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    Many thanks DapperGentleman. I’ve been looking for this one for awhile. Ordered the set as soon as I saw your post. I’ll take my chances and hopefully will be pleasantly surprised with the condition and service - and will consider it a win!
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    I found another working 15% off code through trial and error:


    Doesn't seem to work with out of stock or preorders and I don't know when it expires.

    Happy Shopping everyone!
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    AdamChanSiuLung, you've consistently 'mined' valid discount codes -- thanks!

    Andrew Gold - Thank You For Being A Friend

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  5. DapperGentleman

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    Huge drop, over 400 new titles in the Blowout Bin. I'm going nuts over here.

    All the Gene, the Marion, the Durutti Column, Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac - lotsa stuff ...

    Suede, Heaven 17, Ralph McTell, many more ...

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  6. Dan

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    How do you get the new titles to come up first?
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  7. DapperGentleman

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    OK, I am taking a breather. I've ordered 20+ titles, but over 40 have gone out-of-stock since I started.

    If you're building an order, here are a few you might consider to reach the free shipping level. I've listed them by UPC:

    8719262013902 Reload: A Collection of Short Stories - this is Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton of Global Communication
    4251648411659 Stars Like Dust - Voyager 01 - old-school retro synthwave project
    8718469532063 Anatomy Of A Murder soundtrack - Duke Ellington on Columbia / Music On Vinyl
    5060786563132 IDMEMO - this is a cool shoegaze remix collection
    886976943110 Opeth - Blackwater Park remaster on Music On Vinyl - I think this is their first proggy record, I haven't checked though
    602508753381 Killing Joke - Singles 4LP set - short sides though - $22.12
    2999999080163 Shiva's Headband - Take Me To The Mountain PLUS 2LP - $19.79, not a big deal
    5060525436024 Christine & The Queens - Chris - France dance / pop - this is supposed to be the big box set, 4LPs + CDs... $18.50
    5054197094514 Split Enz - True Colours TRIBUTE ALBUM with Australian artists - 2021 - $17.74, it's $45 at Amazon
    5037300801766 Daphne Guinness - Optimist In Black - UK artsy rock singer, Tony Visconti is involved I think - kinda Bowie?
    9324690182411 Kim Salmon & Surrealists 2LP from Australia - $17 - costs $50 at Amazon
    075678647390 Corey Taylor of Slipknot - this is the White Vinyl version - CMFT
    3770004998364 Catastrophe - some sort of artsy French Girl indie pop project - kinda cool
    602508620379 Gregory Porter - All Rise limited Europe 2LP version - he's becoming a big deal - headlining Hollywood Bowl I think
    822603657210 Solstafir - Endless Twilight ltd 2LP - another black metal band turning prog
    7426822210701 Comedy Of Errors - old school prog rock reissue 2LP
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  8. ad180

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    Thank you! I grabbed all the Durutti Column records.
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  9. DapperGentleman

    DapperGentleman Forum Resident

    Here are some more odds-and-ends that caught my eye - listed by UPC:

    8719262013124 Paradise Lost - Symphony For The Lost 2LP live with orchestra - dark metal, good sound
    5060365230165 Martin Barre - Jethro Tull Guitarist solo
    8719262016088 Captain Beefheart - Mirror Man Sessions on clear
    7426822210718 Gandalf's Fist - Remaster And Monkey - really good prog rock
    60378491230 1 Rob Mazurek & Exploding Star Orchestra, jazz, pretty good!
    8719262015845 John Norum of the band Europe - Another Destination reissue
    190758954516 Gungfly-Friendship - solo project from Big Big Train keyboardist - prog
    614427974112 Solveig Slettahjell - Come In From the Rain - old school jazz vocals - Tom Waits, irving Berlin songs, etc.
    5053760058373 International Teachers Of Pop - Pop Gossip - retro dance electro synthpop sound - includes a Pink Floyd cover, sung in German
    5056032305281 Dead Horse One - Season Of Mist - Europe psyche / shoegaze / ethereal band
    190296858550 Distractions - Nobody's Perfect - remixed version - UK indie pop 80's
    889854055110 Mute Gods - Dream Theater + Porcupine Tree related project 2LP
    5050580742345 Keno - Transatlantyk - 2LP downtempo jazz trip hoppy
    4250506836955 Lambchop - Trip on colored vinyl
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  10. DapperGentleman

    DapperGentleman Forum Resident

    Here are a few more cool ones:

    8719262017009 Jan Akkerman's 1976 album Eli reissue
    865292000332 Evie Sands - Get Out Of YOur Own Way - her 2020 comeback album
    194397964615 Prefab Sprout - Steve McQueen PICTURE DISC
    8719262015814 David Byron - Take No Prisoners - Uriah Heep's vocalist reissue on purple on MoV
    5054197083174 This is the current version of the Italy progressive rock band Area - the LP has fewer songs than the CD version
    5014797902169 Sugar - File Under Easy Listening clear vinyl reissue
    682863731736 Room8 - girl vocals, dance synthpop retro sound
    5014797903395 Mark E. Smith of The Fall - solo
    738572154479 Peter Howell - Through A Glass Darkly - one of those BBC lounge / Canterbury projects
    738572149970 'The Nightcomers' - Jerry Fielding's score to the Marlon Brando movie 1971
    4250137279770 Moonrite - retro psyche rock band
    042282763914 Michael Mantler - The Alien - ECM / Watt jazz reissue
    8436563183300 Bill Evans - Waltz For Debby on budget label
    8436563183355 Johnny Hodges - Blues-A-Plenty on budget label
    8436563183294 Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington - Great Summit on budget label
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  11. DapperGentleman

