Do you regard "Real Love" and "Free as a Bird" as real Beatles songs?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Psychsound, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. Tristero

    Tristero Forum Resident

    :righton: John gives us some truth. A one off project (or I suppose I should say two off) is not a full fledged reformation.
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  2. Bill Larson

    Bill Larson Forum Resident

    Same number of measures, actually-- they both consist of "ding ding-ding ding ding ding ding ding ding, ding ding-ding ding ding ding ding ding ding".

    There's more drums, including a hit on the downbeat, and the harpsichord is mixed high and wide.
  3. jammincrowe

    jammincrowe Forum Resident

    Leicester, MA, USA
    anyone know how to get audio versions of the "NEW" versions of real love and FAAB ?
  4. YardByrd

    YardByrd Forum Resident

    Expat in Helsinki
    Agreed. I'll be generous and allow it's a project, not a band.
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  5. Tristero

    Tristero Forum Resident

    You can't just wave a magic wand (with a little of Jeff Lynne's digital pixie dust) decades down the line and automatically recreate the kind of unique chemistry that they had when they were a functioning band, playing together day after day, particularly not when one of the key players was no longer there to give direct input.
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  6. bob60

    bob60 Forum Resident

    London UK
    Repeating the same point over and over is not going to change the facts.
    The Beatles split and then they reformed to record two more singles. Just like numerous bands have done over the years. Just accept it, it doesn't affect your life in any way.
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  7. Tristero

    Tristero Forum Resident

    And you're not just repeating the same statement over and over again without even a shred of nuance? We all know that these songs were released under the Beatles name, but no, I don't consider posthumously overdubbing on a dead man's demos to be a genuine reformation. The OP asked if we considered them to be "real" or not and my opinion is as valid as the next.
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  8. mc7t

    mc7t Forum Resident

    Stoke on Trent,UK
    Yes definitely...I prefer "Real Love" over Faab though.

    I love the moment in the Real Love video when Paul and George hug...Gets me every time.
  9. johnny moondog 909

    johnny moondog 909 Beatles-Lennon & Classic rock fan

    I was very touched also by watching George & Paul share a hug as the Real Love walkout/fade is happening.

    It was very symbolic to us deep fans I think, knowing Harrison was the reluctant reunion Beatle, & they'd almost never recorded together until then. Since 69.

    Very poignant. A great tribute to their fallen comrade as well. One of my big thrills is catching an uninformed friend & playing the 2 videos for them. My young 20 year old neighbors had never heard of The Beatles reunion. I revelled with anticipation as their eyes welled up, watching those ancient Beatles.

    I'm still angry Anthology 3 omitted the next new song. Still waiting ( 22 ) years for Apple to fix that.

    The P-G & R oldies jam at Harrison's Friar Park, the 3 of them at Abbey Road with George Martin pulling up faders on Tomorrow Never Knows & Golden Slumbers all priceless. I look forward to the rest of it, the rest of the jam, & the remaining reunion songs. It really gave me joy for years afterward helped with the healing of Lennon's murder.

    There are dozens of reunion photos, in a thread here somewhere, just fantastic, the earliest ones are Clapton & Patti's wedding In 79 ? Then the 3 at Ringo & Barbara's wedding, a great shot around the cake, then it skips to dozens of 94-95 photos, a variety of shots, they hung out a lot, there are some from restaurants & pubs, at Abbey Road, The Mill, Friar Park.

    Supposedly they played a couple tunes at Ringo & Barbara's wedding. Ringo's wedding... Never seen a pic or heard clips of Ringo's wedding, except the cake photo
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  10. dudley07726

    dudley07726 Forum Resident

    It affected my life by making me happy to see the 3 of them doing something together after so many years.
  11. CraigBic

    CraigBic Forum Resident

    New Zealand
    I decided to have a flick through the Anthology 1 booklet.

