Does Anyone Have an Opinion on UK CD label BGO Records?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by bigpink68, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Tom M

    Tom M Forum Resident

    I have the two Tom Scott 3-fers they released a few years ago, doesn't sound like overly EQ'd or compressed mastering. Could be straight transfers or a minimal amount of fussing around, which is preferable to what they could have done. The Three Dog Night CD's are fine as well.
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  2. Sticker or no sticker, the BGO releases that I’ve acquired all sound great.
  3. julotto

    julotto Forum Resident

    Kiel, Germany
    John Stewart - California Bloodlines / Willard (2-CD set) BGOCD 532
    They were the first to release these great albums on CD without cutting them short to fit on one CD. And they sound very good.
  4. Carl Swanson

    Carl Swanson Forum Resident

    Generally favorable.
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  5. Sneaky Pete

    Sneaky Pete Forum Resident

    I only have the Dave Mason Alone Together/Headkeeper twofer but it sounds good. Based on that one I’d buy more.
  6. Crawlin From The Wreckage

    Crawlin From The Wreckage Custom Titled

    One hell of a lot better than the nasty Razor & Tie releases.
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  7. I like BGO Records.
    A fine label and most if not all of what I have from them sounds really good.
  8. Crawlin From The Wreckage

    Crawlin From The Wreckage Custom Titled

    ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION Underdog - BGO CD 918 2:1
    ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION The Boys From Doraville - BGO CD 918 2:1
    AXIS POINT Axis Point - BGO CD 576 2:1
    AXIS POINT Boast of the Town - BGO CD 576 2:1
    BLODWYN PIG Ahead Rings Out - BGO CD 54
    BOND, GRAHAM (ORGANISATION) The Sound of '65 - BGO CD 500 2:1
    BOND, GRAHAM (ORGANISATION) There's a Bond Between Us - BGO CD 500 2:1
    BYRDS, THE Fifth Dimension - BGO CD 106
    CANNED HEAT Future Blues - BGO CD 49
    FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS, THE The Fabulous Thunderbirds - BGO CD 192 (2:1)
    FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS, THE What's the Word - BGO CD 192 (2:1)
    FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS, THE Butt Rockin' - BGO CD 193 (2:1)
    FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS, THE T-Bird Rhythm - BGO CD 193 (2:1)
    FRASER, ANDY Andy Fraser Band - BGO CD 829 2:1
    FRASER, ANDY ...In Your Eyes - BGO CD 829 2:1
    J. GEILS BAND, THE Showtime! - BGO CD 264
    GROUNDHOGS Scratching the Surface - BGO CD 15
    GROUNDHOGS Blues Obituary - BGO CD 6
    GROUNDHOGS Thank Christ For the Bomb - BGO CD 67
    GROUNDHOGS Split - BGO CD 76
    GROUNDHOGS Who Will Save the World? - BGO CD 77
    GROUNDHOGS Hogwash - BGO CD 44
    GROUNDHOGS Crosscut Saw - BGO CD 131 2:1
    GROUNDHOGS Black Diamond - BGO CD 131 2:1
    HOLLIES, THE Distant Light - BGO CD 97
    JAMES GANG,THE Yer' Album - BGO CD 60
    JAMES GANG, THE Thirds - BGO CD 119
    KOTTKE, LEO Ice Water - BGO CD 146
    KOTTKE, LEO Dreams and All That Stuff - BGO CD 132
    KOTTKE, LEO Chewing Pine - BGO CD 148
    LITTLE STEVEN Men Without Women - BGO CD 695 1
    LITTLE STEVEN Voice of America - BGO CD 695 2
    MASON, DAVE Headkeeper - BGO CD 675
    (also contains Alone Together)
    MOUNTAIN Climbing! - BGO CD 112
    MOUNTAIN Nantucket Sleighride - BGO CD 32
    REID, TERRY Terry Reid - BGO CD 168
    REID, TERRY Bang, Bang You're Terry Reid - BGO CD 164
    REID,TERRY Seed of Memory - BGO CD 619
    REID, TERRY Rogue Waves - BGO CD 140
    ROSE, TIM Tim Rose - BGO CD 378 (2:1)
    ROSE, TIM Rose Colored Glasses - BGO CD 378 (2:1)
    SEATRAIN Seatrain - BGO CD 465 Disc 1
    SEATRAIN Marblehead Messenger - BGO CD 465 Disc 2
    SPIRIT Spirit of '76 - BGO CD 605
    SPIRIT Son of Spirit - BGO CD 644 2:1
    SPIRIT Farther Along - BGO CD 644 2:1
    WINTER, EDGAR Roadwork - BGO CD 590
    WRIGHT, GARY Extraction - BGO CD 699 2:1
    WRIGHT, GARY Footprint - BGO CD 699 2:1
    ZEPHYR Zephyr - BGO CD 41

