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DeepDiscount Blowout Bin

Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by elsanto, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. black sheriff

    black sheriff Magic City

    You know it’s getting serious when you’re stacking cans. Florida man. :laugh::thumbsup:
  2. groovelocked

    groovelocked Forum Resident

    Columbus OH (USA)
    Sooo much is on back-order..
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  3. hutlock

    hutlock Forever Breathing

    Cleveland, OH, USA
  4. DapperGentleman

    DapperGentleman Forum Resident

    Regarding the Queen set: I'm not sure if it's relevant, but the Amazon 5-star reviews are all in Japanese, and the 1-star reviews are all in English.
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  5. psulioninks

    psulioninks Forum Resident

    Midwest USA
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  6. Jesse O Taylor

    Jesse O Taylor Well-Known Member

    I’ve noticed the blowout bin has been shrinking by about 10-15 albums every 24 hours lately. There are exactly 666 items as of right now, down from 750 last week.

    Anyone recall what the stock was like last time they replenished the bin?
  7. leeroy jenkins

    leeroy jenkins Forum Resident

    The United States
    I'm starting to think the glory days of the bin are over. Hope I'm wrong.
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  8. superstar19

    superstar19 NO RAGRETS

    Canton, MI, USA
    Supply of a lot of various goods has fluctuated big time due to COVID so maybe some of those effects are hitting the bin now. Hopefully this is just temporary.
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  9. hutlock

    hutlock Forever Breathing

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    Possibly not relevant but certainly hilarious!

    I’m fairly sure the last big add had it back up over 1,000 for sure. Something around 1,100 and change.
  10. hutlock

    hutlock Forever Breathing

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    Yep. It stands to reason to me that stuff hits the Bin when they are trying to make room for new stock. Well, right now there probably isn’t as much of that because of the backup at pressing and printing so it makes sense to me that they don’t have their typical overstock to shed.

    What STILL does not make sense is the non-bargain pricing of all the good stuff in the bin.
  11. samwisefan

    samwisefan Forum Resident

    Yes, it's driving me crazy and I find myself checking the Bin far less frequently because of it.
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  12. neubian

    neubian Forum Resident

    Apison, TN
    RIP DD BB...:cry:
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  13. R. Totale

    R. Totale The Voice of Reason

    Look over this thread noting dates to see how often there were new "drops" in the last couple of years. It'd be another month before I was thinking they were seriously off track, and who isn't after the last year?
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  14. SJP

    SJP Forum Resident

    Deep Discount and the Blowout Bin go together like butter and toast, chocolate and peanut butter, rum and coke, IPA and great tunes spinning on vinyl. I'm not overly concerned and think speculation of the DDBB's demise is rather premature. In the words of Yoda: Patience, you must have.
  15. neubian

    neubian Forum Resident

    Apison, TN
    My comment was more aimed at seeing the big discounts on new drops may be over. Seeing that they have not "fixed" the 5%-10% off items in the bin for a while now, perhaps they feel that the small discount are good enough to sell vinyl as "BB" item now..
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