Dumbest things people have told you about movies

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Rocker, Feb 13, 2021.

  1. carrick doone

    carrick doone Whhhuuuutttt????

    Vancouver, Canada
    You mean how the Tim Robbins character ended was the dream part(don't want to ruin the movie for anyone)? To slightly misquote your former President G.W. Bush "That's some crazy stuff".
  2. SirCandy

    SirCandy Forum Resident

    Weelll- it kind of is.
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  3. SirCandy

    SirCandy Forum Resident

    Noel Gallagher claimed that Liam thought this was the case- he stormed out of the room when someone said they were just actors.
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  4. antoniod

    antoniod Forum Resident

    A pundit in Leavittown insists that the Three Stooges YOU NAZTY SPY alerted the US to the evil of the Nazi regime, but Americans knew the true nature of Hitler from newspapers and magazines, even if the Movies didn't spell it out!
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  5. Rocker

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    Ontario, Canada
    No, it isn't. It's a direct sequel that picks up immediately where the first one left off.
  6. antoniod

    antoniod Forum Resident

    Someone who uploaded a 1915 short with Chaplin impersonator Billie Richie insisted that the film proved that Chaplin ripped off Richie, though the film came out a year into Chaplin's enormous fame. His argument was that the film's acting style proved that the film was made in 1913 rather than 1915, in spite of a lack of printed or written evidence, and he went on about "history is written by the winners" and other irrelevant blather.
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  7. SirCandy

    SirCandy Forum Resident

    Sure- the filmmakers aren't going to say " Hey! We just remade the same the film just with better effects and a bigger budget! " So, technically " you are correct Sir " but as far as I'm concerned the movie is pretty damn similar to the first one. That being said I love both movies, so I don't really care.
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  8. antoniod

    antoniod Forum Resident

    Someone told me that there was no nudity in the "Golden Calf" scene in the 1956 TEN COMMANDMENTS because "J. Edgar Hoover was running the country".
  9. Slice

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    Keller, TX
    The directors said that the whole movie isn't true but they said that generally that they read of two true, different, unrelated stories and put them together to make Fargo. So, in a way, they were saying that 1 true story + 1 true story = a true movie.
  10. antoniod

    antoniod Forum Resident

    When I was a kid, another kid in the local playground thought that they showed cartoons on TV by flipping the drawings in front of the TV camera at the station!
  11. Scowl

    Scowl Forum Resident

    Portland, OR
    A coworker strongly believes that all films would look better if they were shot at 48-60 frames per second.
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  12. I had a hot first date coming up with a local Okinawan chick. I asked the fellows from my squad what would be a good new movie to take a first date to. They responded "Boogie Nights."

    Clearly it was not a good movie to take a first date to, especially one you wanted to impress. They told me it was about disco dancing. Well, in a way it was, but I never got to "disco dance" with my date after that fiasco.

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  13. SirCandy

    SirCandy Forum Resident

    That " Evil Dead 2 " ISN'T essentially a remake of " Evil Dead ".
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  14. Rocker

    Rocker Senior Member Thread Starter

    Ontario, Canada
    There's a difference between having strong similarities to a previous film and being an actual remake. For example, one of the common points that people bring up about The Force Awakens is how similar it is to A New Hope, but I've never heard anyone argue that it's a remake as opposed to a proper sequel.

    Sure, ED2 has a lot in common with ED1, structurally and plot-wise, but it's still a direct continuation of the story and picks up directly where ED1 left off. If a proper remake is what you want, there's always the 2013 Evil Dead film by Fede Alvarez.
  15. Chris from Chicago

    Chris from Chicago Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes

    I pretty much agree with this. Evil Dead 2 is in no way a remake. It's the next logical step. It's bloodier. It's funnier. It's more violent. It's everything that made the first one so great. Just turned up a notch.

