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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by 12" 45rpm, Jan 7, 2019.

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    Last month I started selling my collection of unwanted vinyl on discogs. Because of Christmas, I sold some records very quickly. I believe one even makes some $ on shipping since the media label is only $1-2..

    Is it worth it to put "dollar bin" kind of records on discogs? I am talking about stuff that everybody has and almost nobody wants.. Does this stuff ever sell, even for $0.99 ?

    Curious to hear other tips from experienced sellers on how to price and list things...
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    I wouldn't even bother putting the time into listing them. I'd collect all of those types of records and dump them to Goodwill.

    Every record has the lowest, highest, and average price they sell at. Prices can be all over the place so that's a handy way of determining a realistic price.
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    :shrug: That depends on how many you have. Generally I'd agree with Strat-Mangler though unless you've got some serious volume to move then it could be worth the effort.
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