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Did John Lennon love the soundtrack to Xanadu ?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by helter, Sep 1, 2013.

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  1. helter

    helter Forum Resident Thread Starter

    So I've been reading this long thread on Hoffman about the soundtrack to Xanadu.
    I didn't realize that ELO's All over the world and Olivia Newton John's Magic were on that album together.
    But I seem to remember John Lennon commenting about those songs shortly before his death.
    Scan through the Playboy interview........nothing.

    Went to my now very rare copy of Bantam books by Vic Garbarini and Barbara Graustark "John Lennon Remembered " which contains the "complete Newsweek interview from September 1980" unlike the very brief one published in the magazine .

    The only 2 songs he specifically mentions as liking a lot are
    Magic and All Over the World both on Xanadu
    See my scan below image.jpg
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  2. theMess

    theMess Forum Resident

    Kent, UK
    Well, it would make sense, because he did seem to be an ELO fan, calling them 'Sons of Beatles'.
  3. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    I seem to recall him mentioning in an interview with Andy Peebles that he'd recently bought 2 singles. One of which was Olivia's Magic. Can't remember what the other one was, though...
  4. MikeP5877

    MikeP5877 Non-essential

    Both of those songs were big hit singles that year. That doesn't mean he liked (or even heard) the whole soundtrack.

    Personally, I love those songs too but can't stand the rest of the album.
  5. Paul Saldana

    Paul Saldana jazz vinyl addict

    SE USA
    He also liked the B52s and most reggae
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  6. helter

    helter Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Yes, but the fact that he only mentions 2 songs and their both on the same album together would lead me to believe he owned the soundtrack.
    Too much of a coincidence IMO
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  8. floweringtoilet

    floweringtoilet Forum Resident

    Who doesn't?
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  9. helter

    helter Forum Resident Thread Starter

    According to Wiki the soundtrack to Xanadu was released in August of 1980 about 1 month before the interview with Lennon by Newsweek magazine
  10. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    Maybe someone will find a note that he left for Fred Seaman, asking Fred to pick up the Xanadu soundtrack along with his favorite yogurt and cat food. There was a previous note found to Fred that asked Fred to pick up Paul's Back To The Egg, so who knows what other notes are out there? ;) Arnie
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