Dylan albums you bought on the day they came out, and what you thought of them at first listen.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jaycat, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Jaycat

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    Harvard, MA, USA
    For me....

    First one I bought on day of release was John Wesley Harding. Absolutely bowled over.
    Next.... Nashville Skyline. Initial reaction from me and my friends.... "huh?"
    Next.... New Morning. Thought, it was ok, pretty good. "If Dogs Run Free" was fun.
    Then... Planet Waves. Again, ok, pretty good. "Forever Young" was immediately memorable.
    Next.... Blood On The Tracks. Initial reaction... "well this is a step in the right direction." Time has added greatly to its cachet. My wife loved "Idiot Wind," which is still my least favorite song on the record.
    Then.... Desire. Loved loved loved it right off the bat. Except for "Joey." Yuk!
    And then.... Street Legal. Didn't know what to make heads or tails of that bad boy. Today it's the Dylan album most often in my rotation. But back then... horns? backup singers? WTF?
    Skip waaayyy ahead to Love and Theft. Very disappointing I thought, with the exception of "Mississippi," a classic number.
    Then for some reason I got sucked into buying The Next Two Releases (sorry can't remember their names). Underwhelmed to say the least....

    Thus ended my days of Buying Dylan Releases on first day of release. Thank you for listening.
  2. johnny 99

    johnny 99 Down On Main Street


    I've bought many Dylan albums the day they came out, but I'll never forget this day. September 11th, 2001.
    The day the world changed.

    Loved the album very much, but was spooked for days after about that terrible incident that New York City had to suffer through.
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  3. I enjoyed your comments ! Especially your quip about 'Joey' ! I cannot stand to listen to that song.
    By the by , my first was New Morning which I started a thread about moments ago.
  4. crp207

    crp207 Forum Resident

    United States
    Love and Theft was the only Dylan album I didn’t get on release day going back to Desire. Due to the news it got put off a couple days. Also...I was a bit shell shocked, just getting back from NY where i spent a few hours on top of the trade tower on 9/9/01
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  5. Jaycat

    Jaycat Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Harvard, MA, USA
    Your New Morning thread inspired this one!
  6. DPK

    DPK Forum Resident

    Lexington, SC
    Just regular old studio albums (i.e., I'm not including bootleg series and other compilations):

    Modern Times: Loved it.
    Together Through Life: Liked it.
    Christmas in the Heart: Got a good chuckle out of it.
    Tempest: Liked it a lot.
    Shadows in the Night: Haven't listened to it yet.
    Fallen Angels: Haven't listened to it yet.
    Triplicate: Haven't listened to it yet.
  7. johnny 99

    johnny 99 Down On Main Street

    :eek:Wow. The site of the towers collapsing had to have one hell of an effect on you.

    I had the day off that day (a Tuesday ) and got woken up early at 8:30 am by some screaming kids outside at the daycare next door to where I lived at the time and decided to get up and get ready to eventually go out and grab the new "Bob" album, which I'd been really looking forward to.
    While making coffee, I had Howard Stern's show on Q107 (he aired here in those days) and heard the whole thing go down in real time.
    I turned on the TV just in time to see the 2nd plane hit the 2nd tower and my trip to the record store got postponed by about 5 hours as I watched all the craziness unfold on TV all day.

    That Dylan album provided us with some comfort during that time as it was such a lively and happy album in it's own way.

    For me, however, "Love & Theft" will always be connected to Sept 11th, a day many of us will never forget...
  8. Chemguy

    Chemguy Forum Resident

    The only ones are Down in the Groove and Knocked Out Loaded.

    You may imagine my first-listen disappointment.

    Didn’t get too much better...but it did get better.
  9. malcolm reynolds

    malcolm reynolds Handsome, Humble, Genius

    I discovered Dylan in 1994 so the first album that was new was Time Out Of Mind. By then I had all of the official studio albums, live albums and box sets and when I saw in Rolling Stone that Dylan had a new album come out I was beyond excited.

    Time Out Of Mind: I had to wait to get off work to go to the store to pick it up. Longest 8 hours in the history of time itself. Loved it immediately.

    Love And Theft: On Sept 10 I waited in line at midnight with a bunch of kids who were waiting for some release (Korn I think). I got into the store and got a copy of the deluxe 2 disc version. Got home thirty minutes later and listened to it all night. I decided to take a break and take a shower on Sept 11 and as I walked past the TV I saw the second plane fly into the World Trade Center. Love And Theft helped me a lot that day.

