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  1. Was the DVD-A side of the dual disc ever released as a stand alone DVD-A? For some reason I’m thinking it was exclusively dual-disc. How does the stereo mix on dual disc compare to the 20th SACD and SHM-SACD?
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    QUOTE="brimuchmuze, post: 18509069, member: 21188"]I am not sure the HOF is really to blame here.[/QUOTE]
    I am not sure how the people who induct the new members get picked but I do know Jon Bon Jovi picked Howard Stern to do them.
    The Rock Hall did show a video tribute on the big screen for the group before the members came out but no live music after.
  3. From what @JannL and @OptimisticGoat (Tom Brady!?) stated, it’s worse. At least the Davies’ collaborated for 25 plus years before that blew up for good.

    Edit: I was referencing the Knopfler brothers, not the band as a whole.
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    Y'know, I think back to the 1990s when bands like the Rascals at least buried all the crap for one night.....I am stunned by Dire Straits
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    No DVD-A just the DualDisc. Its been years since I listened to the CD layer of the DualDisc as it's always the 5.1 mix. Of all the stereo versions the MOFI SACD and the SHM-SACD are my favorites. A very slight nod to the MOFI but it's close IMO.
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  6. So the DVD-A layer of the dual disc has no stereo mix? Strictly 5.1?
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    well do you think he has done this to squash any reunion talk then because he does not want to go backwards?
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    Honestly, I can't figure it out, because it means something to his ex-bandmates and the fans. Maybe he was afraid his brother would show up and didn't want to deal with that. He isn't the type to look back, though. And he is a genius musically but a very mercurial man I think. But without him there, it feels meaningless. He was Dire Straits: the voice, the songwriter, lead guitarist with a band that was known for his stunning guitar solos. He is the brilliance that is Dire Straits.
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    There's a stereo layer it's just that I never listen to it. When the DualDisc goes in the Oppo it will only go in with the DVD-A side up. I tried flipping to the stereo layer but before I could close the tray the disc flipped back on it's own :D.

    Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms
    The talk of a Dire Straits reunion was squashed years ago. Never going to happen!
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    There's the 2005 SACD, feat. Chuck's 5.1 mix : Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms
  11. I call that version the 20th anniversary edition, not sure if it was officially marketed as such. I need to give it another listen. IIRC the 5.1 was well received here but the stereo remaster wasn’t. Interesting that it’s both HDCD encoded and SACD.
  12. At their peak with both Mark and David. What a tight, sold machine these guys were in ‘79.

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    Well, as you can see in my link, it was marketed as such.
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  14. You’re right. I didn’t notice, but I see it now. I never played the redbook layer but will have to give it a spin. Had no idea it was HDCD encoded. That’s what I honed in on when I first clicked the link.
  15. Nope. After David and Mark had their falling out in Dire Straits, a couple of years later, Mark did appear on David's album playing guitar and I suppose their relationship thawed a bit....but it has never been like it was before Dire Straits.
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  16. I think the fact that they treated them differently without 1) having someone induct them 2) not playing any of their material and the strange way they inducted themselves speaks volumes.
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    Did Mark block any DS related copyrights being used?

    It's one thing to be somewhere else that night, but blocking the fun of other members and fans is another can of worms.
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    He’d be an accountant who plays in his office’s covers band if it weren’t for his bandmates, so he owes them some courtesy. They were the exciting ones.
  19. While I agree that Mark and David don’t owe anyone st this point, they do, as a courtesy to their band mates, owe them the chance to receive the recognition they got. Luckily, neither one of them tried to persuade or prevent them from attending or playing music (if they wanted to or the Hall would have let them).
    I doubt that Mark would do this as it would be petty. He might have seen this as something that could have refueled rumors of the band reforming something he doesn’t want to do at this stage in his career.
    Indeed. While I always enjoyed the music that any one up of the band made, I think that the original four piece was a tight, powerful band. The main reasons that David wanted to leave (and it seems the band could have accommodated him) was the chance to record and perform some of his originals, sing them. It’s a pity they couldn’t have worked it out because David is also an excellent songwriter. If David had attended he could have sung “Sultans”as his voice is similar to (with slightly better range and control)to Mark’s.
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    I have heard (and own) a number of David’s solo albums. There is no doubt Making Movies (which is when he left) would have been a weaker album if David had his way. (I suppose he could have offered a replacement for Les Boys but it would not have ended there).
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    The RRHOF is probably bitter at the way Knopfler handled the induction with no official response or acknowledgement, then didn't bother to show. I'm sure the RRHOF would have not voted them in had they known it would have gone down this way.
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    It might just be that MK is a typical Brit who thinks the whole RRHoF idea is a load of horsesh!t
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    That version of “Brothers In Arms” was released in the middle of the format war between DVD-A and SACD. In the US, DS was signed to Warner Bros. And they were an proponent of DVD-A, while fir the rest of the world, DS was signed to Universal Music....and hence the SACD.

    The 5.1 multi-channel remix of the album won the Grammy that year for best surround sound album.
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    Funny thing about that is all of his musical peers from Britain have participated in RRHoF events and ceremonies.

    The question remains, if he were to get voted in as a solo artist (less likely now that he snubbed RRHOF), would he attend?

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