DVDs That are NOT on Blu-ray as of yet?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Michael, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O! Thread Starter

    I'd like to get a tally of the DVDs that are not on Blu-ray. It would be quite beneficial in thinning the DVD collection...
    If this has been done before recently please delete or combine...Thanks Guys!
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  2. Daniel Plainview

    Daniel Plainview God's Lonely Man

    Foul Play
    Almost Heroes
    Over The Edge
    Bringing Out The Dead
    The Tenant
    Death to Smoochy
    The Pledge
    Summer School
    The Two Jake's
    American Spendor
    The Bad News Bears I-III
    Panic Room
    The Parallax View
    Harry and Tonto
    Hard Eight
    Hot Stuff
    Revenge of the Nerds II, III, IV
    Oh God
    One Crazy Summer
    I'm Not Rappaport
    The Rainmaker
    Free Money
    Alice Doesnt Live Here Anymore
    Paper Moon
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  3. GregM

    GregM Ready to cross that fine line

    Daddyland, CA
    Round Midnight
    The Unbearable Lightness of Being
    Little Odessa

    all great movies
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  4. Platterpus

    Platterpus Forum Resident

    For the most part DVDs are good enough for me. I don't own any Blu-ray discs but I have a nice Blu-ray player that I found used a few years ago which is waiting to be hooked up if something comes out that interests me. If Queen and their management/record label would ever agree to release all the Queen - Greatest Flix video releases on Blu-ray plus the many other promo videos not contained within than I would buy it for sure.
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  5. Torontotom

    Torontotom Forum Resident

    Lady Sings the Blues
    Heart of Dixie
    The Thorn Birds
    Who's That Girl?
    Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2
    He Knows You're Alone
    The Abyss
    True Lies
    Starting Over
    Heaven Can Wait ('78)
    Staying Alive
    Two of a Kind
    Whose Life Is It Anyway?
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  6. lv70smusic

    lv70smusic Senior Member

    San Francisco, CA
    Paper Moon did come out on Blu-ray in Europe four years ago.
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  7. Quick Change - It's amazing to me this underrated Bill Murray movie has been released by no one. It came out in 2006 on DVD.
  8. Linger63

    Linger63 Forum Resident

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  9. AlanDistro

    AlanDistro Forum Resident

    Sandy, OR
    From my personal collection:

    - Angus
    - Girl, Interrupted
    - How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog
    - In & Out
    - Orange County
    - Panic Room
    - Pecker
    - Pump Up the Volume
    - The Ref
    - Shattered Glass
    - State and Main
    - Tapeheads
    - Trapped in Paradise
    - The Village
    - Pink Floyd's The Wall
    - Wonder Boys
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  10. NightGoatToCairo

    NightGoatToCairo Sheik Madeir

    Hampshire, UK
    Scorsese's After Hours
  11. Rocker

    Rocker Forum Resident

    Ontario, Canada
    There are tons of 'em... too many to name.
  12. stepeanut

    stepeanut Forum Resident

    My top three:

    Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid
    O Lucky Man!
    The Devils
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  13. will_b_free

    will_b_free Forum Resident

    Boulder, CO
    You could just search on blu-ray.com, being sure to change the country from the US to the entire world, if you are just trying to see if a DVD has been released on BluRay absolutely anywhere.

    But there are thousands upon thousands of titles that haven't made it to BluRay yet, and maybe never will. The big ones, True Lies and The Abyss, are the most famous. But every other indie film that made it to DVD is also not on BluRay.
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  14. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O! Thread Starter

    thanks guys! really appreciate your participation!
  15. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O! Thread Starter

    come on name a few...
  16. stereoguy

    stereoguy Its Gotta Be True Stereo!

    There is plenty of stuff that was issued on Laser Disc that hasnt even been ported over to DVD, let alone Blu-Ray!!
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  17. I love Round Midnight.

    I'll add two of my favorite Westerns, The Naked Spur and Open Range.
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  18. At least in region 1 Hammer’s The Lost Continent. Most of the Elvis Presley Movies.
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  19. Jamey K

    Jamey K Internet Sensation

    Foul Play. I haven't thought about that in years, I would to see it on BR.
  20. jjhunsecker

    jjhunsecker Forum Resident

    New York city
    One thing you'll notice on the lists here are that a lot of titles are from Paramount. They were probably the worst major studio in terms of releasing their older films on blu-ray....including three Oscar winning Best pictures- "Wings", "The Greatest Show on Earth" and "Ordinary People". Also missing are such classics as "Roman Holiday", "Detective Story" and "Hud".

    Probably my most desired title on blu-ray from them is "Catch-22"... this would be a natural for Criterion
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  21. CraigBic

    CraigBic Forum Resident

    New Zealand
    Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi
  22. stepeanut

    stepeanut Forum Resident

    Wings is available in both Region A and Region B:

    Wings Blu-ray Release Date January 24, 2012

    Wings Blu-ray Release Date January 27, 2014

    Hud has recently been released in Australia, and is, apparently, region-free:

    Hud Blu-ray Release Date September 4, 2019
  23. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O! Thread Starter

    yes, a simple thing like giving us what we saw at the movies when they first ran...
  24. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O! Thread Starter

    IIRC, we didn't even get the original theatrical version on DVD?
  25. stereoguy

    stereoguy Its Gotta Be True Stereo!

    I'm hoping that 20th century Fox Video issues "Brackens World" on DVD or Blu-Ray. There are only 41 episodes, its not a big deal to do. I man, even issue it on a "On Demand" basis. Its worth it just to see Leslie Nielson trying to act seriously.

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