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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by ROFLnaked, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Vinyl Addict

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    That doesn't sound any easier to me.
    I'm going to stick with the site. I use the desktop version from my Android.
  2. Graham

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    London, UK
    It's much quicker.
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  3. melstapler

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    If a price on Discogs seems too good to be true, then there probably is a catch. I've purchased several items on there for very low prices, only to discover they were in poor condition. Some of these sellers assume that if they price items low enough and list them as Very Good or Near Mint, a buyer won't complain. In each of these cases, I didn't complain and decided it was better to simply take a loss.

    Either some of these sellers are shipping in such large volumes where they can't monitor quality, or they're knowingly using dishonest practices. It's not worth your time or energy to repackage and ship something back to the seller who intentionally made a "mistake" in the first place.
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  4. Vinyl Addict

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    It's sooooo worth my time. :winkgrin:
    Even if for no reason other than spite. That's BS when sellers try to pull that ****. I most certainly send it back when something like this occurs.
  5. Dave

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    Greater Vancouver
    That's a pretty broad paint brush you're using. The third option is that they are new to the trade.
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  6. Deaf_in_ LA_1974

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    I have good luck on there, bought hundreds of things, nothing over 15 dollars.

    if you got the wrong record, file a paypal claim, you get the same protection as an ebay purchase.

    Also many ebay sellers are also discogs sellers, so if there is a major difference in your experience, id say something smells funny
  7. ukozcd

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    Discogs is fine - IMHO you feel like you are getting less ripped off in seller fees than ebay.

    Discogs has less exposure but questions prior to sale to confirm usually help making a decision as to whether the seller has listed it correctly.
  8. bags

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    Near Boston
    I'm a sometimes poster here who joined discogs as a seller in March '17, and have sold about 450 LP's in about 170 transactions, and I've got 124 all positive feedbacks. Discogs is a lot cheaper than ebay. Sellers like me are massively interested in keeping our feedback high. Any questions, I take the return or if cheap enough just let them keep it and refund 100%. The folks that run this discogs are very careful and strict. They've been hunting down bootlegs recently and 3 of my items can't be listed anymore. It is THE site on the web for release details of almost every piece of vinyl.

    My only issue that there is not much interest in classical or jazz. A rock/pop, rock/alt heavy site. I'm migrating over to ebay to finish off my collection in '18.

    I find about 1 in 15 buyers is a tool. Ridiculous expectations or nervous nellies that chafe and worry about every step in the process.
  9. Yamahaha

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    Alberta, Canada
    Like everything else, they are after commissions and when people over grade items, they are more likely to sell and Discogs gets a commissions. Not going to get any better unless people refuse the abuse.

    Last time I bought a guy said he said a nice copy of Moving Pictures, orig CAD press NM. I paid up (NM MP is hard to find) and when I opened the box .... totally tattered cover with stains. No corners left is was rounded away on all 4, seam splits and the LP itself was a mess. I wouldnt have bought it for any price had I seen it in a store. It was done, consumed, trash. Does discogs care? I sent pictures to them as it was that bad you could see it pictures. Discogs says "we dont get involved with grading issues, contact paypal"

    At that point I decided I dont get involved with discogs. Voted with my feet (and paypal dispute, left negative too)

    The scam is simple. Everyone overgrades. This leaves the honest sellers a needle in the haystack. Customer gets over graded trash, if they complain seller offers a little discount. Buyer keeps trash and leaves positive. Why? I dont know but people are funny like that. Don't keep someone elses trash and pay for the privilege and please, don't leave positives so they can do it all over again. I remember the same things when walmart took over. Everyone complained about Walmarts coming into their town and threatening local businesses. Then everyone shopped at Walmart and watched those local businesses close. At any time people could have stopped the insanity.
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  10. Raynie

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    Portland, OR
    discogs removes most negative feedback from what I have seen and heard. Anything to keep the money coming in by providing people an appearance of better performance. They also ban people from making edits who habitually correct listings ending up with lowering of value. If you look at Bob Dylan stereo s/t for example, there are 5 listings for 1965, all which are actually later, a 1963 listing that is from late 60s, people pay big money for them. This is just an example of a large trend of rigging the database to defraud people.

    The problems go both ways also. I had a buyer contact me for price reduction on a 3-month old used record that was just released. He left neg, claimed defects and then contacted me for price drop insinuating he'd remove feedback. I contacted them to refute and showed WITH PICTURES that the person was flat out lying without any question. I left neg on his profile and made sure it was stated within rules, and sure enough they took it down after a week of so. So off he goes doing it to the next seller.

