Discogs Item for Sale but Not Available in US?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by m5comp, Apr 17, 2021.

  1. m5comp

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    Hamilton, AL
    Why would an item for sale on Discogs not be available in the US? The seller is in Norway, BTW. TIA.
  2. leonafonte

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    US is not the center of the world. That happens with all countries.
  3. U.S. sellers are more likely than anyone else to restrict sales, even to Canada.
  4. R. Totale

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    Discogs recently required all sellers to state shipping prices to every country for every individual item. You have to do this through a poorly designed, confusing interface. A lot of people threw their hands up and just declared prices for domestic shipping and cut off international sales. Message the seller, it's likely you can work something out.

    Even more ridiculous are the many items listed as shipping from but unavailable to the US. Some people couldn't even figure out domestic shipping under this scheme.
  5. What’s really strange is when I see an LP for sale by a seller located in the USA but the listing states it’s not available for sale in the US. Gotta be a listing error.
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  6. GentleSenator

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    this is mostly what the problem is here.

    see above. it's confusing and sellers aren't setting up their shipping policies correctly. i used to try and e-mail those affected to let them know, but it's gotten to be too many.

    if you see something that seems "off" as far as ship-to country is concerned, it would behoove you to just shoot them a message yourself to inquire.
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  7. jimod99

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    Vienna, Austria

    There are Austrian sellers who won’t ship within Austria.

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