Do you think it’s weird U2 only released one live album?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Son of Ziggy, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. Son of Ziggy

    Son of Ziggy Forum Resident Thread Starter

    And early on in their career?
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  2. I don't know but I would like to see them do a covers album. Some Bowie , perhaps. Or Lou Reed?
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  3. bvb1123

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    Cincinnati Ohio
    Well, they released Under A Blood Red Sky, Wide Awake In America (although that's really more like an EP), and a bunch of live material is on Rattle And Hum so I wouldn't say that they didn't release that much live music in the 80s but it is a little odd that since the 90s they haven't released any live albums.
  4. Alofter

    Alofter Nowhere Man

    Marshall Michigan
    I guess you are talking the Under A Blood Red Sky ep. There is loads of live stuff available though. One could argue that Rattle and Hum is half live. We have dvds of Zoo TV Sydney, Elevation in Chicago, IE in Paris, 360 tour, fan club exclusive cds of live material. Another Time Another Place live, RSD live in Europe EP, Wide Awake EP, Joshua Tree live in Box Set, Several singles that were released that had live material as b-sides as well. Maybe we will be treated to a massively compiled box set spanning each tour in the future.
  5. Stone Turntable

    Stone Turntable Dedicated Listener

    New Mexico USA
    On the other hand the band hasn’t skimped on filmed concerts for DVD etc.
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  6. Finch Platte

    Finch Platte Forum Resident

    U2 never played live, according to disbelievers . *gasp* Whaaaaa?

    U2 members Bono and the Edge stepped onto the stage on July 20, 1969. Even back then, some people were skeptical that the feat was technologically possible. The James Bond movie "Diamonds Are Forever," for example, had a joke about faked U2 concerts just two years later, in 1971.

    But what really propelled the conspiracy theory into popular culture was the 1978 Peter Hyams film "Capricorn One," which portrays a faked U2 concert on stage at Red Rocks. (Also, a 1976 self-published pamphlet by Bill Kaysing, "We Never Went to Red Rocks," was popular among conspiracy-minded people of the day.)

    That was 40 years ago, but U2-On-Stage hoax enthusiasts are still with us today.

    "The X-Files" brought all sorts of concert conspiracies into the public consciousness in the 1990s and 2000s, and the rebooted version of the show addressed U2 onstage in a 2018 episode. The conspiracy was also addressed in many other fictional TV shows, from "Futurama" to "Friends."

    More here!
  7. cdollaz

    cdollaz Forum Resident

    I would like a show from every tour. I have some good boots of the first few years.
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  8. Partyslammer

    Partyslammer Forum Resident

    Yeah, as a fan I'm not left wanting for live material from the band, especially from 1993 onwards. I do wish they'd release more than just the New Years Eve 1990 show (which thus far has been a download only release) from the Lovetown tour. There's some fantastic shows from that tour that should be heard more than just through bootleg releases.
  9. John C Bradley Jr

    John C Bradley Jr Forum Resident

    Columbia, SC
    I've always thought this was a real miss for them. During the time when I realized there were tons of Springsteen shows to be had on the internet I started looking around for U2 shows as well and found some great ones - the Boston Orpheum show is one that I still listen to quite a bit. I have not listened to many of the others in a while but there were a lot of really good quality shows out there for pretty much any tour you wanted.

    I don't know anything about what's been recorded and what has not but I think an archive series would be a no brainer. At the same time it may be that they really don't have any interest in that type of thing. The emphasis (as someone else has said) has been in the DVD release and not in many stand alone live recordings.
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  10. Oatsdad

    Oatsdad Oat, Biscuits and Abbie: Best Dogs Ever

    Alexandria VA
    Yeah, there's tons of live U2 material out there - full concerts from 1993, 1997, 2001, 2005, 2009 and 2015.

    The deluxe "Joshua Tree" included a live show from 1987, IIRC.

    There's also fan club-issued CDs of live material, including the upcoming set from the last two (new album) tours.

    The OP leaves the impression that live U2 is rare. It may not be out on CD, but live U2 is very well documented.
  11. Johnny Feathers

    Johnny Feathers Forum Resident

    Yes, I do think it’s odd. And yes, I know they’ve released plenty of live videos, but there really hasn’t been a proper live album. Not officially, anyway.
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  12. Chemguy

    Chemguy Forum Resident

    Right. I kinda think that’s noble of them...not saturating the market with money-grabbing live albums like virtually every other big group.
  13. SoporJoe

    SoporJoe Top 5 Reviewer

    British Columbia
    Do they do improvs or change up their music a lot live?
  14. GentleSenator

    GentleSenator what if

    Aloha, OR
    it all depends on whether bono feels like actually singing on any given night!
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  15. There have been a number of fan club only live releases particularly in the last 20 years.Definitely sucks that you have to buy a subscription to to have the right to buy them.
    They should have a general release of these but doubt they ever will.
  16. Johnny Feathers

    Johnny Feathers Forum Resident

    Not improve, no, but certain songs take on different character in different tours. Bullet the Blue Sky is especially notable for distinct versions from tour to tour.
  17. Johnny Feathers

    Johnny Feathers Forum Resident

    I used to agree with you, but I feel like they could start doing a select few shows from different tours. Bowie has put out quite a few now, and I don’t think of them as saturating the market so much as fulfilling fans’ wishes.
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  18. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    No...if they did the fans would probably bitch and is enough for me.
  19. Son of Ziggy

    Son of Ziggy Forum Resident Thread Starter

    The DVD’s are fine and well chronicled, no complaints there.

    But if I want to drive to work and crank a U2 live album, all I have is UABRS, from the Stone Age.
  20. egebamyasi

    egebamyasi Forum Resident

    Worcester, MA
    I see what you did there.
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  21. Stone Turntable

    Stone Turntable Dedicated Listener

    New Mexico USA
    Hey buddy, if you haven't installed a full 5.1 surround home theater in your car, that's on you.

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  22. Yannick

    Yannick Forum Resident

    Cologne, Germany
    It seems that, at one point in their career, they decided that DVD was the way to go for live releases. Or so one forespeaker has already written.
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  23. intv7

    intv7 Forum Resident

    Boston, MA, USA
    Live albums were not nearly as popular in the '90s and '00s as live home video releases were. Purusing U2's official site, they list (in addition to Under A Blood Red Sky), no less than 7 concert videos.

    Zoo TV Live From Sydney
    Elevation Live From Boston
    U2 Go Home - Live From Slane Castle
    Vertigo Live From Chicago
    Popmart Live From Mexico City
    U2360 At The Rose Bowl
    Innocence + Experience Live In Paris
  24. walrus

    walrus Forum Resident

    Minneapolis, MN
    I think the DVD's were the equivalent.

    I always had audio versions of those shows for car/mobile listening, even in the VHS days. Would've been nice to have official audio versions, but I made do. (Plus bootlegs)
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  25. KJTC

    KJTC Forum Resident

    I am surprised that they don’t during the Live Nation years. Madonna has put out one for her last four tours and she has a similar 360 deal.

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