Did a child from the late 1890s reincarnate into Bob Dylan?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Baq, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Baq

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    Hey everybody,

    I recently saw some of those old vintage photographs where people see today's celebrities (musicians, actors etc.) in them as if they would have lived like 100 or more years ago.
    There are some examples that really fit together so I thought I just browse through the internet and look for one that hasn't been compared yet.

    I found a picture of a school class and started looking at it. Of course it's all interpretation but one chap looked familiar to me. Bob Dylan!

    Here is an comparison:

    The original picture:


    What do you think? Can you spot a certain resemblance too?
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  2. hominy

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    The Land of Kirk
    No, not really. Not as much as 1860s Nic Cage.
  3. ibanez_ax

    ibanez_ax Forum Resident

    I don't know, but did Antonio Salieri reincarnate into Kirk Douglas?

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  4. bliss44

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    Ani DiFranco was born 3 days after Jimi Hendrix died.
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  5. Dark Horse 77

    Dark Horse 77 A Parliafunkadelicment Thang

    I was born 13 days after Elvis Presley died...
  6. Elliottmarx

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    Los Angeles
    If one needed a pure example of what click bait is, then this thread will do.
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  7. lrpm

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    Barcelona, Spain
    I was born 20 days after JFK was shot... or this only works with musicians?
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  8. Haristar

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    West Sussex, UK
    Hmm. Maybe stay away from grassy knolls.
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  9. MikeP5877

    MikeP5877 Uh Huh

    Wait a minute....I thought Dylan told Rolling Stone that he was reincarnated from a Hells Angel named Zimmerman. :confused:
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  10. WLL

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    ...I have thought about my birth date versus the ending of the child by Buddy that the pregnant Maria Elana Holly lost after Buddy's death.

    m, post: 18085017, member: 20323"]I was born 20 days after JFK was shot... or this only works with musicians?[/QUOTE]
  11. lrpm

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    Barcelona, Spain
    Should I stop using windows XP?
  12. vamborules

    vamborules Forum Resident

    Dylan was born in 1941. If that is the late 1890s that kid could well have still been alive.

    Also, there's no such thing.
  13. Benno123

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    You mean we have finally ran out of Beatles topics so now we’re onto this with Dylan?
  14. lightbulb

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    Smogville CA USA

    {...where DID that Toilet Paper thread go...}
  15. cublowell

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    Pittsburgh, PA
    Looks about as much like Dylan as the cover of Self Portrait, I guess.
  16. 9la

    9la Universal Mind Deranger

    Named Bobby Zimmerman! What was up with that?

    No wonder he gets a movie like "I'm Not There".
  17. Chemguy

    Chemguy Forum Resident

    Between that one and Renaldo and Clara, I’ll never get those six hours back...:(
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  18. M2225

    M2225 Zhar the Mad

    Helsinki, Finland
  19. BSC

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    Glasgow, Scotland
  20. jamesmaya

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    Mudwest, CA
    ...or Roger Daltry
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  21. stereoguy

    stereoguy Its Gotta Be True Stereo!

    That Nicholas Cage picture is incredible...the guy from the 1880s looks EXACTLY like him.
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  22. Brian Doherty

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    Los Angeles CA
    It's funny to me how (as near as I've seen) we are all just letting that one lie there. Has anyone asked Bob to elaborate on it since, or written wide-ranging speculations about what his saying that says about his art or his sanity?
  23. ccbarr

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    Iowa, USA
    Does he float?
  24. zphage

    zphage inappropriately touching the out of touch

    I thought the Beatles were the first to reincarnate? 1732 Richard Starkey, 1781 Paul McCartney, 1832 George Harrison, 1873 John Lennon, 1891 George Martin
  25. YpsiGypsy

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    Michigan, USA
    I came across the same website, here is Jimmy Fallon and Turkish Revolutionist Mahir Cayan 1946-1972
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