Dune to be directed by Denis Villeneuve (Sicario, Arrival, Blade Runner 2049)

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    Yeah I thought it okay as a movie. I hadn't read the graphic novel but I picked it up and flicked through my brothers copy and its full of a lot of crap that I didn't see in the film.
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    I also enjoyed V For Vendetta, which also had to jettison some elements of the original comic, again much to Moore's irritation.
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    Red Planet at its essence is a simple good guys/bad guys Western, not too complex, even my non-sci-fi wife would like it if done in a charming way. I could also also see it as animation, again, if done well. As long as we keep Steven Shmaltzenberg, I mean Spielberg, away.
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    I'm still mostly unfamiliar with the Dune novels and I hardly remember much of the David Lynch film as well - that is until I was recommended a 3-hour fan edit of the movie by a dude named Spicediver. Apparently, his Alternative Redux Edition is the definitive way to see the movie. That being said, though, I'm excited that Denis Villeneuve has been attached to the new franchise and I certainly hope it will do very well too. As for the idea of 2 movies to encompass the first novel - I won't say no, however, I wouldn't mind a 2.5-hour+ film to be released and then, possibly an Extended Cut of the film to be released on DVD/Bluray later on?!

    As far as the Frank Herbert sequels go, maybe Denis doesn't have to direct them all. He can always act as producer after the second or third book and another director like say Christopher Nolan or Ridley Scott could take the reigns furthermore. Doesn't have to be those two as there are definitely other capable directors out there. Matt Reeves and Duncan Jones come to mind...
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    And now that I've started to read the book, right away after 60 pages am I starting to pick up the many flaws from the David Lynch film. All those scenes I would love to see with Paul interacting with Dr Yueh, Gurney and Thufir in separate scenes were brilliant character moments right there. I am so engaged in the book already that I do have high hopes for Denis Villeneuve to deliver. :)

    And it's funny - while reading through so far, I've been envisioning specific actors to play each character even though I know it's unlikely either will get the part. So here goes...

    Paul Atreides - David Mazouz (Gotham) / Tom Holland
    Duke Leto Atreides - Benicio Del Toro / Liam Neeson
    Lady Jessica - Catherine Zeta-Jones / Kate Winslet
    Reverend Mother - Helen Mirren
    Thufir Hawat - Willem Dafoe / F. Murray Abraham
    Gurney Halleck - Chiwetel Ejiofor / Ian McShane
    Dr. Wellington Yueh - preferably a Chinese actor (or if not, Ralph Fiennes or Gary Oldman)
    Duncan Idaho - Pedro Pascal / Luke Evans
    Baron Vladimir Harkonnen - Vincent D'Onofrio (derived from his Kingpin portrayal in Daredevil) / Brendan Gleeson is a great choice too
    Feyd Rautha - Jack Gleeson
    Glossu "Beast" Rabban - TBD
    Piter De Vries - Cillian Murphy
    Princess Irulan - Emma Watson
    Liet Kynes -TBD
    Stilgar - Michael Shannon / Alexander Siddig
    Emperor Shaddam IV - Edward James Olmos
    Chani - TBD

    Also would be amazing if Weta Workshop could take on the design of the entire franchise too.
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    Dune is my favorite series of books by far and I don't see how they're adaptable to the big screen. I saw an interview with Raffaela De Laurentiis (the producer of the David Lynch film) where she said that the 1984 movie was too intellectual.

    As I recall the first book of the series is split into 3 separate and distinct sections and each one could make a 2 hour movie.
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    Out of a book spanning over 400 pages, yes, there are 3 sections out of that first book and I wouldn't be opposed to the book being split into two films much like how Ridley Scott wanted to make his version which came to a halt following the passing of his older brother in 1980. To think how that film could have happened, but we did get Blade Runner in the end.
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    OK - while I'm currently halfway through the first book, I now have to agree that a trilogy would do the book justice. I'm really enjoying some of the moments in the book that never made it to Lynch's movie such as Thufir's suspicion of Lady Jessica being a traitor among other things. And today, I was reading a chapter on Liet Kynes and his father lecturing him in his mind. I actually had used Max Von Sydow's voice as Kynes' father seeing as he played him in the Lynch picture. How cool would it be to hear or see him return to cameo as Liet's father? :)

    Also, it looks as if Denis Villeneuve wants to take a break before working on Dune, having actually released a movie practically a year after each other. And also taking Prisoners and Enemy into account too, with both films released in the same year. And it seems like Blade Runner 2049 must have kept him busy too.

