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Did anyone go to a Queen concert (1970-1986)?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by dreamersball, Feb 21, 2021.

  1. dreamersball

    dreamersball Active Member Thread Starter

    United Kingdom
    Queen performed many times from 1970-1986. Did anyone take in a tape recorder, photo/film camera? Would love to hear from anyone with a story or memorabilia!
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  2. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley 5.1 should be mandatory for my favourite albums

  3. Bulsara

    Bulsara His Majesty

    Saw them at Slane Castle Dublin in July 1986 on The Magic tour. I was 12 and it was my first concert. Not a bad start to my concert-going experiences. While my memories of it are pretty sketchy now, I remember them starting with One Vision and I remember being overwhelmed by the huge number of people there. Apparently, this specific concert has gone down in Queen's history as being particularly drunken and raucous - hardly surprising when you have 80,000 Irish men and women drinking all day in the summer (EDIT - oh yeah, it did rain quite a lot that day). Here's what Roger Taylor had to say:

    "That one was pretty hairy, from what I remember," he told the Irish Independent in 2013. "I mean really hairy. The size of the crowd was incredible. There was so much mud and drunkenness. Freddie stopped the show at one point. People had been there for hours and dehydrated from drinking. Well, it's rock 'n' roll, isn't it?"

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  4. Sear

    Sear Forum Resident

    Tarragona (Spain)
    I wish I went!
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  5. 7solqs4iago

    7solqs4iago Forum Resident

    1982 Maple Leaf Gardens, no stuff to share
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  6. Derek Slazenger

    Derek Slazenger Specs, rugs & rock n roll

    Unofficial T-Shirt from Knebworth '86. I'd seen them the previous Summer too at Live Aid :)
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  7. Daryl M

    Daryl M Forum Resident

    London, Ontario
    We had tickets to see Queen open for Mott The Hoople on May 28/74 here in town. Of course,
    Brian May got sick several days earlier and the band was dropped from the tour. We got Frampton's
    Camel as a replacement. I never did see Queen in concert.
  8. georgwithoutane

    georgwithoutane Forum Resident

    Check out queenlive.ca, it's a fascinating dive into their live history, with set lists, bootleg info, pics, memorabilia, fan stories... highly recommended for the Queen anorak.
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  9. Miles1968

    Miles1968 Forum Resident

    I had a ticket to see Queen at Knebworth in 1986, but couldn't go and as a result never got to see them live :(
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  10. georgwithoutane

    georgwithoutane Forum Resident

    Oof, that's gotta hurt still :(
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  11. Orthogonian Blues

    Orthogonian Blues Forum Resident

    London, UK
    Is this the concert where their usual 'God Save The Queen' finale was replaced with a recording of 'Danny Boy'?
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  12. Terrapin Station

    Terrapin Station Forum Resident

    NYC Man
    First saw them in early 1977, then I saw them on each US tour through 1986. Also got to see them once with Paul Rodgers and a couple times with Adam Lambert.
  13. mikestar

    mikestar Friendly Optimist

    South Central MA
    Yes February 10,1977 with Thin Lizzy opening at the Providence Civic Center. General admission, on the floor. Amazing.
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  14. Veovis

    Veovis Forum Resident

    Saw them in '86 I think (on the Magic tour). Remember there were massive protests outside the arena because Queen had played in Sun City a year or two before. The concert itself was ok but I wish I'd seen them live during their prime (imo between '74 and 78). But better than not having seen them at all I guess.

    Sorry, no pictures or recordings.
  15. Vic_1957

    Vic_1957 Forum Resident

    NJ, USA
    We saw them on their "A Night at the Opera" tour at the Beacon Theater but no recordings or photos... just a ticket stub which I still have in a small box somewhere.
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  16. Miles1968

    Miles1968 Forum Resident

    It certainly does. Since then I go to every gig by bands I like that I can.
  17. oxegen

    oxegen Forum Resident

    Dublin, Ireland
    I was there too. Stone cold sober
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  18. Jeff W. Richman

    Jeff W. Richman The Richman Curse www.soundclick.com/qoquaq

    March 1975, Miami Marine Stadium
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  19. walrus

    walrus Forum Resident

    Minneapolis, MN
    Anyone who says yes, I am infinitely jealous.

    People love to be like "what's the first thing you'd do if you had a time machine? I mean, after killing baby Hitler?" and my answer is always "go see Queen in 1986."
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  20. daveidmarx

    daveidmarx Forem Residunt

    Astoria, NY USA
    yes, people went to Queen concerts in that timeframe
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  21. ralphb

    ralphb "First they came for..."

    Brooklyn, New York
    Uris Theater 1974 opening for Mott The Hoople. I was(still am) a huge Mott fan, but Queen blew them away that night.
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  22. davies54

    davies54 Forum Resident

    Went to see them in Cardiff Castle in 1976, walked out before they came on, in absolutely hammered down with rain, literally soaked through to my skin. Said to my brother we'll see them again. I did, saw them at Live Aid '85 then, the next year at Wembley, then the following weekend in Cologne. My brother saw them at Knebworth the same year.
  23. BSC

    BSC Forum Resident

    Glasgow, Scotland
    I saw them in '79 on the Crazy Tour at the Glasgow Apollo still probably the best live gig I've ever seen.
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  24. bostonscoots

    bostonscoots Forum Resident

    Boston, MA
    Saw Queen at the Boston Garden back in July 1982. Boston's Mayor declared it "Queen Day" in the city (a DJ from WBCN read the official proclamation before the show) and after a solid opening set by local hero Billy Squier, the band were pretty damned great. The setlist was heavy on the Hot Space album, but still packed with standards like "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" "Get Down, Make Love" and of course, "Bohemian Rhapsody" (among others). The ancient Boston Garden lacked air conditioning and while stifling, the sweat and smoke made the arena feel like the world's largest dive bar.

    What really stood out was getting a chance to see the roadies put together the lights and sound that afternoon before the show started. My uncle was a roadie and had some friends working the show. For the price of a pizza, he offered to take my buddies and I in to see the stage setup. Sadly, no Queen members were around, but it was still exciting to see the crew assemble, then hang the massive lighting rig and sound system.

    It's a damn shame Queen wouldn't tour America again.
  25. cs2003

    cs2003 Forum Resident

    Slane Castle looks like a monstrous concert from that news report, wish I'd gone, not a hi-vis in sight, not much health and safety, the good old days of concerts.
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