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  1. LitHum05

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    I also think It Follows has a weird fan base that swears the film is terrifying. I don’t get it.
  2. Michael

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    Dead Alive gave me some jumps and made me nauseated......
  3. applebonkerz

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    It's nothing about being fashionable or not, The Exorcist is not a scary film, or disturbing, to a whole segment of the population (including everyone that lives at my house). I don't usually watch horror kinds of films in general. I first saw it in college several years after it had been out and couldn't figure what the big deal was people made about it when released. My wife had seen it too at some point before we got together and she thought it was just campy mostly. She likes to have our kids see some famous classic films throughout the year, and during Halloween time chooses classic horror films that aren't that scary. This started I think when they were 12.

    It was either 13 or 14 when she decided to show them The Exorcist. I was apprehensive not because of it being scary or sinister, but because of all the graphic swearing. She didn't think that was anything to worry about. We have two boys and a girl (triplets), they all laughed all through the film, especially the "scary" parts, and thought it was hilariously bad, and so fake looking. I didn't have that many specific memories of it from the first time I had seen it, but seeing it again I have to agree that the make-up and special effects were pretty cheesy by today's standards. She also showed them Rosemary's Baby, which I would consider to be more creepy than The Exorcist ever was, or could be. Maybe it also helps that none of us buy into the whole underlying premise of those two films, so it's just like any other fantasy subject.

    The Shining I think is more creepy too.

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  4. Michael

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    saw the Shining on the big screen...it was creepy, scary and very moody...Shelly was amazing and of course jack...LOL.
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  5. Witchy Woman

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    What story is this? According to the filmmakers they took inspiration from the serial murders of young men in 1970s Houston as well as the case of Edward Gein of Wisconsin.

    ”They Came. They Sawed.” Texas Monthly, Nov. 2004
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    Didn't say de facto.
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    In 1974 it was a hush hush thing leading all to believe it was a prominent family involved.
    The occurence happened right outside of Corsicana Texas which is between Waco & Houston.So that is some what true.

    But the suspects were never caught and got if you will swept under the rug by the powers that be.

    I lived 9 miles N.West of Corsicana at the time.
    The surrounding communities were put on high alert for quite a while because of these grisly happenings.
    Weird times in 1974 Texas.Indeed.

    As far as Texas Monthly like I said a very powerful and prominent Texas family.
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  8. Oatsdad

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    I think "Follows" is a mostly good movie - agree it's not especially scary, but it's creepy and has an edge, which is more than I can say for the snoozefest that is "Paranormal Activity"!
  9. LitHum05

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    Even the crucifix masturbation scene? Even if you are not religious, it's still sex (from a preteen) and mutilation. Implications about hymen rupture; periods, etc.

    I can't imagine my kid not finding that disturbing, particularly when they are the same age as the girl in the film.
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  10. Oatsdad

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    That's how I always felt. As I said in my review:

    "I'm not sure I'd want to live in a world in which images of a twelve year old girl f--king herself with a crucifix and then attempting to make her mother lick her genitals isn't shocking."
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  11. applebonkerz

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    That's the only scene I had concerns about before she showed them the film. But it didn't seem to phase them any at all.
  12. Never heard of this movie before this, but despite the, shall we say, mixed online reviews it seems depraved enough to warrant a viewing.
  13. Khaki F

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    It isn't. Trust me on this.
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    My Aunt and Uncle took me to see "The Exorcist" when I was ten. It made an indelible impact. I've watched it a few times since and still think it still holds up rather well. I don't view The Exorcist as a traditional horror film. To me it was more about questions of faith. What bothered me more than any particular scene (even though the crucifix scene was pretty darn shocking to this kid) was an accumulated sense of dread and unease that stayed with me long after I left the theater. I've seen scores of horror movies since and while there are many movies that have more gore/jump scares/torture porn aspects to them they generally leave no lasting impression. I guess "Martyrs" would probably be the only other film that I can name off the top of my head that was somewhat similar to me from an existential dread standpoint.
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  15. vince

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    When it comes to "The Exorcist", I think the trailer, with it's quick-shots in black and white of 'that face' was creepy, and, it wasn't until I saw it on the bonus features of the DVD that 'triggered' my memory of seeing it in a movie theater!
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  16. PhilJol

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    Salo is supposed to be horrid

    nuff said
  17. Holy Diver

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    That scene where something is standing on the roof of the house is pretty creepy.
  18. socorro

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    Eraserhead. I saw it in HS shortly after it came out. David Lynch's debut is weird, of course, and genuinely disturbing.
  19. Eh, I guess then I'll just wait for Rocker to see it and tell us how it didn't disturb him at all. :)
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  20. Ghostworld

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    Gee, I forgot this one. Right up there with "Chinatown" for downer endings. "Vivre sa vie" ("My Life to Live") Jean-luc Goddard's masterpiece (well, I love "Alphaville." too.) Talk about an ultimate downer. I loved it!!! :p:p
  21. Ghostworld

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    I'm tired of explaining this, but when a family sits down and giggles at "The Exorcist" together they've jointly created an atmosphere of active denial in which they expel their fear though laughter. Rather than internalizing your fear, you bond as a group with protective laughter (they are closely related, like when we scream and then laugh when a haunted house creature jumps out at us. They're a minor hysterical reaction.) It sadly makes me think of a group of bad teens ("Clockwork Orange") cackling as they perform some terrible dead. Again, there's this internal disgust pawned off though nervous laughter, in denial of the awful truth at hand..

    On example is, I went to see "It Follows" with a group of adult and everyone was completely silent and caught up in it's eerie poetry. I saw it a second time in a theater and some teen (high) starting giggly and soon the whole audience was laughing during the scary moments that previous had drawn stunned silence. It's like a group mentality forms.

    Anyway, that's my Dr. Lecter theory.

    If you really want to scare the kids, you could have them watch it one-by-one, alone at night. Don't forget the popcorn! :-popcorn:
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  22. Rocker

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    I don't think I've ever heard of that one.... but maybe I should check it out! ;)
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  23. townsend

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    I recently watched the Australian film, Hounds of Love, and after finishing it, decided that it qualifies for the disturbing thread. It starts out dark, and gets darker and darker.

    The acting is first rate -- it got something like 88@% on RT. It shades over into a type of horror movie, though not your traditional kind (not Wes Craven or slasher-type). You can stream it from Amazon for 2.99. Just think, for under 3.00, you can be horrified. A steal.

    Oh, it's about a couple who gives "rides" to young girls. So they kidnap them and then the "fun" starts . . .
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  24. Nice Marmot

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    I've seen the trailer for this. It looks pretty rough.
  25. Nice Marmot

    Nice Marmot I've seen better ways, man. I know better ways.

    Tryon NC
    There is no way, is this age of disturbing movies, that are you going to convince fans of disturbing movies that The Exorcist or Paranormal Activity is any more disturbing than watching old Batman tv show reruns. These are people who think A Siberian Film is an art film.

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