Discogs asking for social security number

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Bill Mac, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Bill Mac

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    I've never sold items on Discogs and decided to setup an account. In the process they ask for a social security number and birth date. There's no way I'm giving them my social security number :rolleyes:! Is there a way around not listing the social security number?
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  2. MYKE

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    No such request was made of me, before putting my collection in their database.

    EDIT : "Requirements vary based on whether or not the Seller is an individual or company. All Sellers are required to upload a social security number as part of the signup process."

    Discogs Payments Policy

    Things change.

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  3. eelkiller

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    Just enter a random number. :angel:
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  4. eddiel

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    Would that work though? Isn't there an algorithm of some sort that can check if the numbers are valid?

    I think Discogs has to collect that information as part of their legal requirements (Discogs Forum - Discogs payments see Staff post near the bottom)

    I also think this relates to their Discogs payment program specifically which they are running for US sellers domestic transations. This program removes Paypal out of the loop. I think you can opt out of that program but I don't know for sure.
  5. cdash99

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    Sounds like it's for tax reporting purposes, similar to Paypal's issuing a 1099 to high volume sellers.
  6. Archguy

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    I never gave PayPal my SSN and I've been with them for many years as seller and buyer.

    The fewer times you give out your SSN, the better. It cannot be changed.

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