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  12. hayden10538

    hayden10538 Well-Known Member

    Essex, England
    I wonder if the Anthology documentary will ever appear on Blu Ray?
  13. AFOS

    AFOS Forum Resident

    No he doesn't just that moments opinion. I love John he's my favorite Beatle but his opinions changed from day to day.
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  14. AFOS

    AFOS Forum Resident

    Perhaps it's the harpsichord, one of my favorite instruments. Wish they'd used it more often

    If only John had been sent an invitation the four would have been reunited at Eric's wedding.
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  15. johnny moondog 909

    johnny moondog 909 Beatles-Lennon & Classic rock fan

    I read that too, I forget where. Maybe it's true.

    Over the years we've learned that Yoko & or the Lennon/Ono staff, would sometimes brush aside inquiries, calls or people dropping by the Dakota for Lennon. Apparently according to Jack Douglas, even McCartney who had a prearranged appointment to have a 2nd songwriting session with Lennon at the Dakota, was refused entry by Yoko or her staff. Can you believe that !!!!!

    I'm not saying that's what happened with the Clapton wedding, but I wouldn't be surprised. Would Clapton have invited Yoko ? I wonder what he thought of her, when he came to Abbey Road to play While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

    I would think Patti would be the one to call or mail an Invitation to Yoko they knew each other as Beatle wives for 18 months ?
  16. AFOS

    AFOS Forum Resident

    I think perhaps John used Yoko as a buffer. If he had really wanted to see Paul he would have. I think I read somewhere that Pattie didn't think John would come so never sent an invite. But if one had been sent it's possible that Yoko would have intercepted it. But surely John must have known about the wedding and wondered why he didn't receive an invite?

    And Pattie had known Yoko since 1968, not sure how close they were.
  17. johnny moondog 909

    johnny moondog 909 Beatles-Lennon & Classic rock fan

    Yeah I tend to agree AFOS. Yoko may have intercepted calls or visitors intended for John. But he had to have allowed it. Or eventually he would find out & put a stop to it.
  18. PDK

    PDK One-eyed sparrow watcher...babe

    Central Florida
    Not nearly as much drinkie winkie as it would take to conceive your assessment.

    Fake it 'til ya make it, brother.
  19. BeatleJay

    BeatleJay Active Member

    Honestly, show of hands, who wouldn't have preferred a new album of original material by Paul, George and Ringo? I feel that was the big missed opportunity. They could've done the two or three John demo tracks as a last 'goodbye' to John and a last tribute, and ridden the public's good will to put out what would've at the least been some interesting post-John Beatles material. I would've accepted that. I love George and hearing a whole album of his playing in the 90s would've been cool. George, Paul and Ringo could've continued on as The Beatles in the 90s for me and I would've been accepting of it.
  20. BeatleJay

    BeatleJay Active Member

    This, to me, was the coolest moment of the whole project:
  21. JFS3

    JFS3 Forum Resident

    Agree with this.

    Although they are pleasant enough, to me they're not true "Beatles" records since they weren't recorded either the intent, or the consent of, all members of the group (the fact that Harrison only participated due to financial, and not artistic considerations, dampens the spirit of them as well).

    That said, I quite enjoy them for what they are.
  22. PDK

    PDK One-eyed sparrow watcher...babe

    Central Florida
    Totally 100%. If they got together, announced themselves as a reunited band, and recorded new songs.... I personally wouldn't argue against it.

    As far as a missed opportunity: The TV special certainly attracted attention that could've been utilized to sell anything they wanted to and reap major returns. Would I want an album motivated by the marketing campaign that was the "Anthology"?

    It would depend on the music produced but on the face of it: No
    For me: There would have to be a sincere desire to honor "The Beatles" and somehow take it forward.

    Ringo has gotten McCartney to participate on material (and vice versa). Is it "The Beatles"?


    The dream is over...50 years now.
  23. Mike Visco

    Mike Visco Forum Resident

    Newark, NJ
    Then a few days later he deposes that the Beatles will reunite for the Long and Winding Road. He was ticked off at the reporter for asking same 'ol same 'ol.

    But I would concede it was likely intended as a one off project.
  24. AFOS

    AFOS Forum Resident

    I'll accept the songs with John's demos as Beatles songs but an album without John is not The Beatles. Though I'd enjoy it for sure.
  25. oxenholme

    oxenholme High Quality Posts™ a speciality

    Just as an album without Brian is not The Rolling Stones.
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