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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by bever70, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. K Knight

    K Knight Forum Resident

    So I did the update tonight, I managed on the mac but not so on the windows version. It takes a bit of understanding to go through it but it worked. I wish it was easier like with my profoto gear firmware updates tbh.

    Anyway, what a difference it makes. The sound stage is wider for sure and there is way more separation in the notes and instruments. Then there is also more timber too.

    In short do the update.

    At first I didn't really believe it until I went back and played my select songs that I listen to and know well. I also feel like there is more bass in some weird way. But the timber and clarity is freakily much more.

    Is it worth it? Totally , in a way it feels little estranged to me as its the same DAC.

    And its such a nice surprise to know that a piece of equipment you own and love is capable of much more. Some people mention that its nice when a company goes out of the way to deliver more rather than just fix bugs.

    A big thanks to Vinshine.

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  2. basie-fan

    basie-fan Forum Resident

    Sadly I was unable to do the update. Tried on two different MacBook Pros with different OS. In both cases the computers freeze and crash after recognizing the USB dac. Did anyone else experience this?

    I wrote to Vinshine and we’ll see what they say.
  3. basie-fan

    basie-fan Forum Resident

    Ha! Tried a third Mac and it worked! Go figure.
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  4. goldwax

    goldwax Rega | Cambridge | Denafrips | Luxman | Dynaudio

    US of A
    Pontus II user here. Thought i'd mention that i thought i had the dreaded micro-skipping issue on my unit. Tried a couple different brand-new CDs and it kept happening. Tried a couple old faves and it didn't. Thoroughly perplexed.

    Well, out of desperation i put in another brand-new CD and it happened again. Skipping at the end of the disc. I turned it over to see if there was a flaw or anything, but it was clean, just like all the rest. That's when i noticed a little bit of thumbprint on the outer edge. I wiped it off, put it back in, and it played fine.

    Checked some of the other new discs and guess what--that's right, just a bit of thumbprint on the outer edge. Turns out these all came from a couple of classical megasets I got recently. They come in little sleeves, so I'd pinch the edge of the discs to take them out: thumbprints.

    Something to check if you're dealing with micro-shipping. My unit plays perfectly now.
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  5. GungaLagunga

    GungaLagunga c̶r̶u̶n̶c̶h̶ lunch time

    It’s hard to AB firmware in this case, but I know I liked the sound when it fired up. I also added a Holo Red, at the same time, coincidentally.

    The upgrade didn’t stump me much, but I worked in IT for 20 years doing similar stuff. My oldest Mac couldn’t do it because of the shell script…it’s a very old Mac that’s at the highest OS it allows for.
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  6. GungaLagunga

    GungaLagunga c̶r̶u̶n̶c̶h̶ lunch time

    To be clear, a newer Mac took only moments with expected results.
  7. bradbort

    bradbort Forum Resident

    Not for me. I bought direct from Denafrips and there is no substance on the screws
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  8. bradbort

    bradbort Forum Resident

    I wonder if it is specific to the WiiMpro? I’m actually using a sonos port, and not experiencing that issue. Of course, the port does not do hires, just CD quality at best, so it might be related to that.
  9. bradbort

    bradbort Forum Resident

    Did the update yesterday. My system consists of a rogue sphinx v3, PSbt2 speakers, and oppo 205.

    The update seems to have resulted in a wider sound stage and somewhat better dynamics.

    It was enough of an improvement that I took an ipure 2 spdif out to the chain (ifi’s version of a reclocker and galvanic isolator). For now, I no longer feel I have the need for it, but it created significant improvements with the older firmware version. I may stick it back in later to A/B test it, but I’d like to keep the amount of extra “stuff” that requires power plugs out of my system if possible.

    The firmware update was pretty straightforward, except for my tendency to not read carefully early in the morning when i first tried it :). I totally missed that you needed both the driver update and the FUT utility.

    In my mind, totally a worthwhile upgrade.

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  10. basie-fan

    basie-fan Forum Resident

    It’s pretty cool that we can get a firmware upgrade on an audio component that’s in some cases several years old. Now that’s customer service! Kudos to Denafrips and Vinshine… other companies might have just loaded the new firmware into the new models and called it a day.