    I have bought each new Dylan release on their release date with the exception of the 6 Disc Cutting Edge (Big Blue was out of my price range) and the Rolling Thunder Review box. I got Cutting Edge around a year after its release and Rolling Thunder three days later I think. I haven't disappointed in any Dylan release since Time Out Of Mind. I just wish that I had discovered Dylan sooner.
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  10. egebamyasi

    egebamyasi Forum Resident

    Worcester, MA
    Shadows Of The Night
    I saw it on vinyl and took a chance. I got through it okay but it actually ended up being the night we almost called it a day. Things worked out but I'll never listen to the record again.
  11. johnny 99

    johnny 99 Down On Main Street


    My friend bought the cassette of this album right when it came out and he brought it out and we played it in my car.
    I was crushed with disappointment.
    I've softened up on it since, but initially I didn't like it at all.

    Same with:

    [​IMG] Dylan & The Dead in 1989; I expected so much more...

    ...However, I kinda like this one now, too!
  12. johnny 99

    johnny 99 Down On Main Street


    This album came out on my birthday in 2006. It was a nice present from Bob!
    I really liked it!
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  13. Dylancat

    Dylancat Forum Resident

    Cincinnati, OH
    Time out of Mind. Classic Dylan
    Oh Mercy. A great and much needed return to form
  14. johnny 99

    johnny 99 Down On Main Street


    According to the staff at Toronto's now defunct "Sam The Record Man", I was the first one to buy this 'box set' on CD the day it came out. I happen to be out on an errand for work that day downtown so I stopped by Sam's right when it opened and picked this up before having an early lunch.
    It might have been the most excited I've ever been buying a new Dylan release because looking at the back cover you could see where all the songs had come from and having never heard very many of them at that time made me anticipate playing the set all the more.
  15. Well...cheers!
  16. pbuzby

    pbuzby Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL, US
    I was considering buying Love and Theft on the day of release but...didn't make it to the store.
  17. Daniel Plainview

    Daniel Plainview God's Lonely Man

    Love and Theft - we're under attack and my college class is sending people home. Since I'm out here might as well stop at Walmart and grab Bob CD. Liked Time Out of Mind so much (my favorite Dylan album) was hoping to like this one just as much. Gosh, it's so quiet. No planes in the skies, no people at all in Walmart, just me and my insatiable need to buy music even in this the worst of times. Played it in car on way home, probably got through 4 or 5 songs before getting home. Spent rest of day glued to tv. I like the album fine, not as much as Time but very much, one of my favorites from Bob and I'm not even that much of a fan anyway. Horrible day. All downhill since then, Bob albums included.
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  18. Richard--W

    Richard--W Forum Resident

    Good idea for a thread.

    1973 Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid Columbia cassette -- awestruck.
    It bit me. It still resonates inside my head.
    The only thing that had a bigger impact on me was listening to the sixties albums for the time in 1973-75.
    1974 Planet Waves Columbia cassette.
    I didn't like it musically, but Wedding Song and Dirge moved me lyrically, Forever Young also.
    1975 Blood On the Tracks Columbia cassette. Loved it.
    I used to listen religiously to the words. The words and guitars and organ just entranced me.
    1976 Desire -- Columbia cassette. Loved it.
    Got totally caught up in the mythic images of outlaws and adventurers and criminals and the sad love ballads.
    1976 Hard Rain. I didn't like it, musically although some of the vocals generated their own heat and I liked those.
    1978 Live at Budokan. I paid dearly for this import and absolutely loved it. Beautiful Dylan music. Like a dark version of Elvis' band.
    1978 Street Legal -- loved it. Totally entranced. I still listen to Changing of the Guards more than any other song.

    more later.
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  19. maui jim

    maui jim Forum Resident

    Think I have only bought two on release day
    Before the flood. Had bought a boot of tour that was mediocre so was very ready for the legit thing
    Desire. Wife and I would play the A and B side of Hurricane on the jukebox at our fave dive over Christmas holidays 75.
    So we more than ready for the album. Believe I had to go to two stores to get a copy.
  20. bodine

    bodine Forum Resident

    Washington DC
    Yeah, bought mine on Sept 11, too. Lonesome Day Blues made me cry. Listened while I drove up to Shanksville. The next night I was in NY. Stayed for a month. Played that disc repeatedly.

    “I tell myself something’s coming. But it never does.”

    He damn well deserved that prize.
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  21. rednax

    rednax Forum Resident

    I think I got all of the Bootleg Series releases on the day they came out, but of the studio albums I only got ‘Love & Theft’ on the day of release; that was only because of the bonus disc of ‘I Was Young When I Left Home’ and the alternate ‘Times They Are A-Changin’.

    I loved it, the whole album. Though, I still can’t listen to it without thinking about the events of 9/11. “...sky full of fire, pain pourin’ down.”
  22. sekaer

    sekaer Forum Resident

    New York City
    Were you a responder? If so, can’t thank you enough

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