Do You Ever Get The Feeling That Your Musical Perspective Is Not Representative On This Forum?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by fenderesq, Oct 9, 2018.

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    Exactly. Well said.

    People always see the threads they dislike or tire of as being "overwhelming", but I'm honestly surprised how much diversity of taste and topics exist here!

    I mean, one could just as easily make the counter-argument...that there is an immense variety of topics in the midst of trying to filter out a few Beatles or "Classic Rock Threads". :)

    I'm surprised daily at the wealth of topics and artists that I find here. Some I have never even heard of, nor would have ever been turned on to, otherwise. That's a good thing in my view! One can simply use the search feature and uncover endless threads containing any artist or music release topic under the sun.

    As I said from the outset, NO topic has an inherent monopoly here. Any music topic can be brought up or posted as freely as any other. If tons of people are posting on a select few, then it simply means they are drawing interest. Isn't that the point or hope in starting a thread?
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  3. ATR

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    Of course mine is not. But I find that just about all musical perspectives are here in about the same proportions that they exist in the entire group of people who listen to recorded music. Well, maybe a little skewed in favor of The Beatles.
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  4. All Down The Line

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    I love classic rock for the most part (Stones, Cream, Hendrix, Santana, Beck, Free, Who, Kinks, Yardbirds, Dylan, Joni etc but i grew out of bands like ACDC & Zep.
    Now if there were more threads on great old school Blues guitarists you have my full attention.
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    When I was about 10 or 11, my friends and I liked Grand Funk Railroad but, after a while, decided they were terrible. So we listened to GFR "ironically" and started to like them again. Suffice it to say, we outgrew ironic listening pretty quickly!
  6. JHT

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    "Do You Ever Get The Feeling That Your Musical Perspective Is Not Representative On This Forum?"

    Yes. Especially when I see threads like the one announcing Barbara Streisand's new album
  7. Grant

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    Every day. Every stinkin' day. :sigh:

    Oh yeah, I can hear them thinking "Well, if you don't like it here, why don't you leave?".

    Here is my perception of the vast majority of this forum: they are baby-boomer and Gen-X'ers who had parents who mainly listened to either 50s and 60s music like Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, and had soundtracks like "The Sound Of Music". Gen-X'ers had parents who probably mainly listened to the rock music of the 60s and 70s. I grew up primarily hearing soul music of the 60s, pop/rock music on the radio, and soul/funk in the 70s. I heard jazz music and classical in my home, too. I didn't even know who Elvis Presley was, nor did I ever hear his music until the year 1969.

    But, I feel that I do not musically relate to anyone here. You all talk about how "punk saved music" or how anything that was popular in my jr. high/high school years was ridiculed and shunned in your school. I read comments like "Disco sucks!" or "I don't like R&B or soul music". "Only gays like ABBA!". WTF? I cannot relate to any of that. None of that makes sense to me. That didn't happen in my world. When rap appeared in 1979, it was met with acceptance where I lived. I come here and you guys think rap started in the 90s. You talk about how college music was all Oingo Boingo or Depeche Mode. Well, my college experience was John Klemmer, Azimuth, and Pieces Of A Dream.

    The music I like attract relatively few interested people on this forum. But, at the same time, I obviously have a very broad range of music I do like, and most of you seem to not relate to that, either. It seems to me that most of you guys and gals focus in on only one or two types of music, and one is often just an offshoot of the main musical favorite.

    Oh yeah, why do I keep coming back? There's no where else on the internet that welcomes technical audio discussion, and isn't driven by the hyper-fan mentality. This place isn't tribal or clannish like virtually all other music sites. All points of view are welcome, even if they aren't well-received.
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  8. Grant

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    Man, not even the people I grew up with share my musical tastes anymore. They all either went to christian music, modern country, or do not listen to music at all.

    Many of us never grow out of the music of our youth. That is not bad. We may add to our musical palette. I know I have. Still, I feel no one here relates to my musical history.
  9. Captain Keefheart

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    Could you give some examples please?
  10. hurple

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    With every post
  11. Grant

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    It's not a classic rock forum.

    I get disillusioned when most of the American forum members over 50 can't even remember an Ohio Players hit. There's something wrong with that.
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  12. Grant

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    I notice no one has asked a poster to qualify what they have written.
  13. Captain Keefheart

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    I'm not trolling, I'm just interested!
  14. Grant

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    The way some people talk, you'd think there were 20 "Egyptian Station" threads here, but I only see one.