    I did some listening last night and it sounds fantastic. Obviously there’s no way to do an A:B comparison (unless you have two units) but the smile it put on my face was as least as wide as before the update.
  11. slater529

    slater529 Forum Resident

    Twin Peaks, WA
    It very well could be something specific to the WiiM Pro. I created a post on the WiiM forum looking for others using the WiiM Pro with Ares II, but have not located anyone else so far.

    In the meantime, I went back to the original firmware and all is well.
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  12. bever70

    bever70 Let No-one Live Rent Free in Your Head! Thread Starter

    I thought you meant to say: 'a smile as wide as ....the soundstage' :winkgrin:
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  13. Greg Carrier

    Greg Carrier Senior Member

    Iowa City
    Question -- does this firmware update make a difference no matter what input you use, or does it just improve things with the USB input? I'm using a coaxial input -- will I hear an improvement?
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  14. kiddo4

    kiddo4 Forum Resident

    It was stated many times. It applies to all inputs.
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  15. MarkD51

    MarkD51 Audio Maniac

    Chicago Illinois
    For you folks experiencing difficulty removing screws because of possible threadlocker used, simply take a Soldering Iron Tip and hold it to the screw head for a few seconds.
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  16. Jcraigh

    Jcraigh Well-Known Member

    I have the Enyo and did the firmware update and WOW what a difference for the better!
    After the update was done I played some music and was extremely disappointed. The next morning I woke up and turned on the amp and music started playing right away. I had forgotten to turn off the streamer the night before,
    and the Enyo I usually just leave it on.
    Anyways, I turned up the volume and was flabbergasted. I listened for a short time and all I could think of was wow things were sounding extremely good. I guess there is a short burn in period.
    Well, its been a few days now and I am pleased. Prior to the update I preferred listening with the OS mode engaged and with fast roll off. Today however I like the DAC in NOS mode. The soundstage is immersive, robust, spacious and has depth. Imaging is clean, defined and has clarity. Still retaing its warm sound that I like about this DAC.
    I still like OS mode with fast roll off and look forward to trying it with slow roll off.
    This update is fantastic. I find my head bopping to the music constantly now. I don’t know how they did this but kudos to all those involved in this project.
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  17. adamos

    adamos Forum Resident

    Southeastern PA
    I got the email today that the firmware update is now available for the Pontus II so I opened mine up to take the photo of the chip. There’s only two screws to remove so taking the cover off was pretty simple although mine took more force than I’d seen in their video.

    I also had some difficulty getting it back on; the metal bracket on the bottom of the cover wasn’t able to clear the back edge of the chassis. After multiple failed attempts I loosened the screws on the bracket and was able to slide it back just enough to allow it to clear the back edge of the chassis.

  18. fish

    fish Senior Member

    NYS, USA
    Im Waiting for mine impatiently. :waiting:

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  19. Dafox

    Dafox Forum Resident

    Northern Colorado
    Please let us know what differences you hear after the fpga change.
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  20. Dafox

    Dafox Forum Resident

    Northern Colorado
    Please let us know what differences you hear after the fpga change.
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  21. fish

    fish Senior Member

    NYS, USA
    I expect we're Last on the list. Im curious too. Soulful DAC. I hope it doesn't hurt any.
  22. nymarty

    nymarty Forum Resident

    Ridgewood, NJ
    How do you like the Holo Audio Red? I ordered one about a month ago and just waiting. What were you using before that?

    I just requested the firmware updates for my Ares 2 and Pontus 2. I think I’m going to do the Ares first and compare it to the pre-firmware Pontus 2. I thought the Ares to Pontus upgrade was a big improvement and wondering how much the firmware change closes that distance.
  23. realgone

    realgone Forum Resident

    My cover was also a tight fit. Had to push down quite hard to close. I suppose the good thing about this is it might prevent vibrations across the chassis.
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  24. Dafox

    Dafox Forum Resident

    Northern Colorado
    Me too, I wouldn't want to give up any smoothness, fullness, warmth, for detail retrieval, resolution.
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  25. adamos

    adamos Forum Resident

    Southeastern PA
    The link to the firmware update tool (FUT) was in my inbox this morning so I did the update. I don’t normally have my Pontus II connected to a computer and my main computer is a desktop PC in another room so I used an old MacBook. The Mac instructions were pretty straightforward and everything appeared to go as expected.

    I won’t comment on sound quality yet because it’s only been 10 minutes. But the DAC still works so that seems encouraging. :)
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