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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Gregory Earl, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Gregory Earl

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    So tonight on Turner Classic Movies they are showing some old Doris Day films and it got me to thinking about whether I've got a Doris Day album or not. I don't think I do. And if I did, what should it be?

    I really love her. Anytime I see one of her films playing on the tube I have to stop and watch. I stop in to her website from time to time to see what's new with her. Yes, she is still with us. Such a beautiful person inside and out. And quiet sexy in my old man opinion.:love: Very sexy........very.:drool:
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  2. Mr. Bob Dobalena

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    Doris really had a way with a song. One of my favorite LPs is "Latin for Lovers" from 1965. A fine contribution to the bossa nova craze of the moment. Sultry!
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  3. Gregory Earl

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    Oh she is sultry alright. Sultry....that's right Mr Bob.
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  4. jhw59

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    Latin for Lovers is a vocal masterpiece.
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  5. Vinylfindco

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    Agreed. I fell in love with this album. In another thread, most agreed the mono is better on this one.
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  6. chacha

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    mill valley CA USA
    Get the albums Day By Day and Day By Night. Terrific records.
    I love Doris. She’s really warm, intimate and sexy. As far as movies, I hate that Hollywood wanted to turn her into a virgin in the 60’s. The Fifties is where it’s at for her in film.
    Also check out her first TV appearance on What’s My Line on YouTube- terrific.
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  7. PRW94

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    The Southeast
    The album with Andre Previn is sublime ...
  8. This one below is great, and the sound of the mono version (haven't heard the stereo yet) is a knock-out!

  9. Gregory Earl

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  10. Tom Perry

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  11. chacha

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    Duets . Yes - really good.
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  12. Mal

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    It's a long list - Okeh, Columbia, radio recordings, etc...

    The Definitive Doris Day Discography - The Doris Day Forum

    I've not been disappointed with any of it (well, maybe some of the 80s stuff is a little weak).

    The TV show is of its time but it's fun to revisit once in a while - not much in the way of music, however. The TV specials are predictably cornball but at least the emphasis is back on the music again :thumbsup:

    I recommend the reissue of the 1966 Harmony (Columbia's budget label) album Doris Day Sings Her Great Movie Hits which sounds great and has a good selection of movie related material added:

    Also, SONY just bundled five of her early 10" Columbia LPs:

    For the albums in general, I recommend the UK SONY "Two On One" series over the US Collectables two-fers.

    Eventually you will want to get the Bear Family sets, of course - while not perfect, they do the fantastic job of collecting all of the solo Columbia recordings.


    The Les Brown Okeh and Columbia recordings are collected here:

    Finally, don't miss the wealth of out of copyright radio recordings from the golden era (just google "Doris Day OTR") :)


  13. ronm

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    southern colo.
    Doris Day was one sexy woman in her heyday.
  14. chacha

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    mill valley CA USA
    Yes indeed.
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  15. yasujiro

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  16. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    I only have Day By Day. Very good album.
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  17. AudioEnz

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    Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps from that album is wonderful - and one of my favourite songs to dance to.
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  18. French jazz critic Boris Vian, who was generally suspicious of non-African-american jazz/variety artists in the late 40s/50s, and could indeed be pretty harsh on them, thought highly of Doris Day.

    She was also an early animal rights/no-fur activist, which further endears her to me.
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  19. feinstei9415

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  20. ShockControl

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    Yes, and the song selection is very interesting. Who else does "Nobody's Heart" by Rodgers and Hart?
  21. sixtiesstereo

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    My favorite album by her is the soundtrack to "Young Man With A Horn" from 1950.
    Her singing on this is remarkable, and in the film, as usual, she looks sensational.
    And here's one of many clips from the film online...(watch fullscreen)
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  22. jhw59

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    How's the twofer Cuttin Capers and Bright and Shiny?
  23. snepts

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    The contemporary artist Nellie McKay released a tribute to Doris in 2009 -- Normal As Blueberry Pie on Verve.
    I haven't dove head-on into Ms McKay's career, but she's very thoughtful and eclectic, so I'm sure it's a charming album.
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  24. WLL

    WLL Popery Of Mopery

    ...I've tended to like some of her later singles - anyway, " Move Over Darling " - a touch rock & roll-influenced - anyway, Brill Building pop - and produced by her son, Terry Melcher:eek:! How Oedipal!:D:agree::love::angel:;)
  25. Scope J

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    Picked this one up the other day

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