    DapperGentleman Forum Resident

    These are CD's:

    740155727239 Bob Mould's 24-disc set for $41
    636551914055 John Mayall's 35-disc set for $152
    602537041800 Tom Jones' 17-CD set for $25
    802644954653 Mansun's 25CD Britpop set for $89
    5013929474383 Anthony Phillips Missing Links 5CD set for $10 (former Genesis guitarist)
    5013929109506 Kingmaker 5CD set for $10 another Britpop band
    5013929110205 Immaculate Fools 7CD set for $14
    5014797903906 Suede - Beautiful Ones 4CD version for $11


    Wow, over in the LP's over 100 titles have gone out of stock since I started a couple hours ago. I have no idea how many I missed....
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  12. Patanoia

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    Grapevine, TX
  13. WarEagleRK

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    Chattanooga, TN
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  14. Comicsanstombstone

    Comicsanstombstone Forum Resident

    Apologies if these are doubling up on any that have already been posted:

    Creation - Painter Men Lp $7.03 (there are another few Creation albums)

    menswear collection CD box $11.84

    couple of Marion albums at $7.15 ea.

    Mansun 24CD box set for $89.54
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  15. JorgeGvb

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    Virginia Beach
  16. Mordax

    Mordax Forum Resident

    Thanks for posting this one. I just sent it to my brother who is a big fan of Bob.
    Really appreciate the heads up posts that you do @DapperGentleman
  17. Comicsanstombstone

    Comicsanstombstone Forum Resident

    the Fall 27 Points 2LP for $10.68

    Golden Earring - Switch LP for $8. There’s also some nederbeat by Ro-D-ys and Cuby and the Blizzards lurking in the drop.

    The Glass House - Thanks I needed that LP for $7.68

    Young Holt Unlimited - Beat Goes On LP for 7.68

    Chosen Few - Everybody Plays the Fool LP for 8.56

    Jackie Wilson - Soul Galore LP - $7.65

    Can - Flow Motion UHQCD for $9.07

    Cristina y Los Stop 2CD $6.84 (bit of Spanish ye-ye: si-si?)

    Delano Stewart 2CD on Doctor Bird for $5.38

    3Cd set of 70sfemale British pop/soul for $6.99 (can recommend this one)

    Bit of female vocal jazz on CD: Lola Albright (Japan imp) $8.02, Ella in Berlin Again UHQCD, June Christy 1977 CD and Helen Merrill - Casa Forte.

    Brian and Roger Eno - Mixing Colours SHMCD for $10.26

    v/a Cellarful of Motown 5 2CD for $5.69
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  18. quindembo

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    Thanks @DapperGentleman for alerting us to the sale... Here's what I just picked up:

    Willie Nelson & Sister Bobbie: December Day: Willie's Stash Vol. 1 [Limited Gatefold, 180-Gram Snow White Colored Vinyl] $12.51
    J Mascis: Fed Up & Feeling Strange: Live & In Person 1993-1998 [Import] 3cd $12.51
    Slowdive: Holding Our Breath 12" $8.00
    John Coltrane: Impressions Graz 1962 $5.79
    Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band: Mirror Man Sessions LP $11.13
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  19. Comicsanstombstone

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    (Can heartily recommend the Distractions LP mentioned upthread - well, I have the Cd version, and it seems to have been done with care. Trying to restrain myself from ordering it, as I have the original album anyway…also resisting the picture disc Steve McQueen. I really don’t need that…do I?)
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  20. Tjazz

    Tjazz Music is my Mistress

    Scorpions : Winds of Change Icon Song (5 versions) box with Berlin rock $25 plus $5 shipping
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  21. Comicsanstombstone

    Comicsanstombstone Forum Resident

    The La’s 1987 CD for $5.74 (been meaning to pick this one up) and Callin’ All LP for $12.67.

    Let’s Do the Boogaloo Latin soul comp CD on BGP/Ace for $3.99

    last, and certainly not least, a Napalm Death jigsaw puzzle for $7.22…..
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  22. wza97

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    Northern Virginia
    As much as I dig the Gene stuff from the last go around (CD set and greatest hits vinyl) I can't justify spending the money on the individual albums. I want them though...
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  23. SJP

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    There are some sick deals listed above, thanks so much for sharing. I was at a league finals track meet for my daughter and was filling my cart while being baked by 90 degree heat. I dropped the urgent order to include the Mansun box and then combed through the bin when I got home. Here's one that jumped out at me...

    Def Leppard 2 CD + blu-ray for $9 & change. The DVD version is also out there for about $8.00.

    Def Leppard Hits Vegas [Import] on DeepDiscount

    And don't forget to add the FLOWERS 15% discount code!
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  24. SJP

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    The Gene albums on vinyl are tremendous. The vinyl box was available at the last drop, highly recommend all of them individually this time around.
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  25. wza97

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    See, this is why I love and hate this place. I wasn't ready for the box last time and I have regrets. Listening to the best of record and it's so good. Just bought the studio albums other than Olympian plus To See The Lights. Olympian seems normal price. Probably should have just bought it.
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