Discogs store loaded up heavily with Mobile Fidelity, DCC. Audio Fidelity, etc. gold discs + LPs

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    My brand new Discogs store opened in June, and is now loaded up heavily with Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, DCC, & Audio Fidelity, CBS Mastersound, etc. gold discs. I actually have some still-sealed DCC vinyl in this store. It is mainly CDs and SACDs/DVD-As, but there are a few nice vinyl pieces. There are a lot of Mint, Near Mint, Promo, and Still Sealed items up for sale.

    Some of the prices are high, but still lower than others are currently asking.

    Buy Vinyl Records and CDs from GoldedDisc at Discogs Marketplace

    Feel free to message me directly here if you see something you need. It is US (only) sales at Discogs, but for forum members, I can arrange an International sale here via private message if need be.

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