    I think they're a great reissue label. Most importantly, they offer(ed) titles no one else seemed to want to take a chance on. Most of these releases sound better than the "official" CDs reissued by the original label.
  9. Dok

    Dok Forum Resident

    I was shocked to find I had missed this one from this past March and just recently ordered it. Forum resident @JBStephens (Restoration of historic sound recordings. ) had done some really nice needledrops of all of Charlie's unreissued albums for me a couple of years ago which included 3 of these ('The Fastest Harp in the South' had been reissued by Sony in '91). I contacted BGO asking about the sources and they replied digital transfers of the original masters from Sony. When I asked about the remastering Mike Gott replied, "It is remastered by Andrew Thompson at our manufacturing company Sound Performance in Greenwich London, as are all our releases."


    They did get the dates wrong in their description however, these are all from '69 to '73 not '72 to '75 as stated, which doesn't bode well for the liner notes. Charlie himself was unaware of this reissue though he is very easy to find on the web. Still, I can't wait to hear how these sound! I'm also currently reading his autobiography which I can highly recommend for anyone wanting insight into the Nashville studio session scene of the early 60's and 70's.
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  10. melstapler

    melstapler Reissue Activist

    BGO never cease to impress. I'd like to see more British invasion artists added to their catalog in the near future, as many titles from that era are currently OOP and unavailable.
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  11. Dear 23

    Dear 23 Senior Member

    Midwest USA
    I agree with most here. The few releases that I have have never failed to impress. I wouldn't hesitate to pick up something from BGO.

    Atlanta Rhythm Section - Third Annual Pipe Dream / A Rock and Roll Alternative
    Billy Squier - The Tale Of The Tape / Don't Say No
    Robin Trower - Long Misty Days / In City Dreams
    UFO - Phenomenon / Force It
    UFO - The Wild, The Willing, and The Innocent / Mechanix
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  12. Dok

    Dok Forum Resident

    That wait was fulfilled today and then some! I just had to chime back in and say that the sound Q is outstanding! Thank you BGO for reissuing these wonderful recordings of Charlie's. Very deserving. They also alleviated my worries with very will written liner notes that included the FULL credits of each album and a mini history of Charlie's life and career. This has been so long overdue. Now, bring on the next batch! :righton:

    This one is on the Good Time Charlie album but in pristine sound -

    If their other 4fers are of this quality it will break the bank. I've already got 3 Ramsey Lewis's, and the 3fers of Wendy Waldman, and Nicolette Larson on their way. Real curious about the Earl Scruggs and the Jerry Reed as well.
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  13. I've the Scruggs sets. A bit loud IMO but not awful seeing as many of the BGO releases are the only CD option for some of the titles.
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  14. RoyalScam

    RoyalScam Luckless Pedestrian

    I have the Nicolette Larson 3-fer and think it’s excellent.
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  15. kcjayhawk

    kcjayhawk Forum Resident

    Just got the Firefall 3-fer for the first lps. It’s really good. Very surprised! Have several other BGO’s. Good stuff..
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  16. Rick Bartlett

    Rick Bartlett Forum Resident

  17. The label selection, SQ and customer service is top notch.
  18. I used to have a BGO CD and it sounded like it was copied from an nth generation source. I sold it right away.
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  19. Rick Bartlett

    Rick Bartlett Forum Resident

    What CD was that?
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  20. Don McLean : Don Mclean
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  21. Rick Bartlett

    Rick Bartlett Forum Resident

    Thankyou very much! I'd be curious to hear it myself now out of interest.
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  22. Maybe I'm just used to the sound of the vinyl counterpart of the album.
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  23. Rick Bartlett

    Rick Bartlett Forum Resident

    Then again, there could be truth in what your saying. Appreciate the observation, always good to hear.
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  24. Colinjpush

    Colinjpush Forum Resident

    Erie PA
    If no one mentioned it already, both Ahead Rings Out and Getting To This from Blodwyn Pig are great, better than the recent reissues in my opinion.
  25. melstapler

    melstapler Reissue Activist

    Some of the more extreme cases would probably be the Del Shannon catalog reissues on BGO, a situation where the master tapes haven't been found for certain recordings. BGO have been on a roll in recent years, for example, a number of these artist-focused sets include albums which were long OOP on vinyl and never available on CD, until now of course and with terrific sound.

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