    Villeneuve's "Dune" Remake Is Ages Away - Dark Horizons
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    What to me would the greatest thing in the world to me would be seeing in the credits: "Executive Producers: Alejandro Jodorowsky." There's so much art for this film. He paid homage to Ridley Scott's vision, how about a little tribute to one of the cinema's most daring visionaries?
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    I don't know if another film could be successful. The Lynch version boiled it down to its essence and only succeeds thanks to the visuals. The Sci-Fi miniseries adapts the book but it too long and lacking in action for the casual fan.

    It might be one of those novels that would work better as a regular TV series. There is more than enough material to cover at least the original Frank Herbert novels over five or more seasons that are inspired by the Jodorowsky set and character designs.
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    I've never seen Dune.

    The original novel may be my favorite sci fi of all. Can't help but daydreaming about how a proper film or film(s) while reading it could be the greatest of the genre. Is now the time? Fingers crossed!
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    Merged two threads on this subject. Carry on!
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    A recent tweet from Son Brian...

    Brian Herbert on Twitter

    While Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson's work outside of his father's canon have been criticised by many many fans, I suppose having them as consultants ain't all a bad thing.

    And may I throw this out there. I would LOVE it if Sylvia Hoeks who played Luv in Blade Runner 2049 be cast as Lady Jessica. She would be perfect! And she was brilliant in BR2K49 too. It wouldn't hurt if Denis brought her in for Dune actually. And if he's still acting, Albert Finney as the Baron Harkonnen. I believe he has that boomy voice needed for the character - and is around the right age too. :)
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    My thoughts on David Lynch's Dune, posted in another thread.

    In its theatrical version (which appears to be the only cut Lynch can live with), Dune is fine (alright, you can tell there are plenty of things they left out, but still...) until
    Paul and Lady Jessica meet the Fremen.
    After that, almost two thirds of a 794 page book (well, based on the page count in the current Ace pocket paperback) are covered in a little over an hour
    (and don't get me started on the ending where Muad Dib makes it rain).

    On the other hand, the production design is outstanding and some of the special effects hold up (The CG bodysuits and the sandworm models, yes; the Guild ships, definitely not) so it's watchable but read the book first.
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    The Sci-Fi miniseries? A good idea but needed a bigger budget, not whatever a season of Farscape cost.
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    The main bulk of the visual effects on Dune - aside from the sandworms and the CG body shields - were to be created by FX wizard John Dykstra and his Apogee team; but they left the project during principal photography... supposedly because the producers wanted him to create the effects in-house at the Churubusco studios in Mexico City where the film was being shot, Dykstra (rightly) said no because he felt they could only do their best work back in their own studio in the U.S., so he and his team were asked to leave and the effects work was handed off to the company that did the effects for Flash Gordon, and who did as they were told.

    A totally moronic move on the part of the producers... Dykstra's effects work would have been majestic on that film, but instead we got effects on some shots that looked more like a Roger Corman production!!!

    P.S. I'm very, very glad that Denis Villenueve turned down the next Bond film... and besides, after Spectre, it's going to be very difficult for me to even get interested in another 007 installment, and this is coming from a lifelong Bond movie fan. I'm just hoping The Craig can go out on a high note though, I'll settle for that much...
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    Yeah, the visual effects on both Mini-series were very poor and dated so that's what happened then, huh? A very bad move from the Producers POV indeed. And having finished Children of Dune the other day, that MS really skimmed through the book. At one point, Duncan Idaho was with Lady Jessica on Salusa Secundus and then before long, he's at Sietch Tabr without explanation. I don't know if they'll make it that far with the movies but fingers crossed they do.

    And I too agree that Denis did the right thing in turning down Bond. A little beneath him perhaps?
  20. The Hermit

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    I was actually referring to the big-screen David Lynch version from 1984... sorry dude, I should have specified exactly which Dune adaptation I meant, sincerest apologies.
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    All I can think is that if people thought “Bladerunner 2046” was slow ... what melancholy stylist Villeneuve does with Dune could well likely be absolutely stultifying
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    I loved the Lynch movie as a kid but hadn't seen it in years. After recently reading the three books for the first time, I tried to watch the movie again could only bear about 30 minutes of it.

    If they come up with a great screenplay then Villeneuve has as good a chance of pulling it off as anyone.
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    Aha, gotcha! Well that does make perfect sense now, doesn't it?! The DeLaurentiis' were foolish not to let Dykstra do his thing.
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    I remember seeing this in a movie theater when it came out. Have only caught bits and pieces of it on TV through the years.
    It's on sale today in iTunes for 4.99. Might have to pick it up. It's not a very good movie, IMO, but my 13 year old son might like it. I never read the books. Also the soundtrack by Toto is really good.
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    They couldn't get Jodorowsky?!

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