David Lee Roth - Van Halen is Finished

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Blastproof, Sep 30, 2019.

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    David Lee Roth - Van Halen is Finished

    Asked if he was "bummed out" that he couldn't tour with VAN HALEN this past summer, as had been rumored several months ago, Roth responded: "That's been canceled a number of times, and I think VAN HALEN is finished and this is the next phase. I've inherited the band de facto — whatever that means. I think it means if you inherit it, carry this proudly. VAN HALEN isn't gonna be coming back in the fashion that you know. And that being said, Eddie's got his own story to tell. [It's] not mine to tell it."
  2. WhoTapes1

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    NC, United States
    I’m a huge Roth era Van Halen fan and have to say this is probably for the best at this point.
  3. twicks

    twicks Forum Resident

    Yeah. My honest reaction is relief that VH isn't gonna be out there with DLR stinking up the place.
  4. Efus

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    Jackson, NJ, USA
    Got no problem with that at all.
    Though I am curious if the Van Halens are done with releasing any new music completely.
  5. Abbagold

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    They’re done, and that’s ok. I’d love to see these guys go on and make great music and continue playing the hits. However, they’re too difunctional to carry on. They’d just end up being more of a joke than what they are now, and I don’t want them to go out like that. Sometimes, you just gotta let it go and call it a day. Hopefully, they’ll throw in the towel.
  6. Jerrika

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    I always preferred Sammy Hagar as a singer. David Lee Roth had a difficult attitude and thought he was God's gift to women as well as Van Halen. His ego was the size of America.
  7. sons of nothing

    sons of nothing Forum Resident

    I'm happy to have been able to see both Chicago shows when they first reunited. Eddie sounded great, and actually spoke to the crowd at one of the shows. Dave was ok, and rode a huge inflatable phallus at one of the shows. I thought the performance at the Allstate was better than the one at the UC.

    What EVH should do is a stories tour. He goes around telling stories, and plays instrumentals of some tunes.
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  8. Jerry c.

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    It you don’t like Dave, you never really liked Van Halen at all.
  9. stoneknuckle

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    reading pa usa
    While Van Halen may be done, I doubt highly that the brothers VH are going to let DLR be the spokesman for it. What I mean is , I suspect at some point very soon this will be disputed. Perhaps it will only be a short sentence or two via a publicist, but I can't see this not being disputed by the VH camp considering their past.
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  10. FloydMaui

    FloydMaui Forum Resident

    If it's truly over .....

    really glad I saw 'em in 2015 ! ....
    I've seen every lineup, including VH III with Cherone.
    also saw DLR in '86 with Vai, a couple months before seeing Van Hagar.
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  11. George Co-Stanza

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    I think it would be funny is the brothers trolled Roth by deciding to do one last VH tour with the Van Hagar lineup. Roth would lose his mind.
  12. THWg

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    EXACTLY! This is a sad day as a true Van Halen fan if its true. Dave was always the heart and soul of the band despite what anyboody tells you
  13. Larry Mc

    Larry Mc Forum Dude

    Van Halen's finished when Eddie says it's finished.
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  14. Mother

    Mother Forum Resident

    Oh dear how sad nevermind. Great band at one stage
  15. HotelYorba101

    HotelYorba101 Forum Resident

    A Different Kind of Truth was solid, I am glad they ended on a good note in terms of their studio canon.
  16. Instant Dharma

    Instant Dharma Hendon!!!!

    East Bay, Ca
    Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
  17. mikedifr0923

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    New Jersey
    Oh stop it with this asinine ********

    Who designated you the God of Van Halen fans?
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  18. the pope ondine

    the pope ondine Forum Resident

    hell, no!
  19. mattdm11

    mattdm11 Forum Resident

    Cleveland, OH
    This band has been a trainwreck for almost as long as I've been alive.
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  20. Nostaljack

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    DC metro area
    Doubt it could happen. Have you seen Hagar lately? His voice, while once great, isn't nearly what it once was. He's no kid and his voice makes that quite plain.

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  21. sunking101

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    Yorkshire, England
    Shame they didn't stay with Sammy. It was a creative period. What have they done of any note since? I mean really? That one album of stuff off the cutting room floor with Roth.
  22. DreamIsOver

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    Chicago IL
    I really don't like the subtle hints Dave gives in most of these interviews about Eddie's health. I know it's sort of an echo chamber effect at this point - say something vague in one interview then get asked about it in every interview thereafter forever. Everyone has to go sometime but I'm looking forward to a world without EVH.
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  23. thgord

    thgord In Search of My New Euphoric Groove

    Moorpark, CA
    Totally agree. ADKoT was/is a great farewell album, particularly for the fans of the original line-up.
  24. Platterpus

    Platterpus Forum Resident

    I love Van Halen especially the Roth era albums but I do like 5150 too. That's my cutoff. I like some of their songs after this with Sammy Hagar on the later albums. I have no problems with any of the members of the band personally but I am confused as to what's the rationale of the Van Halen brothers is especially Eddie in holding off and not moving forward with the band. They aren't getting any younger. Is it just Eddie at the control of the band decisions or is their management part of the problem too? I also do not like how Michael Anthony was kicked to the curb. That was uncool.
  25. musictoad

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    Salt Lake City, UT
    You and I will have to stick together as seemingly the only two people on Earth who think Hagar > DLR.
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