Dream Theater re-unites with Mike Portnoy

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by JCRW, Oct 25, 2023.

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    Not completely surprised by this. Thought it would happen, not necessarily this soon though. The fact that they did the new Liquid Tension album a couple of years ago, then him doing the Petrucci album and touring that, followed by him and James making amends. I knew it was a matter of time. Mike Mangini is a great drummer, no doubt, but it never was a solid fit for me. Mangini was/is super technical, but was missing the emotion that Portnoy brings to the music on top of the technical ability. Excited to see what happens.
  3. walrus

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    This seemed inevitable. Not even because MP was playing with JP on side projects again, but just economically...just my perception but the last tour seemed to be underattended in a lot of markets, of course coming out of Covid in '21-'22 was a factor but IMO the biggest factor was just declining interest in their new albums. They'd already done 'Images' and 'Scenes' anniversary tours so MP coming back was the last card they had to play to drum up interest in the next project/tour.

    Not saying this is the only reason, but IMO if the last few albums had been big successes and the band was selling out every gig, I'm not sure this would be happening.

    I'm more bummed that Sons of Apollo will likely never happen again. I think both their records were better than any album DT has done in the last 15-20 years.
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  4. Tunaboy

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    I’m shocked and incredibly happy
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    Get Kevin Moore back and we'll talk.
  6. Instant Dharma

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    Plus ce change….

    Maybe they will go back to making decent music. More songs less wanking, though with Rudess still in seems very unlikely.
  7. Progatron

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    The headline DREAM THEATER FIRES MANGINI didn't have the same ring to it...
  8. ThinWhiteDuke.

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    Portnoy criticised LaBrie's vocals in wake of his original departure from DT.

    Not like they've improved in the proceeding decade.

    A new vocalist would perhaps refresh the band.. doubtful it ever happens.

    Sympathy for mangini given he's been unceremoniously dumped.
  9. ermylaw

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    Cool news. Nice to see all the statements about his coming back and providing a nice sendoff for Mike Mangini.
  10. walrus

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    Hopefully he's gotten some less cheesy synths by now.
  11. JCRW

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    Rudess isn't leaving the band anytime soon, but if they can minimize his circus playing like they managed to do on "Distance Over Time" then they are in much better shape. Keep Mike Portnoy focused on drums and away from a vocal mic and we're in business.
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  12. walrus

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    Like I said earlier, I think it's in large part a business decision.

    I do feel bad for him, but hopefully he went in knowing this was always a possibility, like any musician who replaces an original member. To be honest, the Mangini experiment lasted a lot longer than I thought it would, so there's that.
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  13. walrus

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    I don't know why Sherinian gets so much crap from DT fans, when he's the only keyboardist they had who actually designed his sounds and played like he was in a hard rock/metal band. I wish his time in the band had lasted longer.
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  14. dunkoid

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    Not sure what to think about this. Does that mean he will ditch his side projects?
  15. forgraph

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    I think they're simply lacked songwriting capability since Portnoy left. MP is the soul of DT who gave the band "metal" feel while JP is a just a proggy guy and the biggest Rush fanboy.
    Both working together again is the best thing with that could happen with DT since MP left.

    Got me excited again!
  16. Deuce66

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    “I understand Dream Theater’s decision to get Mike Portnoy back at this time. As was said from Day 1, my place was not to fill all the roles that Mike held in the band. I was to play the drums in order to help the band carry on. My main role of keeping our live show working tightly on a nightly basis was an intense and rewarding experience. Thankfully, I got to experience playing music with these iconic musicians, as well as some fun times laced with humor. I also really enjoyed spending lots of time with the crew. And then there’s the GRAMMY® win, which was amazingly satisfying. To the fans: thank you so much for being amazing to me. I cherish the pictures I have of you all losing your minds and having fun. Finally, I really love the band, crew and management and wish them and the entire organization all the best.” Mike Mangini
  17. plextor

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    Yea this is good news, with Moore and Portnoy out they were really thin on good writing and were just a prog shell. DT used to be one of my favorite bands but I have not really enjoyed a record of theirs since Train of Thought. It's been prog by numbers since that album. I would KILL to see Moore return as he really was the heart and soul of the great DT albums.
  18. plextor

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    Yea I'll take Sherinian over Rudess any day but I'd love to see Moore back, I loved Chroma Key and his other solo adventures. I also miss his writing quite a bit in DT. Space Dye vest is an all time classic for me and one of the best Album closers ever.
  19. Jean Genie

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    This news just made my day. :pineapple:
  20. George Co-Stanza

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    I was a big fan of the albums they did with Mangini, especially the last two, but it felt like the excitement around the band was gone. They also had terrible sales on the dreamsonic tour this year, so this was probably inevitable. I’m happy to see it. The band needed another kickstart, just like they did in 2010.
  21. Blastproof

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    I like both Mikes. Maybe Mangini can reenergize Flying Colors?
  22. Swordsandchains

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    bring back Charlie Dominici
  23. Mix4800

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    As others have said this is a surprise but no surprise at the same time. I was more of a Transatlantic / Flying Colors fan in terms of Portnoy but I did enjoy his last few albums with DT and some of the earlier stuff too. His vocal contributions are hit and miss, depends on the song. I agree, it will boost interest and sales.
  24. plextor

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    So looking up thing Kevin Moore got a degree as a psychiatrist and is now working as one in North Dakota but him and James have been texted each other since 2019 and James said they are still friends. Not likely but it would be a dream to have him come back
  25. bRETT

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    Sounds like the Neal Morse Band will need a drummer if they keep working full time.

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