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  1. bettsaj

    bettsaj “I'm in competition with myself and I'm losing.” Thread Starter

    I placed an order for a CD 5 days ago and have yet to receive an invoice for the item plus shipping.... How long have you waited and how long would you say is a respectable amount of time to give them before I pull the plug on the sale and back out of the deal?

    I've messaged them the day after I placed the order requesting an invoice, then a further 2 more times 2 days apart with not even an acknowledgement from them.

    I know we have 7 days to pay, but what about the other way around....
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  2. drbryant

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    Some people disable the messaging from Discogs and then don't check their inbox. It could be inadvertent, especially if it is not a regular seller.
  3. mark winstanley

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    click on the seller not responding thing....
    I have had to do that before
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  4. Vaughan

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    :D I bought a CD four days ago, and have yet to hear from the seller. It's not my usual experience on there Discogs, to be fair.
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  5. They're supposed to get back to you either in 2 or 3 days, I forget; and if they don't you supposedly can request help to cancel it,
    though I don't know if someone really will help you there nowadays or not. It's been awhile since I last wrote someone for help there.
    I got ripped off on the last couple CDs I bought there, expensive ones; there is no way to actually check the condition things are in, sellers lie like ebay but there are of course no photos of items
    and seemingly no one to protect you from crooks.
    Regardless of that, I'd write for help. The answer to your question is either 2 or 3 days for a reply from the seller.
    I can't stand Discogs.

    I was hoping the subject heading/question was in regards to when will they go out of business; that would be a good occasion.

    I'm never buying there again, EVER.
  6. jconsolmagno

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    I had a problem as a seller, selling one thing and vowed never to do it again. I shipped a sort of rare album ($200 value), off to a buyer. I played this album 2-3 times in the 10 years I owned it. The buyer claimed the vinyl had glue or some other sort of sticky material on the vinyl itself. Luckily I had pictures that I shared with Discogs and they sided with me, but the buyer wanted refunded and to keep the album.

    There's some problems with that marketplace, getting pictures on there would make me come back as a buyer. Right now, I only buy when it is sealed from there.
  7. giantleech

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    Don't know if I can persuade you otherwise but I would recommend buying from sellers who have both stellar/consistent positive feedback and answer your questions about condition with clarity and professionalism. Discogs is too great of a buying and selling arena to throw in the towel with such finality.
  8. mwheelerk

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    I usually give the seller a couple of days and then drop them a message inquiring
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  9. surfling

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    You all realize that Discogs is NOT Amazon or something, right?
    Of course there are a lot of pro sellers, but also a ton of amateurs.
    A bit like Ebay really, where you could run into both.
    So, give the seller another couple days, then send a friendly email, maybe to his proper email adress (usually under his username), and give them benefit of doubt. They might be on holidays, or sick, or something...
    And yeah, usually checking out their ratings will give you a good idea if you have to expect problems or not.
    Personally so far I've had like 2 minor problems on Discogs in the last 10 years.
    Love the place!
  10. bettsaj

    bettsaj “I'm in competition with myself and I'm losing.” Thread Starter

    I've not a bad a experience yet on Discogs..... This is my first. Generally speaking I've had good experiences, and one really exceptional experience with one particular seller that tried his hardest to help me out with an issue.

    I won't stop buying there. but just want this resolved as it's a shame to have happened.

    Regarding the exceptional experience i must share this with you all.... As I am still really pleased with the outcome and want to show that not all sellers are rip off merchants.

    Last year I was looking for a copy of Magical Mystery Tour UK double EP set. I found a 1st pressing listed on Discogs by Revolution Records It was being listed as NM records and VG+ sleeve, all for £20. Long story short What they sent me was not what was advertised. There was a 2" rip in one of the book pages and the sleeve was generally grubby, certainly not VG+ The records were OK. I contacted the seller who advised me that his partner had packed that record for shipment and had sent the incorrect one, they had 3 in stock. I offered to keep the one he sent as my son wanted it, and I offered to buy the NM one off him at a reduced price. He said NO, and sent the other one FREE OF CHARGE!

    The second one arrived, and the cover was excellent, but you'll never guess what..... The records were incorrect. Both records are the 2nd in the set with blue Jay way, fool on the hill and flying. Long story short, He sent me the correct records and didn't want anything sent back. So for £20 plus shipping I got 2 copies of Magical Mystery Tour and one spare set of vinyl records with no cover.
  11. RockAddict

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    The nature of online business has encouraged the sometimes unreasonable expectation that everything must be "instant". I think a gentle reminder is fine and then, if nothing at all after 7-10 days, something a bit stronger.

