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Deafheaven New Album - Infinite Granite - Aug. 20th 2021

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by craigobau, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. craigobau

    craigobau Forum Resident Thread Starter

    London, England
    Deafheaven's new album is released on August 20th.

    The first track is available for listening on the band's Bandcamp page;

    Infinite Granite, by Deafheaven

    Sounds like the band has been listening to a lot of shoegaze (I'm hearing a big Alcest influence) based upon the first taster from the album, Great Mass Of Color.
  2. Pop_Zeus

    Pop_Zeus Forum Resident

    Southport, UK
    Thanks for posting. Whilst I’m not generally a fan of screaming death metal type vocals, there is something fascinating about Deafheaven. Their mix of influences with their own twist on them is very appealing to me. Bought everything from Sunbather onwards and enjoy them all
  3. Deuce66

    Deuce66 Forum Resident

  4. SurrealCereal

    SurrealCereal Forum Resident

    I’m excited for the new album but I’m a bit skeptical about the direction. It sounds like they’re going on a straight shoegaze direction for this one and that kind of worries me. Bands like Alcest, Panopticon, and Opeth have all pulled this kind of thing before to mediocre results. If the song was really good I wouldn’t mind a change in direction, but there’s nothing here that gives me the impression that Deafheaven has an interesting take on plain shoegaze or indie rock. Hopefully it will all make sense in the context of the album.
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  5. primitivesludge

    primitivesludge Well-Known Member

    I wasn't a huge fan of Ordinary Corrupt Human Love and while I respect them hugely for the two incredible pieces they put out in Sunbather and New Bermuda, I think the teaser track here is completely generic "shoegaze" (not even shogaze in any sense I know it, but just a reverby indie) that is more suited to soundtracking a montage of goals from a summer football tournament than actually listening to and enjoying.
  6. Echoes Myron

    Echoes Myron Forum Resident

    I am super psyched for this!!!
  7. babyblue

    babyblue Pactches Pal!

    Pacific NW
    Oh, Deafheaven have been musically shoegazey for a long time. And they have included a track or two with "normal" vocals before this. I discovered the band this year and have been listening to most of their catalog, so the new song really didn't surprise me. Since I've been on a Deafheaven binge anyway, I'm looking forward to the new album.

    Here's my recent blog post about them:

    San Francisco’s Deafheaven is a divisive band among fans of the black metal and post-hardcore genres alike. They blend a variety of styles that shouldn’t work together. George Clarke is perhaps the ultimate metal vocalist, using a pinched, throaty growl that literally sounds like Mike Oldfield‘s Piltdown Man on the Tubular Bells album. Clarke writes thoughtful, even poetic lyrics, yet I cannot make out one word he sings. It’s difficult to connect the words I’ve read with what I hear in his performances. He is usually pushed way down in the mix, adding a strangely subtle abrasive accent to the aural landscape, rather than lyrical context. In a concert clip I watched recently, Clarke lets out an explosive “EH!!!” at the start of a song and it’s one of the most perfect things I’ve ever heard. He clearly knows what he’s doing with his own unique style. Metal fans who come for the hardcore vocals are often confounded by Deafheaven’s music, which features flowing emo/shoegaze chord progressions and arpeggios, with occasional metallic guitar blasts. Many who like this heavy dreaminess wonder what’s going on with the vocals.

    But somehow I’ve fallen for all of it. I’m addicted to Deafheaven. I’m drawn to certain chord changes and riffs rather than virtuosity (although I certainly do appreciate it when I hear it). And Deafheaven fits the bill. With every harmonic progression, chiming strum and soaring solo, they hit the sweet spot for me. I find this both cathartic and soothing. It’s my meditative chill backdrop that distills what I love about music down to its essence. All I have to do is react as it flows on by. I should also mention how incredible the drumming is. In discovering these screamo groups, I’ve noticed the drummer has what must be the most punishing job of all. Daniel Tracy is no exception. His speed pounding rarely lets up, holding everything together and guiding the ebb and flow of the songs.

    Deafheaven’s 2013 Sunbather is regarded as a quintessential post-hardcore album. Most of the rest of their catalog is excellent too. The band planned on doing a tenth anniversary tour in 2020, but instead spent lockdown recording 10 Years Gone, made up of the set they intended to play on stage. I wondered if I needed this release, since I already had most of their other albums. But I ended up buying it on Bandcamp and it may be my favorite Deafheaven release. What could be better than all their best material collected in one place? The album would make a great introduction to the band. It’s Deafheavenly!

    I may never see Deafheaven live, but I’ve found the next best thing on YouTube. The video program Audiotree has two Deafheaven performances from their Far Out series, which presents artists playing live in unusual settings. These videos are beautifully shot and mixed, often sounding better than the originally released recordings. This is certainly the case with Deafheaven. Every breathtaking detail is clear and powerfully captured. Clarke’s vocals are brought up a little more than usual, which could be a good or bad thing, depending on your taste. He’s also far more subdued here than in concert, but this fits in with the stately surroundings of the auditorium. I love seeing the guitar interplay between Kerry McCoy and Shiv Mehra, not to mention the dynamic drumming of Daniel Tracy. Listen for the fun almost quote of the “I Feel Fine” riff in “Honeycomb.” I’ve included the videos below. I hope you enjoy discovering Deafheaven as much as I have.

    APRIL 7, 2021

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  8. skyfarm

    skyfarm New Member

    San Jose, CA
    Wow they sound like a completely different band on this track, but not in a bad! Getting some major Alcest and Rolo Tomassi vibes mixed with maybe a pinch of recent Mogwai in there. George's vocals clean up real nice on this one! Wasn't a huge fan of his clean vocals in the past, but they sound lovely on this song. Interested in this new direction they're heading in
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  9. Deuce66

    Deuce66 Forum Resident

    Compared to the Black Brick single from 2019 and the recent live album 10 Years Gone the new one caught me off guard, it's not bad just underwhelming and a little too familiar.

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