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  1. Giorgio

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    Yes of course, generalizing is wrong, there are many Italian sellers who are honest in prices and precise in their descriptions, they answer to the questions and send photos if requested...but those who are not, unfortunately, are more!
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    If there is one place on Earth where I'll go without hesitation to pick up records myself it will be Italy. Just love this country, records will be an afterthought )). Wonder what music stores situation is there, never for whatever reason shopped for records... Judging by discogs they are are not cheap...
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    I just received an LP from Canada in a pizza box with a handful of packing peanuts for padding. There was damage. Seller claims he or she ships pricey LPS all over the world in this manner, and no complaints until now. Feedback around 20. You could shake the record inside the box as it was a 14" box. How is this acceptable? Seller acted as if I was nuts.
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    Pizza Boxes are great due are OVERSIZED (14x14 inch or more), LP size 12x12, so there's room/space on the sides to avoid damage on the record, that space helps to prevent hits on the record if someone mash the box. Any oversized box is better than the nasty cheap white boxes that many people use, I mean for this crap:


    You only need a mash/hot a corner of the box and voila the record is damaged on that corner.

    BUT!!!!!!!!!! HERE'S THE THING, yes the seller use a pizza box, but never fill the space around well to prevent the record moves during transit, that's the big mistake, the record should be travel isolated in the center of the box, not moving around. That's the big mistake of the seller :(
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