that syd barrett could play as well as david gilmour?
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  13. hallucalation

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    You comparing masterful guitarist to brain and songwriter of the band in the beginning. It’s like saying that Eric Clapton is better than Bob Dylan because Dylan can’t play guitar !
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  14. Rne

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    You can't compare them because they're two different things.
    As I love both styles, so I'm a happy Floyd fan.
  15. lucan_g

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    One of the silliest (putting it kindly) posts I've read. That's like saying replacing fish with chicken was the greatest meal choice ever.

    In case you didn't notice... they are rather different musicians and both brought different talents to the table. I love Gilmour. But I also love Syd. And not in a million years could Gilmour have ever produced an album like Piper. Nor could Syd have played like Gilmour.

    I thank the heavens that Pink Floyd had both.
  16. Tristero

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    Why do people feel compelled to build Gilmour up by tearing Barrett down (or vice versa for that matter)? They had different skill sets. Syd wasn't a virtuoso musician, but he had a distinctive style and was a brilliant songwriter in his prime. His unique vision laid a foundation for the band to build on after his departure. It took some time for Gilmour to grow into the role and for the whole band to develop the songwriting chops they needed to thrive, but they got there pretty quickly. Though their studio albums were sometime uneven, I've come to really enjoy their "research and development" phase in the late 60s and early 70s.
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  17. mastaflatch

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    Barrett's songwriting and overall stance was highly influential to a lot of english acts and that influence pervaded throughout the 70s progressive, glam, punk and new-wave scenes. As soon as See Emily Play got released, his idiosycratic songwriting stimulated english psychedelia and pop through the Beatles who were paying attention. But the band that made the most money out of Barrett's influence was clearly Pink Floyd. Mind you, I'm a fan of many Floyd eras and I think they took a wonderful evolutionary voyage after Barrett left but they never reached the same level of sheer originality afterwards. Gilmour is a guitar god and Waters is a mean conceptualist and the four of them mastered soundscapes like no one else but Barrett is a completely unique animal that basically set the template for them to cash in on within what, 3 years?
    Having said that, I'm glad Gilmour joined because he's my favorite guitarist and a very sensible musician that brought feelings instead of shredding in the limelight in a techincally-obsessed era.
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  18. oates

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    We should remember that Gilmour was NOT brought in to replace Syd Barrett but to complement him. The plan was for the band to go forward with both Barrett and Gilmour.
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  19. rjp

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    well, there is an obvious legion of syd barrett fans, and i respect them for what they believe.

    for myself though, i just don't hear it, never did, and probably never will. and that's what makes music , music.

    barrett isn't the only one i never got, elvis costello (whom i can;t listen to more than r minutes of) quickly comes to mind....and of course morrison and cobain: neither of which, in just my own humble opinion (before i get crucified) would have achieved the cult status they did had they survived.
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  20. NunoBento

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    (and I'm a massive fan of Piper)
  21. Tristero

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    Though their untimely demise may have magnified "the cult", both Morrison and Cobain were widely celebrated before their deaths. :hide:
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  22. Mr Sam

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    beat me to it. Why should the posthumous cult status lead to question their talent?
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  23. xfilian

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    Barrett's departure did allow Gilmour to enter the fray but it also allowed Waters to assume creative control and that was ultimately far more important to what become their 'Golden Period.'
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  24. majorlance

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    ...and indeed, civilization itself!!! :doh:
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  25. Ozric

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    Had the Barrett/Gilmour switch never happened, Waters and Barrett would have collided at some point as song writers dealing with creative control of the band.
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