Doors - "The Singles" 2 CD, 2 CD + Blu-Ray, & 7" Vinyl Box

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    A great article! Thanks for the link!

    But....what in the world is going on in the comments section? Spam City!!!
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    Okay, I finally broke down and bought this CD.
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    What took you so long?
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  4. reb

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    The headphones being right up to my ears make any perceived mono channel imbalance inaudible.

    Over speakers ( I have 3 stereo systems), in addition to Unhappy Girl, I also hear an imbalance in the opening organ effect on Unkown Soldier.


    Likely, my ears no longer hear equally at specific high frequencies...:sigh:
  5. mBen989

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    I wish I had an excuse but I don't.
  6. Six Bachelors

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    So, now that the thread has been...streamlined...I should focus on what is here rather than what I say isn’t and what is here is a much more complete picture of The Doors’ discography. One can see that looking at it just as eight studio LPs isn’t quite accurate, particularly with WFTS and TSP.

    For those two LPs, it was, in my opinion, a case of singles being shoehorned into the LPs. It seems that Unknown Soldier in particular was a late ‘67/early ‘68 single first and foremost and then was placed on the LP four months later, in a substantially different mix (mono vs stereo aside).

    I wondered whether the bells and noises in the outro were overdubbed after the single release.

    I suspect that the gunshot sound on the single was cut into the tape - I can hear a bump before and after it on the single version.

    With TSP, that seems to be even less of a LP; rather it seems like a collection of singles and then quite a diverse and odd collection of studio tracks making up the rest of the LP with some of the single tracks getting radical remixes. Touch Me and Wild Child had been around and played on stage for months. Even Wishful Sinful and Who Scared You has been out for five months.

    I also find the change in Botnick’s mixing philosophy (or perhaps Rothchild’s production) across the tracks very interesting. The four tracks on the first two singles contained centred rhythm sections. Suddenly for the third single that goes out the door and Tell All The People has the rhythm section panned wide and Easy Ride has the bass far left. When the LP comes out Touch Me and Wishful Sinful appear in dramatically different and, arguably, less powerful mixes with the rhythm sections separated.

    However Wild Child retains its centred rhythm section (I don’t know if this is on the LP in a remix - it sounds the same to me) and Shaman’s Blues has a centred rhythm section. Some of the other tracks do and some don’t. Along with the strange mix of styles (heavy tracks, sweet tracks) it makes for a bit of a fractured listening experience.

    I wonder what changed in Botnick’s/Rothchild’s approaches - I find it surprising that they would abandon their approach of a centred rhythm section by the time of Tell All The People, to the point that they remixed the previous two A-sides for the LP...and then they went back to a mostly a centred rhythm section for Morrison Hotel (although You Make Me Real has the rhythm section panned, as I recall.)

    At the end of the day, TSP a strange LP but I am very fond of it. Moreover it becomes the most fascinating LP in its long production and inconsistencies and, apparently, changing engineering and production approaches. This singles set shines a light on those circumstances.
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    Fantastic analysis, I can’t wait to go back and compare based on your insights here.
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  8. reb

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    It's almost a full month and I still have not received a replacement from DrRhino..........Oh well , maybe it will show up ...??
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  9. Six Bachelors

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    Have you had acknowledgement of your request or have you been ignored? If the former, as frustrating as it is, I reckon you will get it, in time.
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  11. Galley

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    $12.99! I bought it early this morning at that price.
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  12. tribby2001

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    I was surprised to see The Doors AP Multi-channel Hybrid SACDs going at that price and free shipping.
    Vinyl Records, SACDs, DVD Audio, Audiophile Equipment|Acoustic Sounds
    So, I bought a complete SACD set as well as the BR-a Singles :bdance: Buying Choices: The Singles (2CD/1Blu-Ray)
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  13. reb

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    Dr. Rhino

    Thank You

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  14. Kubricker

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    Me too!
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  15. serj

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    Can anyone comment on the sound of The Doors CD compilations? Which are the best in terms of sound & still in print? Or which could be found new for a reasonable price? My main interest are "L.A. W" & "Waiting.." songs.
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  16. reb

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    The original best of the doors 2cd set- good sound easily found for cheap !

  17. CowboyBill

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    I like this one. Original mixes and great sound (also the unedited "End" and "Break on Trough") The track list is all one really needs.

  18. Bubba Zanetti

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    The original Best of The Doors, released on CD in 1985 IIRC, sounds really good :righton:
  19. John Fell

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    Another alternative is the 2 cd U.S. version of this.


    Both 2 cd sets have 34 tracks. Here are the differences.

    Absolutely The Best:

    Wild Child
    You Make Me Real
    Celebration Of The Lizard

    The Very Best of - 2 cd U.S. version from 2007

    End Of The Night
    Love Street
    The Ghost Song
  20. CowboyBill

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    Man, my two favorite Doors songs are "Wild Child" and "End of The Night". Never bought this set, by the time it came out, I was sick of re-buying Doors. That is also a nice tracklist though. Are they the remixes?
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  21. John Fell

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    I believe it has the remixes that were used on the Perception Box set. More confusing is that the 2 cd U.K. version of the Very Best of from 2007 has a different track listing than the U.S. version but both have 34 tracks. In addition, the same title was also released in a 1 disc version in the U.S and U.K.

    Here are the differences.

    U.K. version

    Bird of Prey
    Orange County Suite
    Runnin' Blue
    Stoned Immaculate
    Whiskey, Mystics And Men

    U.S. version

    Twentieth Century Fox
    My Eyes Have Seen You
    Tell All People
    Not To Touch The Earth
    Gloria (live)
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  22. Lord Hawthorne

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    Some early editions have that big hit "Celebration Of the Lizard".
  23. andrewskyDE

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    I bought the CD/BluRay set two weeks ago and love it.
    And yeah, Jim looks a bit weird on the cover.
  24. CowboyBill

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    That's true, It's an interesting listen but not every time I got the disc on. Paul Rothschild made a good decision not including it on "Waiting For The Sun". There's a couple tracks I would've wanted on this collection other than that. Still, its my favorite comp.
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  25. Platterpus

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    Yeah, I was lucky to find a mint used copy about 5 years ago.
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