Does Anyone Have an Opinion on UK CD label BGO Records?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by bigpink68, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Yes. Aside from their Ian Matthews releases (which are trash) and the loudness and slight brightness of their Earl Scruggs CDs (bluegrass shouldn't be compressed) they are generally very good. Definitely more home runs than misses. Their selection alone makes them a worthwhile label.
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  2. Guy E

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    Antalya, Turkey
    I think that I was disappointed by the fidelity of at least one BGO release, but I can't remember what it was (Leo Kottke, perhaps).

    At this point, I have quite a number of CDs on the BGO label. The artwork is perfunctory and sometimes you have to keep a scorecard on all the typos in the liner notes. But it can't be easy to stay afloat and I'm sure that they have to keep their operation "lean and mean" to turn a profit. I was happy with their recent Eric Andersen 2-fer of Be True To You and Sweet Surprise. It sounds very good.
  3. Locutus67

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    I give this 2 CD issue a thumbs up as well. The dynamics are intact & the sound is smooth. My comparison is to the 1999 Rhino "Very Best Of" comp that suffers from a bit of limiting & overly bright high end.
    It's nice to hear a remaster that doesn't make one cringe at the very word. This is how stuff should be issued.

    Analyzed folder: C:\Users\Locutus\Desktop\Nicolette Larson - Nicolette-In The Nick Of Time-Radioland (BGO 2016)\CD1 - Nicolette\
    DR Peak RMS Filename

    DR13 -0.50 dB -15.52 dB 01 Lotta Love.wav
    DR13 -0.50 dB -15.67 dB 02 Rhumba Girl.wav
    DR12 -1.00 dB -14.81 dB 03 You Send Me.wav
    DR12 -1.00 dB -14.57 dB 04 Can't Get Away From You.wav
    DR13 -0.50 dB -16.25 dB 05 Mexican Divorce.wav
    DR14 -1.00 dB -16.67 dB 06 Baby, Don't You Do It.wav
    DR13 -0.50 dB -15.77 dB 07 Give A Little.wav
    DR13 -2.43 dB -18.57 dB 08 Angels Rejoiced.wav
    DR11 -3.00 dB -16.00 dB 09 French Waltz.wav
    DR12 -0.90 dB -15.45 dB 10 Come Early Mornin'.wav
    DR11 -1.50 dB -17.08 dB 11 Last In Love.wav

    Number of files: 11
    Official DR value: DR12
  4. melstapler

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    Currently, I've noticed certain BGO titles have become unavailable and appear to have gone OOP. Fortunately, they've been releasing all-new titles.
  5. quicksrt

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    We will see so many things go out of print in the next 5 years. So much of it we won't see because we already have it or for whatever reason, and it just fades away and is gone and no one noticed until they go and want one and it's a $35 CD minimum.

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  6. JumpinJimF

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    Thanks for the tip about BGO records. Just went to their site and ordered the Muddy Waters Folk Singer / Big Bill double. All for a massive £9.99.

    I see that BGO is run by Andy of the former Andy’s Records. Those with long memories may remember his cut price record stall on Cambridge market. I used to frequent it in the early 80s. There was also a shop in Cambridge called Beat Goes On. Hence BGO.
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  7. The Killer

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    He's very hands on, I've emailed with a couple of suggestions over the years and he replies. He hasn't actually put out anything I've suggested but he did reply.
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  8. StarThrower62

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    I picked up quite a few of their Brit jazz releases by Nucleus, and Graham Collier.
  9. Dok

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    New releases out today in the UK (except for the Eddie Money) , next week in the US. Funny that they're not listed on their website yet. Sorry for the giant size!



  10. samthesham

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    Moorhead MN
    Canned Heat - Hallelujah / Cook Book has good sound

    Canned Heat - Living The Blues (2CD) also good sound
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  11. melstapler

    melstapler Reissue Activist

    The Rick Roberts 1CD twofer containing the albums "Windmills" and "She Is A Song" has terrific sound and interesting artwork in line with the standard BGO releases.
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  12. All Down The Line

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    Only one that I can think of is:

    If you miss 'im i got 'im
    By John Lee Hooker
    Featuring Earl Hooker

    Sounds excellent
  13. Oh goodness. Will the first two PPL be much needed remixes to get some bottom end on those suckers?
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  14. They don’t remix. These have always been a bit bright as well as I recall.
  15. Exactly the problem. The band members themselves have expressed wishes for a remix. This remaster may be useless to me, especially since I have the SACD of Two Lane Highway. Oh well.
  16. To be fair, they’ve never done remixes. The only folks that would do that would be the label (or if the band paid for it). Mastered properly, some of that harshness can hwve it’s edge taken off and sound quite good. That’s where someone like Steve c9mes into handy. I will withhold judgment till I hear itfor myself.
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  17. moops

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    Geebung, Australia
    In these times of download only releases from artists and CD apparently way passed it's used by date, I think any CD reissue label that's still around is a good thing. My world as a CD buyer is much better off with BGO in it than not. They reissue interesting stuff, it's decent quality and it's priced well.
    I like what they do, more power to them.

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  18. I'm def not blaming BGO, I'm just pointing out that many people (including the band itself) has requested remixes, and for some reason, no-one seems to be listening. To be honest I generally don't even like remixes, but this is one exception I'd love to make.
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  19. Chemically altered

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    In your mind
    Good budget label. I have a lot of their two albums on a single disk with good sound quality.
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  20. tomvox

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    South Wales
    Far more hits than misses. I like the way they don't stick to the 'purist' line by only issuing Pop & Rock material. Some great RCA 2fer Country discs have came out that I wouldn't have expected.
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  21. Dok

    Dok Forum Resident

    BGO has some recent August releases, vinyl and CD. BGO Records



  22. Well Til Tuesday and Fishbone are we n my list.

    The only one I’ve ever been underwhelmed with was the Richard Thompson reissues (missing a bonus track, no liner notes) but the mastering was very nice for both titles. their Redbone release sounded pretty good. Interesting to see that Floating World is giving them a run for their money with their twofers and threefers.
  23. yep. I have this. It sounds quite good.
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  24. It's hard to keep up with BGO: both with their OOP releases and the new ones. Whew!
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  25. MYKE

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