Dead Oppo 205 on ebay up to almost $1200

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by moomoomoomoo, May 17, 2021.

  1. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member Thread Starter

    And Oppo stopped making them because they preferred cell phones that I have NEVER even seen for sale in the USA?

    I don't get it. They could have doubled the price & not lost any business.

    Grrr. Sigh..............

    OPPO UDP-205 4K UHD Blu-ray Player Defect. | eBay
  2. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    OUCH! the shipping as well!
  3. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member Thread Starter

    What blows me away is that there are 19 bids. The player was $1250 brand new. It's up to $1325 without knowing what's wrong with it!
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  4. captouch

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    Bay Area, CA
    It kind of makes sense since Oppo has a fixed $99 charge to fix all their players. So theoretically you can buy a dead player and have Oppo bring it up to working condition for only $99.
  5. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member Thread Starter

    I THINK it's gone up to $129. That's still dirt cheap. I wonder if there are exceptions for a trashed unit?
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  6. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    Soooo, they're willing to fix them, to keep them running. But...they're not willing to manufacture them....:disgust:

    Sounds like somebody down one end of the hallway, is really trying to get the goat of somebody down at the other end of the hallway...:p
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  7. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member Thread Starter

    Sold for $1876 including shipping; dead/broken with delivery by June 30th. And the seller (likely) mistakenly showed it as "Code Free" (i.e. region free) which it is not without a mod kit. People are dumb. Not sure who's dumber, the buyer or Oppo's ownership. I still see occasionally see used 205's working for $2100 or so.
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  8. Gordon Crisp

    Gordon Crisp Forum Resident

    Portland, Oregon
    "I can fix him."
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  9. Francois1968

    Francois1968 Forum Resident

    Prices of all Oppo players (models 103 and higher) are getting more and more ridiculous. I saw an 103 for almost 1000 euro! People seem to think that these players are getting better by time like aging wine.
    Well, I own a 83-BDP and was thinking of buying some newer model, but I won't be spending crazy money on an used player that is possibly outdated in technology as well.
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  10. Echo

    Echo Forum Resident

    People, there are also universal blu-ray players based on the succesfull Oppo but modified, so with other looks. Other audio brands were by that able to release their 'own' universal players.

    So look around when interested.
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  11. Francois1968

    Francois1968 Forum Resident

    How can you tell other manufacturers released players as modified Oppo's? Could you share some brandnames under which these models are available?
  12. Echo

    Echo Forum Resident

    So far I know brands like Cambridge, Primare and Electrocompaniet.

    I purchased one of the universal players of Electrocompaniet which was for certain based on the Oppo BDP-103 (look for the PBD-1 Prelude and the EMP-2 and EMP-3 models).
  13. Francois1968

    Francois1968 Forum Resident

    Thank you, yes I found the reviews.......
  14. harby

    harby Forum Resident

    Portland, OR, USA
    One of the features was non-compliance with DVD spec and HDCP spec. Not just logo compliance, but breaking content protection rules. They were being imported like a grey-market good.

    I suspect one of the HDCP chip licensees that can only sell to licensor members paying per-unit fees got wind of this through other cabal partners, and cut off their supply, or ceasing production was a concession to avoid threat of a huge lawsuit for breach of previously-signed agreements.

    On my Oppo, I can repeatedly flash between different firmwares for different feature sets, like the ability to play burned SACD. Contrast to the repeat-criminals Sony, who was willing to remotely disable bought-and-paid-for features from PS3s when their oopsie was discovered.
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  15. Sterling1

    Sterling1 Forum Resident

    Louisville, KY
    I saw an OPPO-205 offering on Amazon two days ago, over $6000. This has made me think about putting my 205 on eBay; but, there's absolutely nothing out there today which can play 5.1 SACDs via analog output so I'm going to keep it.
  16. Brother_Rael

    Brother_Rael Forum Resident

    Scottish Borders
    Maybe the very last Cambridge Model did, the one that was transport only that used the same chassis and internals that Oppo bought, but prior to that Cambridge had entirely different internals from Oppo.
  17. AP1

    AP1 Forum Resident

    103 is one of few models which can be used to rip SACD disks. That along with known good quality of disk drive in it may explain the price.
  18. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member Thread Starter

    Really! I was told years ago by Oppo if I updated my 95, I would lose the ability to play SACD ISO's, & that Oppo's spcs didn't allow reverting o older firmware. I’ve had it repaired twice, & both times i was very clear that I did not want the firmware updated. The understood.
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  19. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member Thread Starter

    Is there any specific brand model that's basically a rebadged 205 or even 105?
  20. Echo

    Echo Forum Resident

    I'm sorry, don't know the answer for other brands than EC. I can check this out at internet if you like.

    Forgot to write that the suggested brands are originally more expensive than the original Oppo, but if the price of the (used) Oppo players are rising, those other brand versions can becoming an attractive alternative...
  21. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member Thread Starter

    That would be great if you wouldn't mind!
  22. Echo

    Echo Forum Resident

    Ok, I can tell you a whole new audio world is opening when googling the simple question 'x based on Oppo?'

    I checked internet and found out that Electrocompaniet EMP-3 is indeed, as already mentioned by me, based on Oppo BDP 103. The Electrocompaniet universal player BDP-1 (Prelude line) which I purchased, is however based on a bit more modern model, the Oppo BDP 105.

    As being asked I searched also for another brands. Primare BD32 is based on the Oppo BDP93, the Primare BD32 MKII on Oppo BDP105
    The Oppo 203 is used for Cambridge CXUHD. Older models of Cambridge like the Azur 650BD is based on BDP83 and the Azur 651BD and 751BD is based on the Oppo BDP-93
    I googled also Ayre and it seems the Ayre CX-7cMP is based on the Oppo BDP-83.

    So these versions of expensive brands are all rebadged Oppos with a higher price, sometimes even $1000 more like with the Ayre? No, this is certainly not the case, sometimes a lot did change and did even improve in audio or video. So did miss the Cambridge CXUHD Oppo's DAC and analogue audio circuitry, but replaced it its power supply and improved e.g. the audio quality and digital disc transport. The Ayre did even go to more extremes by dismantling the Oppo and recycling everything except e.g. the main PCD, transport mechanism and remote control.

    So check first all details by using my google question for your brand of love in universal blu-ray players and find out what did all change. So sometimes details and/or the looks, sometimes a lot.

    PS: I used bold for mentioning your Oppo models of preference
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  23. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo Senior Member Thread Starter

  24. MikeJedi

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    Las Vegas
    My 105D and 205 are like jewels. Lol. My 980 I don’t think has gone up much ...
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  25. audiomixer

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