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DIY Moving Coil Transformer Step Up

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Ronald, Apr 22, 2002.

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  1. Ronald

    Ronald Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Columbus, OH
    In the current issue of Audio Xpress 5/2002, there is an article detailing how one can build a moving coil phono cartridge step up transformer. The author Pete Millet uses Sowter transformers, but there are listings for Jensen transformers and Audio Note transformers.

    The advantages to building a DIY step up is one can use different windings ratio transformers to determine the optimum choice for the cartridge as well as save a lot of money.

    To build a MC step up, one would need to use two transformers, two pairs of RCA phono jacks, two ground binding posts and a LMB extruded aluminum enclosure. It is also necesssary to determine the output impedance of the MC cartridge and input impedance of the preamp (typically 47k Ohm) to determine the correct windings ratio for the transformer. The final product looks very clean and professional. The author also recommends the use of quality, shielded low-capacitance interconnect cables from the outputs of the transformer setup to the phono input of the preamp as other cables will pick up noise.

    The prices for each transformer range from about $58 for the Sowter to $1086 for the silver wire wound Audio Note.

    It is an nice article for the novice, although it is not technically sophisticated. The procedure to build the step up seems to make the project worth pursuing. I am certainly willing to try it out. If one is seriously interested in purchasing a MC step up, I would recommend reading this paper.

    Audio Xpress is also on the web.
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