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Deep Purple Made in Japan Super Delux box set, HD/MP3 download

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Mr. Mistreated, Apr 24, 2021.

  1. Mr. Mistreated

    Mr. Mistreated Active Member Thread Starter

    I recently acquired a copy of the Deep Purple Made in Japan CD Box (5 CD + DVD + HD Audio download)
    the download code did not work so I contacted customer service at www.backtoblackvinyl.com
    who gave me a new code.
    That code gave me access to the following 3 folders

    1.Made In Japan - 1972 Mix
    2.Made In Japan - 2013 Mix
    3.Made In Japan - Super Deluxe

    which contained
    Made In Japan -Kevin Shirley HD Mix.zip
    Made In Japan -Martin Pullen HD Mix.zip
    Osaka 15th August 1972 - MP3
    Osaka 16th August 1972 - MP3
    Tokyo 17th August 1972 - MP3
    encores - MP3

    So the two versions of the album was in HD but the complete concerts in MP3 format only(!)
    After reading thru several threads on this forum I got the impression
    that I would get also all the 1972 concerts in HD?
    Did I get this wrong, or have they changed what you get access to?

    Btw. When I was searching for information I came accross this interview with Martin Pullan

    A tip for all the audiophiles harping on about the warmth of vinyl:
    Pullan says the vinyl versions are actually a bit toppier than the CD.
    “I asked them when I heard it back,” said Pullan. “Because I wasn’t sure if it was my replay system or not.
    But they confirmed the mastering engineer at the pressing plant added some top end. I didn’t mind, but it’s funny that the vinyl sounds harsher than the CD.”
  2. Mr. Mistreated

    Mr. Mistreated Active Member Thread Starter

    No answer...so no one has checked out what downloads the code gives you access to?
  3. qrarolu

    qrarolu Forum Resident

    Stockholm, Sweden
    The three separate concerts were possible to download as 2448 when this was released. This was however a mistake and they replaced them with the 2496 download of the remastered and remixed Made in Japan. I didn't know you could download the separate Mp3's

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