    I didn't say you were trolling. But, It seems a tad insulting when I am often the only one who is asked to qualify their statements. I think if you read my post, you'd figure out what kind of music i'm talking about. I get partially satisfied with the Every Billboard #1 Hit discussion thread 1958-present thread, but it's not enough. If it weren't for Tom Stockman/my sister thread for R&B, or the current Aretha Franklin thread, there would be no virtually discussion of that music.

    I love The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane/Starship, and Led Zeppelin, among other classic rock stalwarts, but my perspective and history is different than having that type of music as my meat and potatoes.
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  15. Diablo Griffin

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    I'm a huge 80's fan, and in particular, synthpop and Japanese stuff is what I've almost always gravitated towards for the past year and a half. I've seen lots of condescending posts about 80's music on here and it always makes me feel like my tastes are somehow 'wrong' compared to everyone else's, especially when you factor in that I actually like the production from that era for the most part. I'm not ashamed of my love for Japanese music, but it's such a niche thing here that I rarely bother discussing it. Thanks to constant and mostly unavoidable radio exposure, I don't listen to classic rock anywhere near as much as I used to (though a couple of my faves remain in steady rotation like Rush and Zeppelin). To put things in perspective, here's a rough timeline of my tastes.

    Before 2012 - Mostly classic rock and old R&B
    2012 to 2014 - More of the same, though I added some metal and an occasional synthpop or new wave song here and there
    2015 - Slowly began gravitating towards more 80's music, but still rock for the most part, a couple jazz songs
    2016 - Same as 2015, though I added a few Japanese city pop songs that I liked
    2017 - Mostly synthpop and new wave, slowly lost interest in some of my rock and metal collection, slightly more Japanese music, some R&B
    2018 - Mainly Japanese stuff now (went from just a few albums last year to about 60 or so today!), lots of synthpop, more R&B, not as much rock as before
  16. Captain Keefheart

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    Sorry, I genuinely wasn't trying to insult you, just wanted to see if we liked any of the same music, that's all.
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  17. fenderesq

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    What difference to my enjoyment of music? None! I do; and am very content with the Forum and thrilled to have found it and I primarily use it and see it as you do.
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  18. altaeria

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    I find it more frustrating when I go on a specific band’s fan forum, and realize that my opinions somehow have almost nothing in common with people on there. We’re all talking about one band. How the heck can our tastes differ so much regarding that one band??? It’s so odd.
  19. DTK

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    Cult artists get relatively short thrift.
    It's a mainstream dominance.
    And threads on bands/artists that never really made it in the US drown quickly in an avalanche of Beatles/Zep/Monkees threads.
    That said I enjoy the Hendrix discussions with fellow Hendrix freaks, which are almost almost quite civil. And I love the fact that there's lots of members with a preference for 1967-74 Fleetwood Mac.
  20. Terrapin Station

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    I definitely often feel like that here and sometimes get pretty frustrated with it.

    It's not that what's liked around here is stuff that I don't like. It's that I like so much that is either trashed or simply ignored here. There are some pretty narrow orthodoxies that are dominant on the board. To me it was funny and we had that "How wide are your tastes" thread and 90% of the people responding basically suggested that it wouldn't be possible to like a wider array of music than they do . . . And then we turn right around and talk in other threads about how we cut off Rod Stewart after his fourth, or third, or second, or first album (or don't even bother with him after Faces), and threads where folks just assume that everyone knows that Michael Jackson and pop in general sucks, and hip-hop sucks, and smooth jazz sucks, and we're not going to call so-and-so southern rock because we actually like so-and-so, and on and on and on.

    Sometimes I feel tempted to mostly just stick to the "Best New Albums" threads because at least there people tend to not be negatively judgmental, and that thread has turned me on to a lot of stuff that I wouldn't have found out about otherwise.
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  21. Vangro

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    Yes, but it's 10,000 pages long.
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  22. Grant

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    Sure. But, they talk like there's 10,000 threads on it.
  23. Vangro

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    Nitpicking a bit there. There is more than one thread anyway, I think.
  24. Vangro

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    ... in fact there's 10!
  25. marcel

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    In one listening session I could play Bach, Metallica, ABBA, Sade, Black Sabbath, John Barry, Dead can dance, Françoise Hardy, De La Soul and The Mars Volta. So any musical perspective is good to me.

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