Dumbest things people have told you about movies

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Rocker, Feb 13, 2021.

  1. Linton S. Dawson

    Linton S. Dawson Lovely sort of deviant

    Not to me per se, but that there's Luke and a bigger Luke in Star Wars Episode IV, for some sinister reason that I haven't Luked into yet...
  2. GregM

    GregM The expanding man

    Daddyland, CA
    Sorry, but if your point in all that is that Napoleon Dynamite is comparable to Big Lebowski in any way, shape or form, you deserve to be taken out behind the barn and shot. It's fine if you like it or recommend it, but to misrepresent it so egregiously just to manipulate someone to watch it is not ok.
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  3. Linton S. Dawson

    Linton S. Dawson Lovely sort of deviant

    I love ND too, but gosh...
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  4. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    Why did you re-write my quote to imply it had anything to do with Napoleon Dynamite and The Big Lebowski? I never said that.

    I was quoting your post, in reference to the "want two hours of my life back" comment, and you changed my own quote on purpose.

    That's pretty disingenuous. Even sadder, knowing it came from your original quote in the first place.
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  5. GregM

    GregM The expanding man

    Daddyland, CA
    Ok, you didn't like your post being misinterpreted and used to make someone else's unrelated point? But that's exactly what you did in replying to me and taking the reason for wanting two hours of my life back out of context. I'm just using hyperbole anyway, like with the shot behind the barn comment--believe it or not I know I really can't get two hours of my life back or shoot anyone. Just figures of speech.
  6. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    The point is, I was selecting the part of your own quote that was the reason for my post. You made it look like it had something to do with your own experience. I could have just brought up the "two hours of my life back" without giving you credit for it. Instead, you misstated my post, and my intent. There is a future for you in non-professional internet journalism.
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  7. ( groan )
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  8. Veronica Mars

    Veronica Mars Forum Resident

    Sorry people are threadcrapping after you asked them not to.
  9. Scooterpiety

    Scooterpiety Current operator of the Freedonia peanut stand

    Movie related: "Slats", The first MGM lion killed his trainer and two assistants.
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  10. Jackson

    Jackson Forum Resident

    MA, USA
    That they don't watch them EVER.
  11. I know a few people like that.
    One woman I work with says she doesn't watch movies because she can't follow what is going on.
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  12. Thwacko

    Thwacko Forum Resident

    Peacham, Vermont
    "The Dark Knight" is a remake of "Batman" (1989).
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  13. Claus LH

    Claus LH Forum Resident

    Office TV had "GWTW" on...someone walked past and said: 'Oh, it's colorized"...I bit my tongue and explained that, no, this is Technicolor. Answer: "Oh, I didn't know they had color way back then..."

    Two of my pet peeves when people "express themselves" about their taste in movies: That 1. It's B/W and "They don't watch those" or 2. That it has subtitles and "They don't watch those" either...it's one thing to debate if you like a film or not, but to dismiss out of hand hundreds of films based strictly on those criteria is...not my idea of critical thinking...

  14. indigovic

    indigovic Forum Resident

    North Bend, WA
    Sure, you know... way back in the Civil War, when they filmed it.
  15. The Dark Elf

    The Dark Elf Curmudgeonly Wordwraith

    I love my wife. I do not love her judgement of movies. Let's leave it at that.
  16. That Clint Eastwood’s character in High Plains drifter was the brother of the murdered sheriff. Nope.
    That the whole science fiction element of The Prestige was made up,and it was an elaborate trick by the main character.
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  17. hi_watt

    hi_watt The Road Warrior

    San Diego, CA
    In Mad Max 2, some people believe that the character of the Lord Humongous, is Max's old friend Jim "Goose" from the first film.
    Another lame one is Max from Fury Road is the Feral Kid from Mad Max 2.
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  18. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Slackhurst Broadcasting Forum Resident

    That Dark Side Of The Moon was in any way related to The Wizard Of Oz.
  19. Phil147

    Phil147 Forum Resident

    York UK
    To be fair this is left deliberately ambiguous and never outrightly stated one way or the other if the stranger was the dead sheriff's brother or not. Early versions of the script made it clear he was the brother but Clint preferred to leave it open to interpretation. Interesting fact (which is true, sorry OP) is that in a flashback to the murder of the sheriff he is played by Buddy Van Horn who was Clint's stunt double. Which could suggest a likeness via relation or something more supernatural going on.
  20. hi_watt

    hi_watt The Road Warrior

    San Diego, CA
    Yep. That one has got to be one of the most annoying ones.
  21. Spaghettiows

    Spaghettiows Forum Resident

    Silver Creek, NY
    Some of these are pretty widely spread, well-known urban myths, like the Pink Floyd/Wizard of Oz rumor, or the Three Men and a Baby "ghost". There was even a full-length documentary on Netflix about the Kubrick/Shining moon-landing theory. Those are silly, kind of like the "Paul McCartney is Dead!" stuff that some people still believe.

    The ones where a random person apparently manufactures their own ridiculous theory on the spot are where things can really go off the deep end. I knew a guy back in high school who insisted that Robert Shaw died as a result of injuries suffered while being "eaten" by the mechanical shark in Jaws, even though he was in several films afterwards before he really did die.
  22. antoniod

    antoniod Forum Resident

    Not directly about the film, but someone insisted to me that Singer's Midgets/the Munchkins in WIZARD OF OZ were so excited to see other midgets when they first congregated that they whooped and hollered and in reaction were sprayed on by a fire hose! She insisted it was true and she saw it on a documentary, but I've never read that anywhere!
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  23. Phil147

    Phil147 Forum Resident

    York UK
    There were a few tales, most probably apocryphal, about general debauched behaviour by the Munchkins. Judy Garland herself has been quoted as saying they would get drunk every night but this was denied by one of the actors themselves.

    Margaret Pellegrini dies at 89; actress played Munchkin in 'Oz'
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  24. Speedmaster

    Speedmaster If you believe, they put a man on the moon?

    The Netherlands
    Someone told me he thought that the original Blair Witch Project was real found footage.
  25. Much like how a lot of people thought Spinal Tap was a real band.

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