Discs Ejecting During EAC Rip

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by AirJordanFan93, May 14, 2019.

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    I am in the process of re-ripping some CDs that had errors with EAC my external Blu-Ray drive died on the weekend so I am currently using an Apple SuperDrive. I am experiencing an issue with EAC were with certain discs I have attempted to rip that the disc will eject early either during the ripping process or during the creation of the CUE Sheet which is a problem I didn't encounter with my external Blu-Ray drive. Has anyone experienced something like this before or is it down to the use of the Apple drive.
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    I use the Apple drive with iTunes and I've only encountered this problem with my copy of Something Else by The Kinks (Deluxe). I have no clue what causes the problem.
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    So presumably an issue with the Apple drive then?
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    Definitely weird but I think there should be an option in EAC to lock the drive during extraction, that should presumably prevent that from happening
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    Already had it checked in my options.
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    Something is wrong with the computer or drive itself. It is not normal. For ripping I recommend an enclosure for a full size drive, and an inexpensive drive since most of them are going to burn out eventually after ripping hundreds or thousands of CDs. When the $20 drive burns out, you just pop a new one in the enclosure.
  7. One possibility is that the drive is actually disconnecting from the computer. Does the drive still have a drive letter after it ejects? That can happen due to things like a bad USB cable, a USB hub that is bad/misbehaving, and a variety of other mostly hardware related reasons. If you're using a USB hub try plugging directly to the computer and see if that helps.

    Another possibility is that the drive is configured to use a wrong read command.
    Go to EAC >> Drive Options... >> Drive tab
    Select a different read command method and try ripping again
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    Not all CDs will generate a CueTools report using EAC. I have some that do not work with any drive. I've been trying to determine why, but unsuccessful so far. Typically they are older pressings.
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    Can you post a sample log so we can see what might be going on?
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    A preliminary somewhat obvious statement is that you need an internet connection for CueTools to report data. :)

    Of the 3133 CD I currently track in my own database, I recently started adding CueTools info--I have completed 295 thus far (~10%). Running into CDs not generating a CueTools report is common enough that I started looking in CueTool in more detail. Some CDs just bomb out on EAC, I've run in one CD in perhaps 300-500 (from 80s). Here is an example (EAC peak values determined from EAC>Tools>Process WAV tool preformed on individual tracks):

    Paul Simon
    Warner CD 25447
    Praxis Canada ~1987 pressing
    EAC 98.5 / 86.5 / 93.4 / 76.4 / 98.3 / 98.3 / 88.8 / 73.4 / 88.1 / 83.2 / 79.2​

    Some CDs will generate an EAC Report, though not a CueTools report--likely due to CD not present in database. Example:

    The Coasters
    16 Greatest Hits
    Daio Kosan pressing

    ---- CUETools DB Plugin V2.1.6
    [CTDB TOCID: 4GjJXdlJgLA.OsfAWzyLcNmDQNQ-] disk not present in database
    Submit result: 4GjJXdlJgLA.OsfAWzyLcNmDQNQ- has been uploaded
    ==== Log checksum 981FCA669ED96C6C4B8CEFF4D88521106043F140A93E9EE1B17C3C51A8584644 ====​

    I started tracking CD pressing information on CDs in more detail information about 7 years ago. CueTools and EAC "TOC of the extracted CD" information in addition to EAC Peak Values all vary with pressings and releases. The CD TOC also varies with pressings as does the CueTools report.

    I've been analyzing the many pressing of U2--War. There have been a lot of statements on the forum about the assumed Diament mastering. A comparison of the EAC peak value, EAC TOC, and Cuetools reports gets into a comparison of a lot of data, yet might yield a better guess as to identical pressings. Nothing to post on the analysis thus far.

    I hope this helps

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