Do you consider Fleetwood Mac to be an English band?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by AFOS, Sep 15, 2020 at 11:59 PM.

  1. AFOS

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    Fleetwood Mac were founded as an English band but the massive success of their later incarnation was largely due to the introduction of two Americans that is Nicks and Buckingham.

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  2. sons of nothing

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    Yes if Pre Buckingham/Nicks.
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  3. segue

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    Many people say Bob Welch was the first American in the band, and was responsible for bringing a much wider audience to FM. Two albums sold more than 500,000 copies in America (Future Games and Mystery to Me) and Bare Trees sold more than a million copies in the U.S.

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  4. Pines Brook

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    New York, NY
    They began life as a British band, but when they had their greatest successes they had become an British-American band.
  5. Mr Hankey

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    Lindsey & Stevie’s band.....
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  6. footlooseman

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    Last album as an English band?
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  7. aphexj

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    It's a band with English people in it as well as Americans. Like King Crimson, they started out all English then picked up American folks as they went along...
  8. schnitzerphilip

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    NJ USA
    They are a Southern California band, like the Eagles.
  9. Dr. Robert

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    Curitiba, Brazil
    And share with the Eagles the fact that none of them are actually from California :D
  10. AFOS

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    Just going through the albums on Wiki and there was a massive jump in sales with the first Nicks/Buckingham Mac album. I'm curious how many FM fans are only fans of 1975 and later?
  11. 4-2-7

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    SF Peninsula
  12. mcwlod

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    Gdynia, Poland
    A band founded in England by Englishman with a name coming from their english musicians still active in this band - of course it’s an english band :confused:
  13. They're not a French band, that's for sure... ;)
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  14. AFOS

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    Le Fleetwood Mac
  15. DTK

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    UK. Mick and John own the band name and are the bosses. The others are dressing basically
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  16. Manapua

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    Million dollar dressing.
  17. poisonedhangman

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    Cascadia, USA
    Before they moved their base of operations to Cali they were. By the time they were recording at Sound City they were completely transatlantic.
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  18. redfloatboat

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  19. Safeway 1

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    By the end they had developed an American sound with Nicks and Buckingham. Really they had 3 versions of FM. The early stuff with Peter Green is heavy blues and worth a listen. The middle section might well be my favorite. From Kiln House through Heroes Are Hard To Find contains a lot of choice stuff. Bare Trees and Mystery To Me are 4-5 star albums IMHO. I believe Bob Welch was the only American in the band at this time. There might be a studio musician I might be overlooking here. Next came Buck and Nicks and international stardom. I love the B/N version of the band but I really believe the Christine Perfect and Danny Kirwin gave them a run for their money.
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  20. AFOS

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    The parallel to the Bee Gees is interesting. Both UK bands successful in the 60's who became huge in the mid to late 70's with a very American sound
  21. goodiesguy

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    New Zealand
    Bowl-Cut Boy, always with the hot takes :laughup:


    Obviously an English Band who took on some American members later on.
  22. Hall Cat

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    Chicago, IL USA
  23. Rosskolnikov

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    Once Danny Kirwan is gone, they aren't really an English band any more - and don't sound like one either. I like all versions.
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  24. jimbags

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    Of course. Started as a fully English band and most of the members were English through their whole history.
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  25. john lennonist

    john lennonist There ONCE was a NOTE, PURE and EASY...

    F. Mac V. 1 -- English Blues band

    F. Mac V. 2 -- English Pop / Folk band

    F. Mac V. 3 -- English / U.S. Hybrid Pop band
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