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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Hershiser, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Hershiser

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    Besides the typical stereo component rack you see at audio advisor or Best Buy, can anyone make a recommendation for a double width component rack that is stylish yet functional to hold at least 4 components and keep a turntable on top. Preferably something with a mid century modern look.

    It is so hard to find a rack that is not designed for a TV and the ones that are not are single column that go too high when accommodating more than 4 components.

    I have tried the furniture stores but they tend to add drawers and lack cable management.

  2. Salectric

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    Box Furniture makes some very nice looking double-width racks. I have a single-width 4-shelf model made of solid anigre. The other standard wood is sapele. Both look great and my equipment sounds better on the Box Furniture rack than on others I’ve tried which include Sound Anchors, Billy Bags and many homemade racks.
  3. motorstereo

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    How about some 3/4" oak plywood and 1/2" threaded rod to custom make exactly what you want?
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  4. Hershiser

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    If I had any skills I would think about it. Lol. Thanks.
  5. james

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    theres also Timbernation

    I heard if a new company that was showing at audio shows and the prices looked good. Can’t recall the name. Does anyone know who I’m talking about?
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  6. tyinkc

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    I second Timbernation. Gorgeous racks.
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  7. harby

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    Portland, OR, USA
    Ikea Besta with a choice of legs, here hairpin legs:


    You can get a door that slides from side to side, or a pair of hinged doors. Also shelves, or drawers with or without box...


    The Besta looked nice in "mocha", which I have with double wood doors with small windows in the middle of each, but they discontinued that style.

    Ikea Mostorp with vinyl wood grain stick-on and new legs:


    Some of the bigger receivers will need you to cut out the whole back section where it goes because they are too deep.
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  8. MGW

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    Scotland, UK

    QAVM or QAVX
    Quadraspire - The Origianl Q4 EVO Racks

    Quadraspire - Performance SVT Racks

    All are modular, so you choose the number and finish of the shelves and the spacers to determine height.

    I have had the original Q4 since about 1996/7 and they still look great and ithey certainly improved the sound when I first installed it. No idea now because it has been installed ever since apart from an occasional deep-clean.
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  9. Hershiser

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    Thanks for all the suggestions on this thread. Due to budget reasons some of these are a little more than I have to allocate to this. But I love the Box Furniture racks and the Quadrospire.

    I think I am going to go with the Salamander SDAV1 rack from Crutchfield. It is a double wide with 4 shelves and a can place my turntable on top and my wife is ok with the appearance.
  10. Claude Benshaul

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    I have a double width Quadraspire SVT (SV2T) and one ifs advantages are the slotted shelves for extra airflow.'s a bit...ahem...expensive.
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  11. Jeff57

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  12. Hershiser

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    I love how they show the components without wires connecting them. It looks lovely.
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  13. Salectric

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    It's like the magazine photos of Wilson speakers sitting all by themselves in some big, beautiful room with not a single speaker cable in sight. I guess the owner just likes the looks of them.
  14. Warren Jarrett

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    Fullerton, CA
    Two identical racks side-by-side, with one granite shelf covering both of them, can be a very nice alternative. You have so many choices of colors, in granite, and the small granite shops (countertop installers) will cut and polish a piece to any size you need. I actually have 3 racks side by side, with one top shelf all the way across the top of them.

    You can see mine on my website, .

    The video on my Home page doesn't show it, nor does the Picture Gallery. Look on Page 2, the tour video of Room 1. Actually, now I realize that I should add a picture of the entire Room 1 rack to the Picture Gallery. So I will do that shortly.
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