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    I'm doing much of my international shipping manually, but I think that there is a way to enter 2 LPs or CDs into the field and select country and your required shipping price, no?

    I am slowly filling in those fields as I get requests to ship. Like the other the day I got a three-LP box set with libretto plus a single LP added ($60 total) to France. I took it all to the post office in shipping carton and got the quote $39.50, I rounded it to $40.00 and invoiced the buyer. Then the buyer said oh it's in the US, no never mind. I looked at the buyer and saw several orders with no payment received, and Neg feedback on them. At least I got a message cxl'd. The good news is that I learned that 3-4 LPs are likely $40 to Europe. I can fill in the price / cost in the discogs field. And I learned that I must hear back from a buy when I message them that I am getting them a quote on shipping costs and that they need to inform me that they are a "go" with international shipping and the associated costs. I won't be bothering with the effort to get the quote if they are not really talking about wanting that order, and not just having fun window shopping and spending nothing.

    I learned several things out of that transaction. And sales are consistent enough that I don't need their business right now.
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    Most people are flakes, period. Whether it's international or local CraigsList inquiries, most people will rarely follow through. That's just life.

    Secondly, you can get quotes online so no need to go to the post office. Get yourself a postal scale with digital readout ; it'll save you a world of trouble and will be worth the $20 or so.

    Lastly, most Discogs users don't pay one iota of attention as to where the seller is located and will put in orders anyway. Once shipping is added, they'll back out. In one month, I had a handful of those. It is a waste of time for everyone and can be frustrating to see this predictable cycle unfold, especially with new members but it's unfortunately part of the experience.
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    I'm not that cynical and believe that most people WILL follow through. I've sold a dozen things on CL and bought a handful of things as well and every one of those transactions went smooth. I just got a 7.1 channel receiver that originally went for $1,299 new for $50. I needed a replacement for the one I was using because I could hear a bit of noise in the phono stage when I turned up the volume all the way with no LP playing. I wanted a deader quiet background, no money outlay, and I found the exact model I wanted which was several higher than the one it replaced. But I have had buyers offer more for shipping than stated. I've had sellers let me walk off with an item at a record show and send them the payment later. I guess I have an honest look. Lots of decent people out there, you just have to be aware of the scuzzy slimeballs.

    I needed to go to the post office anyway, I had things to send out. I'm doing three orders very two days solid non-stop.

    So far as buyers not caring and backing out, that is why I said that from now on, they are going to tell me it's a "go" before I even consider dropping the item on a scale or getting it weighted. They are going to start talking right away, or nothing is moving forward. I got a sale on a $75 box set, and payment did not come in within 24 hours and I kindly asked when I should expect. But I don't consider anything a done deal until its a done deal.

    I've been at this for 20 years now as a part-time thing. I never used it to live on - but it has paid for the cost of collecting. I've doubled and tripled my money over and over. The only concern I have right now is that my strongest sales are for rock CDs. And I only have 300 of them to sell. I sold off the common ones many years ago - kept the obscure and nicer things which I am now selling off. I need to move more vinyl, and hope that more of it will sell eventually.
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    So did you suggest a partial refund? Like 1/3 or 1/2 even? VG is a really ratty condition, if I were you and you do not want this item at all (because there are other sellers with the same item), then I would mention that you will take it to PayPal - and communicate through them from here on out.
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    No offer was made. Also, because this is an international seller who had issues sending items to the US because of COVID, I have no feedback recourse because it took over 90 days to ship.

    I would take a discount of at least 1/3 or a full refund/return, inclusive of all shipping costs.
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    PayPal covers you for at least 180 days, I think?

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    :agree: As I understand it as well.
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    I just noticed something on Discogs. Tonight I went into my store and looked at and made notes on paper of every LP that did not have at least a picture of the front cover. Then I went and (for each LP on list) scanned every LP jacket front and back in 600dpi. The trimmed them and reduced size a bit and went to load them into the release pages for each LP. I came across a few that had artwork already there but it had been deactivated likely by the person who first loaded it in. Seems like they had one to sell, and so they provided the missing pictures, and then after they sold their copy, they deactivated the pictures so as no one else would benefit from their pics being in the database.

    This sounds so much like those bitter record dealers scrounging for a sale, and working against anyone else having sales. I loaded my pictures in and then reactivated their label scans if there were any. My covers were always better than the old ones anyway. In fact, I updated some active pictures that were poor with my new scans.

    I just thought that was funny. For the majority of the missing covers, there was none inactive.

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