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  1. quicksrt

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    Shipped out 5 items just this afternoon, and came home after a quick stop at the thrift store (found 4 CDs there that I think are sellable), and see that a $10.99 CD has sold. It is a double CD set that I could not get $6.00 for here in the classifieds when I tried last fall.

    I think that the CD market is still alive for those really good items in nicer condition.
  2. Strat-Mangler

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    Why not use the Wantlist as a wantlist?

    This is turning into your daily selling blog.
  3. TwiceFan

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    It's a way of keeping track of specific copies that I have searched for and found based on their grading and price. Works for me. YMMV...
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  4. quicksrt

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    I'm obsessed with getting that 1000 items up, and so I am working an hour or a few every day on it.

    But it is interesting how items can have no interest here, yet sell well online elsewhere. I find the whole used music racket fascinating. And Discogs being so new to me as a sales venue and all.

    After I get my full 1000 items up, and then add to that 1000 as they are each sold, you know what I am going to do? I am going to use that work (grading all those LP conditions), to load them into Amazon, so that they are on sale there as well. I may as well have two venues pushing for me at the same time. I'll have both sites open on my desktop and do copy & pasting' it won't be too bad.

    I've not had much time to do this in the last 6 or 7 years. So I'm trying to take advantage of the slower work weeks while I have the time and can.
  5. R. Totale

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    You should do some research into the liklihood of selling your CDs on Amazon before you get too excited about the idea.
  6. quicksrt

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    Only the vinyl I am talking about for Amazon. CDs on Discogs are only 20% of my stock at most. I am aware Amazon does not permit your average 3rd party to sell CDs. It's reserved for corporate interests at this time.
  7. Woodhawk

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    I buy and sell through Discogs and much prefer them to Ebay and the Amazon marketplace.
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    I previously preferred eBay over Discogs. This was because I felt that the layout and details in a eBay listing plus pictures of the actual item told me a lot about that item and it’s value. Quickly looking at their other items for sale, and completed items was beneficial as well. And seeing the feedback on their previous sales and what those actual items sold were did not hurt. You don’t get this much history about a seller on Discogs, to connect the feedback with the item that it corresponds to.

    But I’ve come around to accept the trade off. Both venues can result in good A1 quality items.
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