Do I still need my CD player?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by action pact, May 12, 2019.

  1. slcaudiophile

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    i am keeping my disks for sure ... but i am lucky to have some really great audio note digital products ... like the one i’m listening to now!

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  2. notesofachord

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    I love the ritual of grabbing an album, whether it be a big plastic one (LP) or a small shiny one (CD), taking out the disc and placing it in the music playing device. It’s not an inconvenience to me.
  3. Bathory

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    YES, of course you do!

    They sound great, and you can jam the volume with a nice setup and CD player w low distortion, they sound great!

    Yes, CD players are amazing, cheap, expensive, not a whole helluva lot of difference in sound between mnay of them.

    Find a reliable one, and enjoy!
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  4. David Campbell

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    I listen to mostly my vinyl or rips of vinyl and CD nowadays,but ill occasionally still pop on a CD when the mood strikes. As long as I still have the actual physical media,I will probably keep around some means to play it. So I myself would still keep the CD Player or at the very least have something to play it on like a decent Blu-ray player if you want to simplify your set up.

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