    The 2013 remake is a decent watch but it lacks all the humor and silliness that made the original so memorable.
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  16. Armjim

    Armjim Music is indeed a gift from Heaven

    San Antonio, TX
    In 1985 I worked with a woman in California who told me the last movie she had seen was The Sound of Music. Because it was too racy.
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  17. englishbob

    englishbob Its a s*** business

    Kent, England
    ...that "Dumb and Dumber" is one of the funniest films ever made.

    And that they hate "Scott Pilgrim vs The World"

    I avoid these people
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  18. Someone told me the same thing about ' Dude , Where's My Car ? '
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  19. SirCandy

    SirCandy Forum Resident

    Is Evil Dead 2 A Remake Or A Sequel? It's Both
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  20. Rocker

    Rocker Senior Member Thread Starter

    Ontario, Canada
    The author of that article must not have done their homework... they mention the fact that the opening recap in ED2 has some noticeable differences from the events of ED1, but they fail to mention the reasons why those changes are present. (Information which should be common knowledge to any horror film aficianado).
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  21. sons of nothing

    sons of nothing Forum Resident

    The Boogie Nights story above reminds me of something that happened to an older friend during the late 70s.

    He was going to take a woman to the movies. Both were still in high school. She had already been accepted to The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago. He described her as quirky cute.

    He wanted to make a good impression on her as he was quite smitten. He did show me a picture of what she looked like at the time. Yeah, quirky cute art woman. He thought taking her to an art house for a movie would be perfect, but being a Southsider in Chicago, was a bit clueless. His buddies told him to take her to the Hiway Theater.

    Most older people from Chicago are probably aware of the Hiway. It wasn't an Art House. It was more of a porno theater.

    His buddies thought it would be a funny joke to play on him, as they also knew her, they all went to the same school, and thought she was odd. Being naive, he took her there. But, joke was on them. She had never seen such a flick, and actually enjoyed it! Dude played it off like he knew what they were going to show, and she was impressed by his brazen move.

    Story goes she thought they were going to go to some boring place like the Fleetwood to Roller skate, and there would have been no second date. Instead, they continued to date, and wound up getting married, and are still married. He said they've always had a spicy marriage. Years later she found out he had no clue what was happening, and was being set up to be the butt of a joke.

    Sorry for the long story, but I figured this would be the perfect thread to tell it.
  22. SomeCallMeTim

    SomeCallMeTim Forum Resident

    Rockville, CT
    A friend of mine, who was then involved in a May-December relationship (he being at the far end of the euphemistic calendar), told me he'd never seen Hitchcock's Psycho and wanted a scary older movie to show his much younger paramour (to rescue him from having to see any more of the Saw franchise). I was thrilled - I'd never seen Psycho with a "virgin" and couldn't wait for Nycki's (yes, that's how she spelled it...with a heart instead of a dot over the i) reaction to it.

    "Oh, God, it's black and white?" "She's not going to get far on forty grand!" "Why did they make things in black and white when they didn't have to?" I don't think we'd even gotten to the shower scene before we ejected the DVD and watched something with Technicolor gore and lots of nubile nudity. Which seems to aptly describe the rest of their relationship - she was into extreme sports and he broke, strained and mangled himself trying to keep up.

    When I told her there was once a time when, in addition to lacking color, all films also lacked sound, she accused me of telling tall tales - "No one would pay to watch a bunch of pasty people run around and not say anything." Yikes.
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  23. MekkaGodzilla

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    Westerville, Ohio
    I once took a date to see a pornographic film, but I was kinda naive and unaware it was going to be that hardcore. To make up for it, I went out and bought her Kris Kristofferson's "The Silver Tongued Devil and I" record album. It didn't work - she already had it. :cry:
  24. The Panda

    The Panda Forum Mutant

    Marple, PA, USA
    My wife asked a co-worker for comedy films. She suggested The White Dog and Fried Green Tomatoes. WTF!
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  25. Dave Mac

    Dave Mac Retired Sophisticated Gentleman Of Leisure

    "No, really, this won't ruin it for you . . . ."

    Dave Mac
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