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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by John Buchanan, Jan 11, 2002.

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  1. John Buchanan

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    Does anyone here know if Dire Straits Brothers in Arms was recorded on a 3M digital recorder @ 50kHz sampling as per Ry Cooder's Bop 'Til You Drop and Borderline? There were no sample rate converters when these CDs were first released and rumour went that "conversion" meant run the analog outputs of the 3M machine into the inputs of the Sony 44.1 kHz machine. Not great for sound.
    Were the new remasters of BIA done with a sample rate converter so we have a DDD recording as advertised, rather than a DAADD. I can't help noticing than these 3 albums are incredibly bright and the midrange sounds sort of wimpy - is this improved in the new versions. :confused:
  2. Pinknik

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    I've never heard either way on Brothers In Arms, but SRV's IN STEP which stated it was a digital recording was actually mixed to 1/4 inch analog. Even if BIA was mixed to digital, it was mixed through an analog board. I read an article on Money for Nothing in a MIX magazine, and while they went on a little bit about the new 24 track digital machines SONY had just put out, they never mentioned what they mixed to.
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