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Definitive Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here on vinyl?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by buzzlulu, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. buzzlulu

    buzzlulu Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I have looked at the archives and still remain confused. Which is the definitive pressing of Wish You Were Here on vinyl?

  2. apple-richard

    apple-richard Overnight Sensation

    Pink Floyd or Badfinger?
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  3. buzzlulu

    buzzlulu Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Pink Floyd
  4. Debaser

    Debaser New Member

    Everybody always obsesses over getting an original UK first pressing, but the truth is that even the US versions are not that bad, and will be much cheaper. I've never heard a bad-sounding Pink Floyd LP.
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  5. ellingtonic

    ellingtonic Forum Resident

    I'm partial to the CBS Half Speed
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  6. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    Yeah, just find a good NM (or even VG+) US pressing and you'll be well satisfied. Pink Floyd is one band where I have a hard time getting a hanker to upgrade LP's when the ones that I have are so very satisfactory.
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  7. rockitman

    rockitman Active Member

    That and Japanese first press...can't decide. Going down to hear the Jpn again now....thanks for the reminder. :righton:.
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  8. acdc7369

    acdc7369 Forum Resident

    I like the original first UK pressing....I heard a CBS half speed master once and IIRC it sounded really bad...they really messed up the EQ on that one. Don't hold me to that, as my memory could be failing me.
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  9. Cronverc

    Cronverc Forum Resident

    IMO : German second press 1C 064-96 918
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  10. yamfox

    yamfox Forum Resident

    On the subject of Floyd, I got a copy of DSotM at Half Price Books the other day with this in the deadwax:
    Side 1: SMAS-1-11163 F63 KP
    Side 2: SMAS-2-11163 F-48 WLY
    I know who Wally is, but what pressing is this?
  11. rockitman

    rockitman Active Member

    are U kidding ? CBS sound is grand !
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  12. AaronW

    AaronW Formerly Blackie

    Los Angeles
    Aren't there two distinctly different CBS 1/2 Speed Mastered cuts?
  13. Cassius

    Cassius On The Beach

    Lafayette, Co
    i have posted this before that the US early press has Harry Moss' initials on one side and as such was probably a discreet, shared metal master across the Atlantic. Meaning its the same damn thing. This music is so quiet, that there will be surface noise noticeable even on a mint copy.
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  14. joachim50

    joachim50 Forum Resident

    My faves are:

    a)The Columbia Quadrophonic US Version PCQ 33453 whose sound is crystal clear
    b)The EMI in my "97 Vinyl Collection" (7243 8 59863 1 4) whose sound is very smooth
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  15. buzzlulu

    buzzlulu Forum Resident Thread Starter

    That's what I read in the archives-which one?

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  16. buzzlulu

    buzzlulu Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Read that too

  17. moon unit

    moon unit Forum Resident

    Supposedly the later 43453 sounds good, the 33453 not so much.

    Have not heard either so I cannot verify that.
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  18. MrRom92

    MrRom92 Forum Supermodel

    Long Island, NY
    my UK a-1 b-3 is silent. as in, no surface noise. took me a few attempts to find one as such.

    There are a lot of differences between the UK and US pressings I've heard. I've heard about four. In the US's the sound is often boomy not as well defined. For example the car door sound effects on side 1 sound like synthesized percussive low bass notes almost. No definition to the sound that would indicate that it was a door besides the engine sounds that follow.
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  19. dbz

    dbz Bolinhead.

    Live At Leeds (UK)
    Those should be Manufacturing/factory sounds on Welcome To The Machine, not car doors, your copy must really be wonky:)
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  20. DPSysBerry

    DPSysBerry Forum Resident

    The story not long after release was that the US import pressings were 'better' than the UK ones - that plus you got a different picture of the burning man and the shrink-wrap was dark blue instead of black:) I'm pretty sure the 'better' was more sales pitch from the import dealers rather than any drastic difference in pressing/sound quality - although this wasn't too long after the 'vinyl crisis' and a host of rubbish pressings in the UK.
  21. Blue Collar Man

    Blue Collar Man Active Member

    Paradise Theater
    Me too. I really like the sound of that pressing. :agree:
  22. SCOTT1234

    SCOTT1234 This is the way...

    I think this is about the third thread I can recall that's been dedicated to this question.

    Generally, people rate the first UK press highly (A-1, B-3), but they do tend to suffer from surface noise. Another excellent mastering, and my recommendation, is the German second press 1C 064-96 918 (A-3,B-3).

    I'm not usually bothered by less than quiet surfaces when playing vinyl but those long quietish passages on 'Shine on...' really need to have the background noise is as low as can be.
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  23. Myke

    Myke Listening

    1st US
    1st UK
    1st Russian
    Half Speed
  24. m1k3

    m1k3 New Member

    Russia, Kursk
    How does the original UK compare to Nimbus?
  25. Blu Falcon

    Blu Falcon New Member

    Near Washington DC
    Mine's a Columbia pressing. Not sure what year it was pressed. Deadwax reads AL 33453 . Nothing special I'm sure. Other than some surface noise it sounds great.

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