    As for other aspects of Discogs, I have had mixed experiences. About 40% of the time, I've got what was advertised. About 50% of the time, I've got the right product in terms of artist / release etc but notably at least 2 levels lower in grading quality than advertised. For the remaining 10%, quality has been poor. One or two of the sellers clearly didn't give a *@#* and were quite happy to say so. I've never had a "no show" but did have an occasion where a new seller claimed to have a rare Evanescence release that I never really expected to become available. For some reason, my spidey sense(s) kicked in and I decided to message the seller asking for confirmation that the item was genuine and not an illegal copy. My suspicions were well founded: a couple of days later I checked back and there were a couple of reviews complaining about non-delivery. The seller never responded to my enquiry and the account disappeared a few days later. I have no doubt the seller was acting dishonestly and it was just a bit of luck on my part that I didn't pay before checking.

    Nowadays, when purchasing via Discogs, my starting point is to assume the grading will be overstated and, if someone advertises something as "mint", I triple check that "mint means mint"; not opened and played once and/or repackaged.
  12. Pop_Zeus

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    Southport, UK
    5 days is a very long time for a seller to not add shipping costs & send their invoice. I don't know if you can set 'vacation rules' there like on Ebay, thus people would know if you were on holiday and / or otherwise unable to respond in good time. The majority of the time Discogs has worked for me. Barring a guy recently who took my money for a CD box set then vanished and didn't respond to my messages, emails or Paypal's dispute messages (I got my money back, eventually but it was a pain chasing it, and the seller got banned), and a few who took a couple of days to sort out the invoice, I've found it a great resource for hunting down titles I need which never seem to appear on eBay.

    Fortunately for all my recent buys, the seller sent the invoice, marked as dispatched, etc, within hours and in some cases minutes. I don't see why any seller would need more than 1-2 days max to sort these things out. 5 days and no response is poor.
  13. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    I'd give it another week. It's Spring Break for some people, seller may be laying on a beach somewhere.
  14. bettsaj

    bettsaj “I'm in competition with myself and I'm losing.” Thread Starter

    And the worse thing is..... It's a MINT Unknown Pleasures collectors edition!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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  15. bettsaj

    bettsaj “I'm in competition with myself and I'm losing.” Thread Starter

    He's a UK seller...... We don't have a spring break until Easter which is next week... And you wouldn't want to lay on any beaches this time of the year in the UK
  16. Pop_Zeus

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    Southport, UK
    Give it a week? He's already waited nearly a week. 2 weeks non response is a joke.
  17. 5 days with out a response probably means something is wrong. I would send one more message, and get ready to cancel, more than likely the too good to be true mint edition was too good to be true. the seller is more or less showing their hand by the non response.

    Even worse are the sellers after invoicing you have to pursue to actually mail/ dispatch the item.
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  18. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    I was just spitballing. If you feel it's been too long, hit the Seller Not Responding thing like @mark winstanley suggested.
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  19. bettsaj

    bettsaj “I'm in competition with myself and I'm losing.” Thread Starter

    Just checked their Discogs profile, 45,000 items sale!!!
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  20. NettleBed

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    new york city
    As a semi-frequent Discogs buyer, I agree with the other comments about merely sending a gentle reminder at this stage.

    Frankly, if this is the worst you ever run into on Discogs, you are way ahead of the game. It's not like you paid for something you didn't get - you're just in the same position you would have been if you never saw the listing.

    It's not like you bought something described as "perfect!" or "flawless!" and yet has scratches and scuffs (cough cough).
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  21. eddiel

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    I think after 4 days you can file a seller not responding support request. That usually get's a sellers attention.

    Here's what I do if communication is a bit slow (which is rare). I place order and wait two days. After two days I send a nice reminder message to the seller and wait two days. That's worked in all the cases for me. But if I get no reply after 4 days and I've sent a reminder, I would then file a support request.

    Since you've already sent reminders I think your best option is to send seller not responding support request.
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  22. bettsaj

    bettsaj “I'm in competition with myself and I'm losing.” Thread Starter

    Hes just sent an invoice woo hoo
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  23. Funi

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    "SHMF Members' Power". :righton:
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  24. PM 1331

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    Have You contacted the Seller? Try that first.
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  25. Dave

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    Look up three posts. I guess you missed that he was finally sent an invoice.

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