Deep Discount 10% Off Sale On 3 + CDs/DVDs/Blu ray

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  1. MYKE

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    Code BIKINI :

    Save 10% on 3+ CD, DVD, or Blu-ray items.Use promo code: BIKINI at checkout

    Coupon applies to the full order after the threshold is met. Coupon only valid through 06/08/2018 at noon CT. 10% savings applies to the order total before shipping and taxes. The 3+ DVD, Blu-ray or CD item total must be met in order for the coupon to apply. Video games, video game consoles and video game accessories are excluded from the offer

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  2. MYKE

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    Irma La Douce pre ordered
    The Age Of Innocence*
    Dead Man *
    * Both Criterions cheaper than they would be at B & N's 50% off sale + no waiting until July ! :winkgrin:
  3. slipkid

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    They have this same sale on now but with code of SNORKEL valid until NOON 6/18/18 (Monday) Central Time.

    However I cannot get it to work. Can anyone help me out?

    I logged in with my ID there.

    I put 4 CDs in my cart, went to checkout, entered the promo code, then it took me to the next page for entering my payment info etc.

    No discount of any kind was applied to my order however. For past sales I have always seen the discount applied when I got to this page.

    I just tried it with 3 different browsers and got identical results.

    Tried to call them but they are closed now.


    Unfortunately I am about to start a 3 day workstretch and now will not be home prior to 8pm until my next day off which is Tuesday. Thus I will miss any chance of this sale (unless they either fix this bug in the meantime or someone gives me a clue on how they got it to work??). Thanks....
  4. SJP

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    ^^^ Make sure you are hitting the apply button after typing in SNORKEL rather than return/enter. I just did this when checking an order I placed this morning on importCDs (for what its worth, import CDs came out cheaper by several dollars) and accidentally hit return which pretty much did nothing but refresh the page without applying the discount. I'm thinking you must be doing the exact same thing.
  5. MYKE

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    You really gotta keep an eye out when applying that discount code. I've seen 'em jump off, and disappear many times over the years. Also not give you the percentage you got coming, but a lower amount.

  6. slipkid

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    Thanks guys. Have an interesting resolution to pass on.

    First, last night I sent them an "email" through their contact us form thing to tell them the SNORKEL code was not working. I did not expect a reply but what the hell figured might as well try. Maybe it was something they could fix.

    Checking my email tonight a customer rep DID reply though, and told me to go ahead and place the order as is and to then send him an email back with the order info and he would apply the discount manually.

    However b4 I went to do that I noticed that I got a computer generated email from DD as well - the subject was something like "Did you forget something?". That email said since I put stuff in my cart but did not complete the checkout they wanted to encourage me to not leave empty handed and gave me a different one time use code for $5 off any order over $25. Which is a better deal than the 10% code anyways! So I went and used that one, and it worked fine.

    And yes I did click on the apply promo code button last night - all that did was take me to the next page for entering payment/mailing info with no discount applied. I don't know if the SNORKEL code was broken or what but this other one worked like it should.

    I have seen these "don't go away empty" discount emails b4 and have used them b4 but 4got about that. I certainly was not expecting it again. I don't know how often they come up but if they work this way every time to save a couple pennies you might want to try putting stuf fin your cart, going to the next step but don't complete it, wait a day and see if you get one of these emails. It works out to 20% if you only order $25 worth. Unfortunately they now hit me with state sales tax so it is not really 2o% off like it used to be but oh well.
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