Deadpool 2 (opens May 2018)*

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Vidiot, Mar 4, 2017.

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    Infinitesimally small casting point for me: Rob Delaney from Catastrophe is on board.
    They have a pretty high (low?) bar to surpass, given what a novel concept the first one was. Of course I'm in. I also love the fact that "DP2" will be displayed everywhere. The producers must be chortling right up their sleeves.
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    One week to hilarity, violence, gore and tender moments.

  3. Deuce66

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    Canada - yeah that's right.

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    That Beckham thing is fantastic
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    Usually these kind of massive media blitzes everywhere you look are annoying and turn some people off from a movie but they have done such a good job on them and most of them are hilarious I think it's actually working.
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    Deadpool "Any powers you want to tell us about?"
    Peter "I don't have one. I just saw the ad."
    Deadpool "You're in."

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    I hope the movie is better than the previews,because sequels don't always score.
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    Ads from around the world!
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    Hollywood, USA
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    This one already has.
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  12. vince

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    When I was a kid, it was a CARVEL world!
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    The funniest film I've seen since Deadpool...and it's funnier than Deadpool!
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    One multiplex near me has twenty-seven regular and 5 large format showings of this movie; the other has twenty-one regular and five IMAX.
  15. Marvel ous!
  16. Dr. Pepper

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    No spoilers. Just got back from seeing it. It was a lot of fun and I would say it was equal to the first movie. Josh Brolin is amazing, exactly right for cable! Domino was excellent as well. One scene was absolutely surprising and hilarious. The second post credit scene is the best post credit scene ever. We laughed harder at that than any point in the film. There are only two post credit scenes, but at the very end of the credits after the two scenes there is a new song made specifically for the film that had us rolling on the floor again! What a fun time, much of the humor will be offensive to many, but it seemed on the whole less offensive than the first film, but still really funny!
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    I just saw an ad poster for DP2 in a re-run episode of How I Met Your Mother that originally aired 10-24-2011. Nice bit of CGI. It even had the May 18 release date.
  18. vince

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    Any 'out-of-the-blue' music choices you can tell us about?
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  19. Dr. Pepper

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    Not really, there are some, but I want you to be surprised. THERE IS A JACK BENNY REFERENCE! Barabara Streisand also comes up at one point that is fun
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    I saw it last night. Laughed a lot. Thought it was a solid, funny, enjoyable, popcorn flick with a fabulous mid-credit scene. I don't think it topped the first one, but only because the first film was so groundbreaking and over-the-top. If you liked Deadpool, you're going to like Deadpool 2. Have no doubts... kick back and enjoy the chimichangas with maximum effort. :)
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  21. alexpop

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    Prefer the first Deadpool.
    Deadpool 2 had a few funny lines
    Cinema half full.
  22. 5th-beatle

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    Just watched the film and enjoyed it a lot, it was quite funny! Just a few questions:

    There was a brief scene in the X-Men mansion in which a few X-Men closed a door so that Deadpool would not see them. Who were those characters/actors? It was too quick for me to recognize all of them

    I don't remember that scene with Wolverine his enemy. Why go back in time and kill him? Did he do something really bad to Wolverine and Deadpool wanted to save him or is it just a joke like killing Ryan Reynolds before he could accept the role of Green Lantern?
    By the way, did they get Hugh Jackman to reprise Wolverine or did they use footage from an old X-Men film?
  23. Vidiot

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    Funniest line in the movie (no spoilers): "Now get ready for a big CGI character battle." :laugh: :evil:

    In answer to @5th-beatle's questions:

    These were (fairly close) stand-ins of the real X-Men. Deadpool has had a running gag where he mentions Wolverine, he says he's attracted to him, and points out the similarities they have (since they're among the few Marvel superheroes who are extremely difficult to kill). I'm fairly certain that is footage from an old X-Men/Wolverine movie, with clever editing making it look like Deadpool is in the shot with him.
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    I own this as well.
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