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    This coupling is available on both UK SONY ("Two On One" series) and US SONY/Collectables ("2 LPs on 1 CD" series).

    1994: SONY (UK) / Columbia 477593 2
    2001: SONY Special Products / Collectables COL-CD-6860 [SONY (A-52309)]

    Generally, the UK twofers are preferable to me (note: the pairings are usually different to the US ones) mainly since the US twofer discs are processed with noise reduction (some worse than others). In the case of Cuttin' Capers / Bright & Shiny the US disc could be considered defective since it has significant noise that appears to have been introduced in the mastering (not on other releases of the same material), plaguing many of the tracks on Cuttin' Capers.

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  2. Gregory Earl

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    Nice cover.
  3. Rick Bartlett

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    This is a great one for an overall compilation:
    The Bear Family Box Sets are an absolute must, if you want to delve into Doris Day.
    Brilliant sets!
  4. Rick Bartlett

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    Not to forget her 'last' album per say, which is a compilation of songs recorded but
    not released before over a stretch of time.
    I love this album:
  5. Gregory Earl

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    That photograph has the sexiest facial expression from her I think I've ever seen. Oh my!
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  6. Rick Bartlett

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    I've always had the 'hot's for her!!!
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  7. Rick Bartlett

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    She looked great! Sang great! acted and danced great!
    One of the all time greats period!
  8. Rick Bartlett

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    2018! and still doing great work in animal welfare.
    She deserves way more love and attention here on the board.
    96 years old!
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    I posted this on a Christmas thread and with only a few days to go, it works here, too. Sigh.

  10. soundboy

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    You mean Ms. Day's "latest".....also made her the oldest artist to place an album of new materials in the Top 10 of the UK Top Album Chart.
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    mill valley CA USA
    Great album
  12. chacha

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    mill valley CA USA
    Mine too. Great rumba.
  13. jimac51

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    Came across a Tonight Show Johnny Carson clip on You Tube with Rodney Dangerfield from 2/9/74. Doris Day is the guest right before Rodney. Doris is recollecting a tour with Bob Hope and points to Jimmy Zito,a member of the Tonight Show band, as someone who was a witness to the story. Doris & Jimmy were both in Les Brown's band,mid-1940s. 30 years later and Doris points him out from the band like they were next-door neighbors. Imdb lists that Zito was a part of the Young Man with A Horn film that co-starred Day(1950).
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  14. Mal

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    The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You) - Les Brown and his Orchestra

    Vocal Chorus by Doris Day

  15. Rick Bartlett

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    Ahhhh! good ol history, in the days where the band was more important than the singer.
    Same applied to Sinatra & Crosby in the day.
    I wonder how many youngin's know what a fox trot is?
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  16. O Don Piano

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    She looks pretty hot in this for yourselves.............! Try Sept 2 1974.
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  17. Rick Bartlett

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    Very rare to see her with the headlights on!
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  18. Get2Me

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    I've always been partial to Doris' proposed 1967 LP, The Love Album. I purchased the 2016 reissue from Varese Sarabande recently and have been falling hard for this late night album all week. :love:

    As a sort of tribute to Doris Day, I decided to make some custom artwork for The Love Album. Unreleased until 1994, and then reissued at least two more times (in 2006 and 2016) with expanded track listings, every single cover designed for this album reflected Doris’ wholesome “girl next door” image, despite the music being lush and quite sensual. As a result, the CD album covers all look like products of the time they were issued, not when the music was produced. With my custom cover, I set out to give The Love Album a sense of time and place with artwork that mimics the graphic design aesthetics of the late 1960s. I didn’t include the Columbia records logo because this LP wasn’t intended for release on that label. However, I did include their double arrow, “360 Sound” stereo logo as a nod to Doris’ long association with Columbia. It’s a small tribute, but a well deserved one for this beloved star of stage and screen, who also gave us some incredibly nuanced, and easy on the ears, vocal music.

    Rest in peace, sweet Doris.

  19. Rufus rag

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    What a talent, a neautiful singer and actress. I personally prefer her film soundtracks. My Mum played them all the time along with Nat King Cole and Dean Martin. Thank you Mum
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  20. jhw59

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    On my list but what's the recommended version?
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  21. Get2Me

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    I have both the 2006 UK import edition released on Concord records (Doris Day - The Love Album ) AND the 2016 Varese Sarabande domestic edition (Doris Day: The Love Album | Varèse Sarabande ).

    BOTH CD releases augment the original proposed 12-song LP with the same three bonus tracks: "Both Sides Now," "It's Magic," and "Sentimental Journey," culled from a 1971 TV special.

    Unless the mastering is something special, I'd avoid the original 1994 issue of The Love Album (Doris Day - The Love Album ) because it's missing the three bonus tracks mentioned above. The 2016 Varese Sarabande edition states that it was remastered by Mike Milchner at Sonic Vision, Los Angeles and the digital tape transfers were overseen by Doug Schwartz at Mulholland Music.

    Hope this helps!
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  22. Wally Swift

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    Brooklyn New York
    I really like this compilation of Radio broadcasts;

    Doris Day - Sings 22 Original Recordings

    "There isn't a bad apple among the bunch. Doris Day's voice, sweet and strong, easily turns in superlative versions of these standards. She is the center of attention, but it's interesting to listen to tracks like "Just You, Just Me" where the Page Cavanaugh Trio contributes an accompaniment reminiscent of the Nat King Cole Trio, placing Day in a jazz environment."

    Sings 22 Original Recordings - Doris Day | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic
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  23. Mal

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    Fantastic material - this CD is preferable to me over "22 Original Recordings":

    CD Album: Doris Day - Sentimental Journey (1995) [Castle/Kaz - TrueTrax TRT CD 164]

    It's in mono as opposed to fake stereo (pretty common for this material) although the NR is still a little excessive.

    Took me a while to figure out these weren't on Columbia but were for radio - they sound like excellent studio recordings hiding under the NR - presumably sourced from disc but better transfers could be done today...

    I've been meaning to try the various other Hindsight Records editions of this material in case they are less processed (maybe all the same, just re-issued a few times?) - anyone heard those or other better sources for these recordings?

    "Stardust" - Doris Day with the Page Cavanaugh Trio

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  24. Wally Swift

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    Brooklyn New York
    Just curious why you think these are fake stereo? Listening now, The 22 OR CD sounds great. I don't see stereo mentioned anywhere on the disc. Not arguing but genuinely curious. Doesn't that fake stereo process cause you to hear the same material in both channels but EQ'd differently on the left than the right? Don't hear that here. Thanks.
  25. Mal

    Mal Phorum Physicist

    My CD seems to be an original 1987 edition - disc made by Discovery Systems [matrix: 1NP0100B]. On playback, it has an image that moves from left to right fairly extremely depending on the program level - some kind of dynamic fake stereo process. It's obvious on headphones, maybe less so in other listening situations.

    The Castle/Kaz CD doesn't have this - all perfectly down the middle (and also the sound is noticeably clearer).

    The Hindsight 22 Original Recordings (1952-53) CD I have indicates that it was mastered utilising the infamous WARING-fds process - that would explain the strange "stereo" presentation:

    Waring-FDS sound
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