Dream your mansion castle set up

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by HDOM, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. HDOM

    HDOM Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Good Night :shh:

    Imagine you have a castle or big mansion, maybe with a fireplace;

    I wonder which speakers or amps etc would you use, just dream you have money enough, and can buy very good stuff;

    what do you select

    Good Night :love:

  2. gd0

    gd0 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies

    Golden Gate
    An oldie-but-goodie...

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  3. KT88

    KT88 Forum Resident

    Ah, yes...
    One with a full, soft, and warm sound. Smooth top end and a tight bottom end. Liquid midrange, and a sweet but raw way with vocals that makes the experience magical.
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  4. eflatminor

    eflatminor Forum Resident

  5. Catcher10

    Catcher10 I like records, and Prog...duh

    ^ Bitchin.....
  6. HDOM

    HDOM Well-Known Member Thread Starter


    here is mine dream castle set up :winkgrin:

    I would try to find one of those 70 pairs, handmade

    if i can not find then i go for the normal

    Klipsch Klipschorn

    I would listen in mono with only one speaker and some mono tube amp, i guess mcintosh



    I guess my first music would be my kind of blue, mono 1 channel vinyl drop, because there is no 1 channel mono cd :shtiphat:

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  7. allied333

    allied333 TUBE AMPLIFIER REBUILDER - inquire

    Fenton, MI
    I do not believe I would change my present set up for use in a castle.
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  8. .........looks like an echo chamber with really poor acoustics.
  9. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Twilight Forum Resident

  10. UnityCoupled

    UnityCoupled Forum Resident

    JBL Everest (the older ones)

    Rey Audio RM-7V

    Tannoy Westminster Royal

    Driven by McIntosh or Mark Levinson...

    Accompanied by an underground poured concrete horn subwoofer...
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  11. SquishySounds

    SquishySounds Yo mama so fat Thanos had to snap twice.

    New York
    B&W Nautilus

    Theyre just so.... Lovecraftian
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  12. George Blair

    George Blair Forum Resident

    Portland, OR
    How many rooms are there in a castle? I'd need a dungeon system... and one for each turret. Maybe an outdoor set-up for the moat.
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  13. JNTEX

    JNTEX Lava Police

    The castles I have been in I would not want to live in.

    After I upgrade my amp, I will be complete. Not that I don't enjoy it now....a monkey that flips 45 rpm disks would be cool.
  14. Day_Tripper2019

    Day_Tripper2019 Forum Resident

    Brady Bunch family room where I will play nothing but 60's and early 70's Dead.
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  15. bajaed

    bajaed Forum Resident

    Only if the monkey is wearing a Fez.
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  16. Minty_fresh

    Minty_fresh Forum Resident

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  17. ibanez_ax

    ibanez_ax Forum Resident

    Castles are too damp for equipment and storing records. :laugh:
  18. Bill Hart

    Bill Hart Forum Resident

    We had a big old stone and masonry house, several houses ago. The walls were a foot thick, of old poured concrete circa 1911. It was very hard to run an electrical wire or install a mounted light fixture-- I wound up resorting to commercial electricians, and even then, not so easy.
    Acoustically, such a structure would need an inner shell, of wood or something else in the room- stone and concrete are really unforgiving.
    I liked the gothic gloominess of the house- my wife was a little creeped out.
    I had wanted to live in Tuxedo Park next-- it's a bunch of old mansions out about 50 miles from Manhattan, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. She thought it was way too creepy-- but it also wasn't practical, given that both of us were going into the city regularly at the time.
    Care, upkeep, lot's of money. The thing about Tuxedo was, the houses were relatively cheap (by comparison to Manhattan or a comparable neighborhood in LA-- say Holland Park?). But, once you were there, you were pretty committed-- those places didn't turn over too fast.
    That kind of place is now beyond me- but at the time, it was cool -- i really liked the odd hallways, back stairway, the puzzling assortment of servant rooms, the steam punk equipment that was original to the house- e.g. a steam powered (coal?) cast iron clothes drier that was the size of a box truck in the basement; the clothes would be put on rails that pulled out as part of vertical drawers.
    Love those big old creepy places. Too much for me now in all respects.
  19. HDOM

    HDOM Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    yea Tannoy Royal is a "candy" :evil:


    tannoy prestige and Canterbury are more cheaper :oops:



    ps. by the way why not buy the last mint copy of Miles mono Kind of Blue for only 10 thousand dollars from discog :shh:
    Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue: LP, Album, Mono For Sale | Discogs
  20. HDOM

    HDOM Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    looks lie a speaker from the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen :laugh: just joiking
    ps. only the car to take me to the castle is missing :uhhuh:
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  21. jbmcb

    jbmcb Forum Resident

    Troy, MI, USA
    The main luxury with having space is being able to get a decent room. Double-stud 12" center construction, raked walls and ceiling with a curved back wall. Diffusor panels and curtains where needed. Poured concrete floor. Baffled HVAC vents. Double-door entry. Dedicated breaker box.
    Eames chair and ottoman sitting dead center.

    After that - probably the fanciest Magnepans I can get a hold of (30.7s?) along with a custom infinite baffle plenum-style 8x15" subwoofer system vented into the room.
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  22. HDOM

    HDOM Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    at least 30 :yikes:

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  23. HDOM

    HDOM Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    you dare to sleep all alone in a haunted castle then? :winkgrin:
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  24. HDOM

    HDOM Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    any ghost;

    did you see a ghost ?

  25. SandAndGlass

    SandAndGlass Twilight Forum Resident

    Love the Westminster Royal's, but not in my listening room. I want the room in the photo's, complete with all the accessory's in the photo.
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