Denis Leary-What's your opinion on his acting in films?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Twelvepitch, Aug 10, 2019.

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    I do a good bit! Thanks for your compliment!
  2. keefer1970

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    His "No Cure For Cancer" stand up album is a long time fave but I can take him or leave him as an "actor."
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  4. alexpop

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    Why did I think you were going to say that.
  5. TheSeldomSeenKid

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    I was going to quote him again(adding a Britney Spears Photo-"Oops I Did It Again"), and also just link Leary's Song 'I'm an A-hole', since he thinks I am one, then I might as well play the part of his least Favorite Actor.

    Anyways, was not worth my time, as obviously he never watched 'Rescue Me'(or more than a few episodes) based on his comment about Leary.

    I can understand if Leary's Comedy is not for everyone, and judging Acting is Subjective(which is why I place no value in who Wins Awards in TV, Movies & Music as sometimes the better choices are not even nominated), but I would be willing to be that most People who watched at least the first 3-4 Seasons of 'Rescue Me' would think that Leary showed some Good Acting Chops(along with other Actors on the Show). 'The Shield' and 'Rescue Me' really got FX up and running for TV Dramas to equal what HBO was developing with 'Oz', 'The Sopranos' & 'The Wire'.
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  6. greenscreened

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    I can't honestly make a comment on his acting chops as I've only seen his stand-up most, of which I like.
    I have other bits of his which I saw before Rescue Me, but these are the two that are available on YouTube.
    I don't know if this was the routine wherein he stole from Bill Hicks or not.

    Smoking A&E's Evening At The Improv

    (Just noticed link not available)

    I think I saw this one after Rescue Me (WARNING: heavy use of the F-Bomb, feel free to delete from thread).
    Lock 'n' Load - 'Coffee'
    Denis Leary on Coffee [Lock N Load]

    Because of the stand-up, I watched the first episode (or two) of Rescue Me.
    Maybe I was expecting more (of what I don't know, maybe it was subtle humor of some sort which could of been there had I stuck with it) but those were the only episode(s) I watched, but it was not due to him or his acting.

    Interesting that he was one of several that was considered for the role of Gregory House (House M.D.), though I can't honestly say if his portrayal of the dramatic angry parts that Laurie pulled off so subtlety would have been slightly over the top or not, as in the links above, judging from his stand-up alone.
  7. Yankeefan01

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    Loved him in Rescue Me. Great, great series with awesome writing and acting. Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll was embarrassing, cringe worthy. Stand up, does he even do it anymore, is ok.

    It's great the work he does for firefighters.
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  8. Ned Bode

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    He was pretty good as Billy Crudup's junkie friend in Jesus' Son. A small part of the film, but it stuck with me.
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  9. Holy Diver

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    He's okay. I liked him in Judgment Night.
  10. Larry Mc

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    He's okay.
  11. greenscreened

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    Just picked up season one of Rescue Me at the liberrryiey and watched the first episode with a different set of eyes, and he was pretty good, acting wise, especially as far as being another standup comedian turning actor goes.
    The series looked interesting too, with enough supporting characters to maybe keep it interesting.
    I liked it enough to watch a few more episodes.
  12. Chazro

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    1st 2-3 seasons of Rescue Me are primo!
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  13. Holerbot6000

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    I haven't seen any of his TV work but his movie performances always seem like extensions of his stand-up. He stops Demolition Man cold to basically do a quick stand-up routine. It's funny (especially the Oscar Meyer Wiener line) but it's an awkward fit.
  14. rjp

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    loved him in 'the thomas crown affair' he was spot on.
  15. Chris DeVoe

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    Just had to answer that ridiculous idea that voice acting is somehow less then film, TV or stage acting. Tom Hanks and Joan Cusack in this clip from Toy Story 2 is an amazing example of the power of voice acting:

  16. Sneaky Pete

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    He’s OK. He’s often been typecast but his acting has gotten better with time.
    I thought his stand up was only OK too. Just as many misses as hits.
  17. ajax25

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    I liked him in Final (2001) with Hope Davis.
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  18. Peace N. Love

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    If you don't tell, we will all just assume you are Kevin Spacey. :)

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