    I stopped listing there about 6 months ago even with never having had a valid complaint. Pretty hard to compete with liars. Right after Thanksgiving I moved my highest priced 240 items to eBay, most had been sitting over a year, some 2-3 years. At this point over 170 of them have sold. Would you buy a used car sight unseen from an anonymous cretin protected by a website? The premise is ridiculous.
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  11. cwitt1980

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    Carbondale, IL USA
    I get one of those out of every fifteen as well. The ones who get upset because you haven't responded to them paying yet within a few hours. As if this is my only means of making a living. I have a regular job and I don't stare at my phone all day. I generally get things out the next business day. I think some people expect it to be like Amazon. They don't realize there are real people with other real lives behind the item being sold.
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  12. 12" 45rpm

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    Is there a way on discogs to increase how long it takes you to ship something? I think default is 3 biz days. 5 would be more reasonable for folks like us who have a regular job and don't stare at our phone all day!
  13. no.nine

    no.nine (not his real name)

    Yes, you can do this on the "Shipping Policies" page:
    Discogs Login

    From "Shipping Policies", click on "Add a shipping policy", and choose the territory. You'll see an option: "Takes (X) business days to ship". And naturally, it's also a good idea to mention your shipping time in your terms.

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  14. joachim.ritter

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    A lot of Forum members would regard 3 business days very long and expect answers to messages within less than 24 hours.
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  15. Being a buyer on Discogs has been great for me in the past, but high shipping costs are becoming a deterrent. I find the odd deal, but mostly I just use it now to catalog my LPs.
  16. ggergm

    ggergm you can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd

    Boy, I just had a beaut.

    I ordered a LP repress of Jethro Tull's Benefit album from a UK seller. It was a pink rim Island release from around '73-'74 and somewhat rare.

    Instead, the seller sent me a 1972 UK Chrysalis reissue. When I complained, the seller told me they were close and he was confused.

    Well, maybe, if you ignore that the one I ordered was on Island and the one he sent was on Chrysalis. The two records have completely different catalog numbers. I was looking for a pink rim label Island label and his had the standard green Chrysalis one. Yeah, they were somewhat close except for they were TWO DIFFERENT RECORDS!

    What the seller did was link to the wrong Discogs page. That part was close. They are both on the Internet. Now, that's close. :rolleyes:

    He's taking it back and will refund my initial shipping, too. If there was any justice, he'd pick up my shipping the record back to the UK but almost certainly won't.

    What a maroon.
  17. Bobsblkwax

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    Have you heard it? It may be just as good.
  18. Giorgio

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    Varese Italy
    Dear Bro, the seller was totally wrong, no excuse for him ... but with you, for your passion and love towards this title, he also found the wrong buyer ... the TOP of bad luck for both! :doh: :laugh:
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  19. ggergm

    ggergm you can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd

    I already own two copies of the pressing he sent me. It is quite good. It just wasn't what I was looking for.
  20. ggergm

    ggergm you can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd

    As Giorgio knows, the '72/'73 remasters of Benefit are a fascination for me. The last few months I've been focusing on acquiring this Island pink rim pressing and so far I've failed twice. Oh, well, in the record collecting game, the hunt is often more enjoyable than the acquisition. It certainly is here.

    I shouldn't be too hard on this seller. He simply linked to the wrong pressing on Discogs and never caught his mistake. Make this a lesson for us all: double check you are sending the buyer what they think they are getting before you ship it out.

    On the other hand, the return address is a record shop in England. Knowing which pressing is which is his business. This was a rookie mistake. He's no rookie and doesn't deserve a break. What a ignoranimus.
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  21. R. Totale

    R. Totale The Voice of Reason

    Did you pay with Paypal? Under Item Significantly Not as Described he should have to pay for return shipping if he wants it back.
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  22. ggergm

    ggergm you can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd

  23. ellingtonic

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    I recently had a good experience when I received the incorrect pressing. The seller, a record store, had listed a record as the Monarch pressing but it turned out to be from another pressing plant. I should have asked them to double check before buying it, however it was under $15 so I didn't bother. When I contacted the seller and explained I was looking for a specific pressing they apologized and said they should have double checked before sending it out. While they did not tell me to keep the record and refund my money, they did provide a pre-paid mailer to return the LP and refunded the purchase and shipping. They also offered me a discount on a future order.
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  24. Dave

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    Greater Vancouver
    :agree: The way any quality seller would and should operate.
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  25. Brian Hoffman

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    I've had good and bad experiences, but for the most part it's been a fantastic way to acquire hard to find stuff and thin the herd. I've found it's good to just temper your expectations and accept that it is a bit of a gamble. I hadn't heard or seen the negative feedback removal, that's kind of shocking and shady.

    I bought an original Maiden "Number of the Beast" from someone in the UK that was listed as VG+, I think. When I got it, it was super noisy and even skipped on the ominous spoken-word intro to the titular song. When I asked the guy about it he said it must've happened during shipping. I should have pursued it but gave him the benefit of the doubt. He did offer me a discount on future orders (more mis-graded records? sure!).

    In another case, I bought a Fall record and it was a lot noisier than the description led me to believe. I wrote him just to let him know I wasn't going to leave negative feedback, but to be careful in his descriptions. He immediately refunded the whole thing, shipping and all. I couldn't believe it.
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